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My name is Tim- an auto mechanic from Colorado.I don’t know why I do love cars and always want to discover them. With what I know, I think I should share with everyone .I am a contributor on and writing about automotive. Besides, I am also writing a personal blog about OBD2 Scanner name OBD Advisor. Hope it's useful for all you guys.

How to Maintain a Rook Rack


Even if they are worth it to buy they are not the cheapest accessory one on the market and there is no sense in spending for an expensive roof rack if you do not maintain it well. If you take care of the luggage rack, the roof rack will return...

best bluetooth obd2 scanners

Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Reviews & Buying Guide


The popularity of the Bluetooth technology is beyond words that it’s almost impossible right now to find a smartphone or mobile device that doesn’t have access to it. Commonly, it is used as a form of wireless communication in between mobile phones and gadgets like hands-free headsets, tablets, and laptops....

Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews

Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews 2016


The hullabaloo caused by most customers when they are trying to identify which is the best obd2 scanner this year has been of interest. The main reason could be the fact that OBD use is growing by the day and most countries are adopting this electronic method of vehicle fault detection....

Best Clamp Meter Reviews

Best Clamp Meter Reviews for Handheld AC/DC Testing 2016


AC/DC testing Clamp Meters are becoming more and more common in many workplaces these days and are a staple in the automotive world. Let take a look at 3 best clamp meter on our list here: There are several factors to consider before purchasing a meter. First, how often will the...

Actron CP9580A AutoScanner

Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus Review


Why Exactly Should Buy this Product? The particular Actron CP9580A works using CAN and OBD-2 vehicles 1996 or even newer and incorporated enhanced ABS plus Asian code protection record and perform the data screen. The particular device reads plus shows I/M monitors along with the MIL status. It can read,...

Actron CP9670

Actron CP9670 AutoScanner Trilingual OBD II Review


When it comes to high quality diagnostic equipment, few people look further than Actron. Their scanners have been the mechanics first choice for a couple of years now, especially for those people who would like affordable, reliable scanners that they can work with for ages. Features of the Actron CP9670...

INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool

INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review


If you are looking for a simple scan tool, the INNOVA 3100 is the right match for you. It is fully loaded with amazing professional features that are simplified to be used by DYIers. It is very easy to interact with this tool and works with any SUV, truck or...

INNOVA 3150 Review

Innova 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader Review


Technology has advanced and has had a significant impact in the motor vehicle industry. Computers are part and parcel of the modern vehicles and this is what makes the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader a necessity in fixing engine problems. This is an essential device that can be used by...