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My name is Tim- an auto mechanic from Colorado.I don’t know why I do love cars and always want to discover them. With what I know, I think I should share with everyone .I am a contributor on and writing about automotive. Besides, I am also writing a personal blog about OBD2 Scanner name OBD Advisor. Hope it's useful for all you guys.

Difference Between Airplane Black Boxes And Car Black Boxes


Recent aviation disasters like the disappearance of flight MH370 highlight the importance of black boxes in aerospace communications. The question is what is the black box and is it similar to the one fitted in cars? What is an Airplane Black Box? Credit: Black boxes on airplanes provide such important...

Health And Safety Consultants: Why You Need Them?


Credit: Having a strong health and safety management system in place to maintain the safety of your employees should be a key concern for business owners. The people you appoint to oversee the development and implementation of your policies, procedures and preventative steps to reduce accidents need to be...

Garden Ideas to Get You Ready for Spring


Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, yet spring is unmistakably the most adorable of the four seasons. Spring marks the finish of rankling winter and the transitional period to searing summer. It’s getting pleasant, and that restoring feeling we get as winter lifts in the beginning. We’re getting...

Top 5 Uses of GPS Trackers


Credit: Most of us are used to using GPS for tracking and finding locations, but did you know you can use GPS trackers to secure your valuables, look after your luggage or even go on a treasure hunt? In fact, the benefits of using GPS tracking technology are virtually...

Tips To Ensure the Safety of Your Swimming Pool


A swimming pool is a great place to chill in the summer evenings. But there are plenty of risks that come with the swimming pool. Many accidents happen in the swimming pools around the world and the victims are children, in most cases. As per the American Red Cross, more...

Beginners Guide for using Wood Router


A power tool especially utilized for normal or difficult edges on a stock piece. The router can be used for many other tasks as well. Once you are perfect with using a router, multiple tasks related to woodworking can be held with hands. If you need to use stationary or...