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My name is Tim- an auto mechanic from Colorado.I don’t know why I do love cars and always want to discover them. With what I know, I think I should share with everyone .I am a contributor on and writing about automotive. Besides, I am also writing a personal blog about OBD2 Scanner name OBD Advisor. Hope it's useful for all you guys.

5 Safety Benefits of Using an Electronic Logging Device System


The Electronic Logging Device System (ELD) has become a useful tool for every company that has a fleet of cars or trucks. This system allows monitoring in real time, the location, speed, and condition of the vehicle, and grants to create reliable databases to optimize times and resources. With this,...

Hydration and Brain Function: Know Why Your Brain Needs Water


Hydration and brain function are linked closely. This makes sense because over 70% of the human body is water. And it’s not surprising that all crucial physiological functions depend on it. That’s right. Hydration isn’t just crucial for clear skin. The lack of water can trigger symptoms such as: Poor...

7 Best Baby Beds to Buy in 2018


Being parents is always a daunting and difficult task. While if you are a parent of newborns means many sleepless nights! But do you know you can ease this burden by choosing the right bed for your newborn and try to establish a bedtime routine as soon as possible? Moreover,...

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Auto Garage Equipment


Most of the people, especially the first-timers become at their wit’s end when it comes to buying the right auto garage equipment. Not because they end up buying overpriced or low-quality equipment sometimes, they simply don’t know how to pick the right one wisely as a number of selections are...

10 Factors To Consider When Choosing Lawn Companies


Despite the fact that lawn maintenance can be hard, each and every homeowner desires a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. More often, homeowners either don’t have the necessary skills to work on their lawns or the time to do it themselves. Hiring lawn care companies are the best thing to do in...

10 Easy-to-Play Songs for Acoustic Guitar Beginners


Novice guitar players don’t have to wait until they’ve memorized the entire fretboard to play popular songs. They also don’t need to have a high-end guitar in order to rock it out – just look for the best cheap acoustic guitar and start! There are many pop, folk and rock...

Using Electric Impact Wrench Stepwise


One of the most important power tools that are utilized for advancement projects at home is Electric impact wrench. The pistol like structure helps to deliver high power output through its output pole. The main feature of it is its high torque level which simplifies difficult works easily and efficiently....

Difference Between Airplane Black Boxes And Car Black Boxes


Recent aviation disasters like the disappearance of flight MH370 highlight the importance of black boxes in aerospace communications. The question is what is the black box and is it similar to the one fitted in cars? What is an Airplane Black Box? Credit: Black boxes on airplanes provide such important...