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My name is Tim- an auto mechanic from Colorado.I don’t know why I do love cars and always want to discover them. With what I know, I think I should share with everyone .I am a contributor on and writing about automotive. Besides, I am also writing a personal blog about OBD2 Scanner name OBD Advisor. Hope it's useful for all you guys.

5 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Be Renting Furniture


There are times when it just makes more sense to rent furniture, rather than buy it. Mostly, this is a great idea during times of transition or when you simply don’t want to put up the heavy initial investment in furniture. We decided to put together 5 incredible reasons why...

Car Covers: Life’s Essentials


Image source Why you need a car cover When you keep your car outside, it is revealed to the amazing things of nature. While we may stop and appreciate it, but we should keep in mind, our vehicles do not. Nature has many elements that can be quite severe on your...

Digital Door Locks “Next Generation Home Security”


Image Source The digital door locks provide keyless door entry to access a building. They provide a next-generation home security. These locks come with a variety of functions to improve their effectiveness. A person can set either both the fingerprint lock and a password or anyone of those. These locks...

DIY Glass Shelf: A Guide about How to Make One


Glass shelves are designed to fit in small places where a huge massive decoration piece can’t be fixed. Moreover, it provides storage with an elegant look. Let me mention some highlighted benefits of glass shelves. Glass shelves match almost every type of décor They are more attractive than wooden or...

5 Fashion-forward Winter Travel Outfits that will Keep You Warm


Image source: It is still winter season people, with holidays and countless rest days from work that demands wearing comfortable, casual outfits. However, dressing up in winter season is a bit challenging compared to the other seasons of the year. But when you pack all the quintessential pieces, you...

How To Get A Fabulous Airbrush Compressor On A Tight Budget


Image source: What is your biggest mistake when shopping? Most shoppers make the mistake of choosing an airbrush compressor without looking at the specifications. Although you are on a tight budget, it is essential to compare the specification of the product and the price. Among the crucial things you should...

Dog shedding: 5 things to do


No matter how much you love your dog, the dog shedding can be annoying for you and the mess of dog’s hair can be sufficient to drive you nuts. If you have a dog, you have likely dealt with the way that the regular house cleaning is a norm, particularly...

What To Know In A Legal Sense If You Had An Auto Accident


Disclaimer: the material presented in the article below should only be considered as a general overview regarding an auto accident. Should you, or anyone you know, find yourself in this situation, it’s best that you speak to an auto accident attorney immediately. They can help you decide on what the...