Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD I/OBD II Elite AutoScanner Pro Kit with Color Screen Review

If you are a skilled technician or expert do-it-yourselfer, you should consider purchasing this Actron scanner. Summary of its outstanding features are:

  • Colorful LCD screen with three language menu (English, French and Spanish).
  • Reads all CAN, OBD2 & OBD1 car engine codes.
  • Provides SRS & ABS data for Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota and GM cars.
  • Ability to process data by printing, storing and displaying live data on PC for analysis.
  • Easily updatable, by using the convenient USB plug. This will guarantee precise data readings.
  • Of course you have the battery support unit when the device is not attached to the vehicle.

Actron CP9690 Special benefit

  • Complete overhaul diagnosis – The extensive data reading of this device enables technicians to carry out a detailed check of the engine status. The ability to detect and provide solutions that are definite to the vehicle model and production year is a superb benefit.
  • Cost free technical backup system- giving you free access to skilled ASE technicians.
  • Wide application – This model practically works with all OBD2 accommodating automobiles.

Author Review

In my view despite the relatively high price tag of Actron- CP9690, it well deserves to be placed in the top rank of expert OBD2 scan tools in the market. I give marks to its adaptability, numerous technical features, independent backup battery system, Multilanguage display, CodeConnect diagnosis reading and of course the SRS code reading which is what many technicians look for. In short it’s an upgraded Actron CP9680 with all its high quality features.

Actron CP9690 Trilingual author review
Actron CP9690 was rated 4.2 / 5 from buyers

I highly recommend it especially if you want to upgrade your tools on anniversary of Black Friday this year.

Product Overview

The CP9690 Trilingual Elite Scanner Pro, is the perfect buy for do-it-yourselfers and skilled technicians. Its upgraded technical features include: specific DTC readings, chart display of engine data, ability to save and redisplay, printing data readings, CodeConnect technology, ABS & Airbag reading, diagnosis data coupled with solutions drawn from a 26M verified fixes.

The other new features include color LCD display, separate rechargeable battery system and True Link technology ensuring that it works with all OBD2 compliant vehicles.

In summary a sophisticated scan tool with enhanced technical features. However; easy and simple to use.

Product Features/ Specifications

Software Features

  • CodeConnect® 26M verified repairs at your hand. CodeConnect is an all-inclusive database of over 26 million confirmed fixes for the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) that cause the check engine, ABS and Airbag notice lights to illuminate. All the repair solutions have been verified by ASE certified technicians.
  • Oil light reset for most 1996-2013 BMW & GM, limited Ford & Hyundai
  • Battery Reset for late model BMW, Mini Cooper and Ford F-Service trucks
  • GM DTC status
  • Airbag codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles
  • Graph two PIDs at same time
  • Code Criteria
  • ABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda,
  • Nissan and Hyundai vehicles
  • LIVE real-time data, over 300 possible data PIDs available (depending on vehicle)
  • Record / Playback of live data
  • Reset MIL and turn off Check Engine light
  • Full manufacturer specific code definitions embedded on the tool
  • Print to computer
  • Read and display MIL status
  • Read and erase DTCs
  • Auto ID™ vehicle – Automatically identifies most 2000 and newer vehicles
  • Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes
  • Visual signal when working to communicate and recover data from an OBD II vehicle
  • Read and show data emission data
  • Read and show pending DTCs
  • Read and show freeze frame data (snapshot of vehicle data at the time of the fault)
  • Read and show VIN, CVN and Cal ID
  • Battery with Charging Monitor
  • Mode 6 advance code reading
  • Display State OBD check
  • Display OBD II Drive Cycle Mode
  • Trilingual menu and code definitions (English, Spanish, French)
  • Detecting the faulty component
  • Abbreviation Library
  • Full PID Name Description in live data
  • System setup menu includes language setup, unit of measure, display test, keypad test, memory test, tool information and program mode

Hardware Features

  • Color presentation
  • OBD II vehicle diagnostic cable, 6′ Extension Cable, Cigarette Lighter Cable, GM
  • ALDL OBD I cable, Ford MCU/EEC-IV OBD I Cable, Chrysler SCI OBD I Cable, Toyota
  • Rectangular OBD I Cable and Toyota Round OBD I Cable
  • Multi language manual (English, Spanish, French)
  • Updatable through USB connection
  • Batteries not required to use when connected to the vehicle

How does it work?

All the information about the CP9690 Elite Auto Scanner is provided in a comprehensive User Guide. This guide book will give you all the information, specifications and diagrams you need to operate this device.

The Technical Support team is available to answer any question or provide technical advice to the customers.

Phone: 800-228-7667


For downloading the Scanning Suite go to This should be done before connecting the scanner to the computer.


I call Actron CP9690 as a high quality easy to use scan tool. Although this is a Professional code reader, one of its outstanding benefits is its user-friendliness, making it a best choice for car owners who want to have their car under their own control. Also on the part of skilled technicians it is an upgraded scanner with enhanced features.

I Highly Recommend it.


  • The simple practical instruction manual provided with the scanner on purchase is a plus.
  • Independent battery support system.
  • Easy to use for do it yourself car owners.


  • The Technical support team did not satisfy all customers.
  • Relatively high price.
  • USB cable for updating not included

Reference: You can click follow link to read more about an older model of Actron CP9690 is Actron CP9580A.

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