BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

My hunting cohorts and I have always been in love with trendy items. That is what made me to go through the diverse safes in the market when I was looking for a good gun safe for my hunting rifles. Telling you how it was hard, may be an understatement.

Pacing through was never easy for me because all the safes I found were really good, however, some were rather small for my liking. It was when I finally set my eyes on the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe that I realized I was home.

Reading through the profile of the manufacturer and what they have on offer was like some sweet fairy tale told to me by my mother; I loved all I saw at the first instance. It’s this that has really differentiated the BARSKA safes from the rest of the pack, the quality and size of the safes.

Just like the convectional guns, rifles may be disastrous if poorly kept. Some of the rifles have enough power on their pellets to take away human life at an instant. Having a good rifle safe is thus not a choice but a necessity.

However, tales alone and the reviews are not enough if you have not gone through some of the most commendable positive reviews based on the characteristics of the safe. That is what my review is all about!

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Why the BARSKA Quick Access?

The safe has cut a niche among some of the best in the gun safe market based on its most outstanding features. Most of the reasons for its big up in the market include;

  • Employs the use of advanced biometric technology with a capacity to have identification for up to 120 personalities.
  • Uses a set of AA batteries for ease of use and convenience.
  • Spacious enough to store several rifles as well as other important valuables.
  • Uses an additional backup key which allows for its access when the locks fail to identify finger prints.
  • Manual dead block locking system with quick access mechanism.
  • Several accessories including an assortment of mounts.
  • Thick metallic steel wall for better security and tamper proof.
  • Average weight, enough to deter petty thieves with intent of carrying the safe away.
  • Low battery indicator lights to alert the user on the need for battery change.
  • 1 year warranty, a sign of the confidence of the manufacturer.

What benefits does it have?

In the course of its use, most of the users of the safe are bound to experience the following benefits;

  • Better security to the rifles and the valuables.
  • Worry free use in terms of the enjoyment of the warranty period.
  • Longevity in use based on its strong build.
  • Good customer service from the strongest brand in town where gun safes are concerned.
  • Wide range of accessories to assist in the use of the safe including the mounts.
  • User friendliness while accessing the safe.
  • Pocket friendly in spite of its capacity and size.


Is it recommended?

While the overall rating among its users may not be average, it is one of the best gun safes to have around. Most people agree that the safe secures your valuables and guns against any attempts at tampering and unauthorized access. Because that is usually the ultimate goal, this rifle safe is recommended for your use.

However, every man made item has its fair share of weaknesses which the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is not exempt from. If you are looking for a safe which can store more than 3 rifles, then look elsewhere. The size of this safe may in some cases be not as advertized.

No need to worry however because the market has diverse rifle safes to choose from with this brand alone having several, why not look around? If you think this fits your bill with your two rifle storage in mind and other assorted valuables, then go for this great safe.

How to use

The use of most safes is usually a straight forward affair in most cases involving storage if firearms and other important valuable. Because of its top notch security system, the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe has all it takes to be used in banks, homes and even entertainment joints.

Hunters with a small cache of weapons love it for its mounts which allow it to be steady and firm. By just ensuring that the fingerprints are scanned and the data stored, the safe is ready for use.

However, the finger scan area is required to remain clean at all times and must be wiped against any dust to make the safe work well. If the system fails, the backup keys come in handy. The next thing is also to ensure that the batteries are replaced periodically to make the safe life more prolonged.


Getting a good gun safe has not been an easy task because of the diverse brands available in the market. The online shopping has even compounded the problem with the different reviews, some of which do not project the whole image of the safes.

Our review is not a sales pitch and is only meant to help; you get the real facts about the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe as it should be. You can go for other safes which appeal to your tastes, if this does not. If you are security conscious, buying this safe will however not harm your ego as well as the good name you have.

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