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My name is Rocha, a member of Zentiz team, and I love doing DIY projects. I always look for different tools and products on that could help me out. Hopefully my reviews will help you with your next DIY project too!

Ping pong Paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews 2016 & Buying Guide


For many people, playing ping pong is something that they do occasionally at a bar or at the office. What they may not realize is that the sport is played around the world and is immensely popular and competitive. Specific paddles are designed based on ability level, and the best ping...

Wagner and Graco Paint Sprayer

Wagner and Graco | Best Paint Sprayer Brand Reviews


When you’re shopping for a new paint sprayer in 2016, you will come across several brands. Two of the most best paint sprayer brands are Wagner and Graco. How do you know which one is best brand for you ? I will help you determine that by providing you with my honest reviews of...

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review by User

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Why Should You Buy This Paint Sprayer ? This Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus comes with Same-As-New Graco one year Warranty and is fantastic for household Do-It-Yourself artwork needs. Simple to use, simple to clear and arrives filled with everything you want to begin with. This sprayer is assembled and prepared to...

Handheld Paint Sprayer

3 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer Reviews 2016


One of the best investments that I’ve made was my handheld paint sprayer. I’ve done more than a dozen small projects around my house with it and it is still going strong. These are perfect for painting furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, dressers and even outdoor objects like small fences, patios,...

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer Review


The Wagner Control Spray Max is best suited for small scale contractors and DIY home owners. These are contractors who are mainly involved in interior finishes and design. It may be used for huge commercial projects. This is because it is great for walls as well as other surfaces that need latex...

Tips On How To Clean A Meat Grinder

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Preparing Your Grinder For Cleaning Remove remaining raw meat from the grinder. This makes it easy to clean. This should be done before disassembling the grinder. Run a piece of bread through the feeding tube. The bread acts as a sponge soaking all the little pieces left in the grinder....

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Review


Who is the product designed for ? Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360 is an ideal paint sprayer for home owners, professionals and DIY hobbyists who’ve small paint projects available and want a professional-looking fine finish as quickly as possible. Why should your readers buy this product ? The Graco 16Y385...