Autel DS708 Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis System Review

Autel DS708 features and benefits

Autel DS708 scanner is one of the Autel’s best sold products. It is all too obvious that many customers and especially technicians are doubtful to buy a Chinese made product. But Autel is a company with many years of experience in auto tool market and has a US subsidiary.

Autel is a Chinese company with long manufacturing history in car market. It has an American subsidiary by the name of The company offers all its customers 100% return guarantee making sure that this is not a cheap copy model delivered for you. You can find them at: See more Autel Scanners here

Here are some of the features that have made this model a best seller:

  • Compatible with most of the domestic US, European and Asian manufactured cars.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Covers all 5 OBD2 protocols in 10 modes.
  • Complete range of code reading including live data, ECU programming and more.
  • USB connection for quicker operation and up to the minute diagnosis.
  • Easy to use touch screen function.
  • 7 inch- 800*480 pixel TFT color display.
  • Wi-Fi net connectivity allowing wireless access in the workshop.
  • Display of live data in the form of text and graph. Making analysis of readings much easier.
  • Original design for a long lasting operation.
  • Ability to save and print screenshots for useful diagnosis.
  • Innovative built in voltage protection ensuring the safety of electrical instruments.
  • Battery backup system consisting of Lithium rechargeable batteries.
  • The small size of 3*6.7*21.6 and the weight of 3 pounds make it very easy to handle and install on the engine.

Special features

Autel DS708 features
Autel DS708 is one of the Autel’s best sold products

This is a popular OBDII scan tool with the rating of 4.5 both for professional technicians and keen Do-It-Yourself car owners.

On one hand it has all the features needed for a professional scanner and on the other the price tag is quite fair. In brief it works just fine for all those who work on cars for an income.

  • Apart from the usual features that every professional Code Reader should have there are some special benefits which are worthy on mention:
  • Remote display: You can read your data from your personal PC through a Wifi connection.
  • The original tough design of this scanner not only catches the eye it guarantees the long life of this Scan Tool.
  • The Autel DS708 is equipped with automatic trouble shooting system being able to locate the exact area where the fault is.

Author Review

I have been using this scanner for nearly six months. First of all this is not only a Code Reader but it is a reliable diagnostic tool. I try to give you a preview of my experience in using this tool for the past 6 months. Up to now it has worked nearly perfect for me as I do different repair jobs in my workshop. For example I have reset air bag lights on Ford, Nissan, and Toyota without a hitch.

Having said that, to start with Maxidas the first step is rather difficult because there is a very thin manual to help you through.  However after a number of uses and getting help online I managed to handle it.

To see how fast it is, I did a full scan of Toyota in less than 5 minutes, although it took 30 min for Volkswagen and BMW. One other point to mention is that when I bought it, it had no reading for Porsche. But recently by updating the data it works with Porsches too.

The carrying case, cables and adapters appear to be well made and they are all secured in a good looking foam cutout.

To give a balanced review I must mention that the update process of Maxidas is agonizingly slow. It took more than 12 hours but still it was not done. Finally I resorted to updating one module at a time.

Finally considering my 6 months experience in using this Scan Tool I strongly recommend it.


Before purchase to make sure that you are putting your money in the right place, you should read the reviews and make sure of certain features such as: compatibility of the Scan Tool with your car’s computer, how Autel DS708 scanner is updated and the mechanism of the technical support system provided by the company. If this review helps in answering these questions then it has done its job.

Things We Liked

  • Beneficial both for professional and armature users.
  • Extensive OBDII scan reading covering over 50 vehicle types.
  • Update function by connecting to the internet.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The display menu is not set in an organized style.
  • It’s relatively slow in connecting and updating.
  • Hefty technical terminology, making it difficult for new comers.The same goes for the user manual as well.

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