BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

You need something compact enough which may not even look like gun storage. One safe I can tell you about is the BARSKA Biometric Safe. Having dealt with the safe for some period, it’s the best I can tell any referral I have, especially when it comes to the elimination of the intermittent worry over who will access your firearm.

You could be at a loss with the safety of your firearms taking most of your night’s sleep time. Maybe, this is making you worried and you know nothing of what you need to do. Being worried may cause you sleepless nights, as is the case with many of the firearm handlers. If not checked, this is bound to develop into an obsession.

Because of its sensitivity, firearms are quite regulated in their use and may not get something secure enough for their storage. The best gun safe and cabinets in the market may not suffice and so are the houses themselves. Pistol storage is even more challenging.

The BARSKA Company which makes it has been known for outstanding performances especially in the area of making outstanding sports and safety equipments. They are known for their outstanding range of scopes, binoculars and other precision equipments. It has had its presence felt globally with the quality of their products taking the center stage.

The level of its presence globally may take a long time to talk about. However, that is for another day. Their gun safes have been known for their extraordinary feel and taste. I will tell you more about this safe, but let’s look at some of its unique features below.

Characteristics of the safe

  • Saves up to 30 biometric fingerprints which make it a multiuser safe.
  • Steel metal wall with a compact build which is both pry proof and tamperproof.
  • Secures the valuables inside with the security of access given the biometric lock system.
  • A unique fingerprint pad which makes it easy for access.
  • Ease of mounting with additional accessories.
  • Includes an emergency backup key for alternative access.
  • Favorable weight with the ease of mobility.
  • Sizeable with its ability to store several valuables.
  • Uses a battery power source for convenience.
  • An audio feature which gives a beep when initialized.
BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

Benefits of use

Those who have used this safe have encountered the following benefits;

  • Convenience in terms of ease of use and access.
  • Aesthetic compact design appealing to any onlooker.
  • Guaranteed safety with alternative access keys should there be need.
  • Additional mounting software to help fix on the floor and wall.
  • Strongly built to guard against prying and break-ins.
  • Small in size for mobility.
  • User instructions included to guide in the course of use.


How to buy and use Barska biometric safe

Buying this safe may not be hard if you took time reading the several buyer guides available both online and from the manufacturer. What matters is that the buyer needs to know the reputation of the seller.

Some of the known online retailers may be the usual culprits of Amazon and eBay. However, you can also get the BARSKA Biometric Safe from the local brick store around you if the need for it is urgent.

Buying this safe alone may not be enough if you can’t follow up the whole setup process. Being an all finger biometric safe, it uses the information on the fingers. However, it’s noted that any flaw on the finger print recording may put your firearms at peril.

The setup and registration of the fingerprints need to take the following shape;

  • Initialize by pressing the button on the safe till it beeps. Hold the initializing button for the better part of the process to ensure that the whole information is taken in.
  • Scan each of the fingers each at a time, each 2 beeps will signify that the scan is complete.

The secret of the biometric gun safe’s use is the initialization. If the button is not held when initializing, then it will be flawed registration and so anybody can find access to the safe without any break-ins.


While some of the users may have reservations on the safety of the firearm and valuables kept in the safe, it is clear that most of what usually misses is proper instruction on how to initialize the safe by the manufacturer.

By religiously initializing each of the fingerprints to be registered, the user will enjoy all the security features it has on offer. It is one of the most recommended safes around worth buying. However, you can have a look at some of the safes both from this brand and others.

Taking time to study what you are to buy is the ultimate in giving you the best. Do not be in a hurry, take your time and buy quality, which is what we have with the BARSKA Biometric Safe.

The initialization bit may be lacking on the manual but some of the users, majority in this case, love this safe based on its outstanding services. It is a safe which is worth using in the house, office or if you are an individual who needs to have his valuables on transit, just initialize properly.


A good reputation is hard to build and easy to destroy. Some of the users may have just the rush to review on the basis of their misjudgments, which is the case here with most reviews. While most people have a problem with tampering, they have not even taken their time to know the genesis.

We have tried as much to deviate from the mob mentality; it is therefore likely that you are going to purchase your safe from a very informed point of view. You have the power to decide whether this is what suits you or not.

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