Top 3 Best Akaline Water Machines Review & Buying Guide

Akaline Water Machine Overview

In the current world we live in, nothing can be as important as having access to clean and healthy water. This is one of the main reasons why millions of consumers are searching for the best alkaline water machine. Securing the best water filtration and ionizing machine for your home ensures that you never have to worry about the quality of water you are using at home.

Making Your Own Alkaline Drinking Water

An alkaline water machine basically regulates the pH level of tap water to make it safe and ideal for consumption and domestic use. As you may already know, tap water is not perfect. Even in the most unpolluted cities, tap water may not be as pure and ideal as you may wish. This is why having an alkaline water machine at home is very important.

There are obviously numerous factors that you need to put into consideration before settling on any particular alkaline water machine. The most important factors to consider when choosing an alkaline water ionizer machine include price, product features as well as product warranty. There is no shortage of alkaline water machine brands in the market today so you may have your work cut out for you when it comes to making the right decision.

Here are a few product suggestions that should put you on the right track.

Top 3 Best Alkaline Water Machine Review

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Plate Alkaline Water Machine.

Our pick
4.44.4 / 5
This is a very popular under sink water ionizer and filtration machine. The Aqua-Ionizer ionizer boasts of advanced electroplate technology. This technology makes use of special titanium and platinum plates that are very durable and efficient. The machine has a water filtration capacity of more than 5000 liters of water. In order to efficiently filter all this water, the machine has a powerful water filter and a remarkable self-cleaning mechanism to top it off.

The Aqua-Ionizer also features an impressive design that is known for being oxidation and erosion resistant. You can be sure of getting the purest water for many years with this machine. All the components used to construct this water filtration and ionizer machine are FDA approved and certified.

The most significant advantage of the Aqua-Ionizer is its pocket friendly price. You will not come across such a feature rich water ionizer and filtration machine at the same price. Many consumers testify of being very happy with the reliability and durability of this alkaline water machine. The Aqua-Ionizer  is also very easy to install at home. You do not require to be a skilled technician in order to get this machine up and running. The only downside that can be noted with the Aqua-Ionizer is its limited warranty period which only lasts up to 5 years.

Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Also Great
4.84.8 / 5
The Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is power efficient which that you will not have power bills shooting to the roof. This alkaline water machine can be installed on the faucet area of your kitchen or otherwise connected to the main water line under your sink. This makes installation trouble free and troubleshooting is also very easy.

Another popular selection in the water filtration and ionizing industry is the Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine. Manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the industry, this machine has proven to be good at what it does. The machine features state of the art electrolysis technology that provides pure alkaline water at an efficient rate. You will never have to worry about the quality of water in your home ever again as this easy to setup machine comes with a forever lifetime warranty. What this basically means is that your machine is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for life.

Research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine Database has shown that alkaline water has various antioxidant properties that help the body stay in top shape. Water that is purified and ionized using the Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine has been scientifically proven to offer some of the most ideal antioxidant properties. You will never have to worry about consuming tap water that has extremely high acidic properties. This machine works wonders on your water at home. The taste of water is always guaranteed to be the fresh and crispy.

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer – Next Generation – Alkaline Water Generator

Also Great
Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer - Next Generation - Alkaline Water Generator
4.94.9 / 5
The machine makes use of a unique dual filtration technology that is known to produce water that is almost perfect for consumption. Compared to other similar products in the market today, the Tyent UCE-11 under Counter Water Ionizer makes a name for itself by eliminating the most number of contaminants in water than any other water filtration machine.

The Tyent UCE-11 under Counter Water Ionizer is the high end water filtration and ionizer machine for consumers out there today. If you are always on the lookout for high quality and durable filtration systems then this product is the perfect fit for you. The Tyent UCE-11 under Counter Water Ionizer is primarily designed for high end kitchens at home, in restaurants and hotels.

Due to its effectiveness and large capacity, the Tyent UCE-11 under Counter Water Ionizer features large platinum plates that are powered by an effective next generation ionizing technology. The machine is an under sink alkaline water machine that is easy to setup and maintain over the years. The manufactures of this wonderful product also provide a lifetime warranty with every purchase of a single unit.

The most noticeable downside of this product may be its cost. For people who are on a tight budget, this may not be the first product to look at as it requires a large monetary investment.

What are the benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Fiction or Fact

  • When the acidity in water is eliminate, you can expect to enjoy a more active and fulfilling life that is free from numerous health complications. Acidic water causes many health complications such as abnormal metabolism, high blood pressure, poor digestion, fatigue and even chronic illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Consuming alkaline water basically restores your body back to optimal working capacity. The cells in your body are rejuvenated and your body’s overall pH balance is restored back to normal.
  • Taking alkaline water can greatly improve your appearance. Skin cells are normally the most affected by irregular pH levels in the body. Alkaline water helps to activate the skin cells thus making them more elastic. You can look younger and healthier by choosing to go the alkaline water way.
  • Alkaline water is a good body cleanser. If you are always searching for the perfect body cleaning diet or regiment then look no further as alkaline water is a really effective body cleaner and antioxidant agent. You can effectively cleanse various body organs by developing a habit of consuming alkaline water. When the body is properly cleansed you can expect to live a less stressful life. Digestion and metabolism processes in your body are greatly enhanced when your body is free from harmful toxins.
  • Alkaline water facilitates better hydration. Taking 8 glasses of alkaline water every day can lead to better hydration and thus a more productive lifestyle. Athletes who need to stay extra hydrated can also benefit from taking alkaline water. Staying properly hydrated is also a good way to stay and feel younger. Alkaline water can greatly aid your anti-aging efforts so that you do not grow old too quickly.
  • Staying hydrated is not just about drinking any kind of water. You need to find the right kind of water that will help keep your body healthy and hydrated at the same time. Accessing clean, safe and healthy water for domestic use is very important and should not be taken for granted.
  • Better Tasting Water. The water from your tap is most likely treated with a high amount of chlorine which can greatly alter the taste of water. Nobody likes drinking water that tastes funny because of the excess chlorine treatment it has undergone. Filtering water removes all traces of chlorine and other treatment chemicals to ensure that your water has a smooth, crisp and natural taste.

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Things to consider when looking for the Best Akaline Water Machine

Number of Plates:Alkaline water machines come in many different shapes and sizes. These machines however make use of an almost similar electroplate technology that varies in the number of plates in a single unit. Alkaline water machines can have anywhere from three to up to eleven plates. The more the plates the better it ionizing and filtration capabilities. The composition of the plates is also very important. Most ionizing plates are made of titanium or platinum metals. Other types of metallic plates may not work as well so always be on the lookout for this.

Design of Machine:When it comes to the design of an alkaline water machine, the options available are under counter or counter alkaline water machine. Both setups are considered okay but most people prefer under counter machines. Counter top machines may get in the way of your kitchen activities especially where a person may have a small kitchen. Under counter machines are hidden and are in most cases placed under the kitchen sink.

The advantage of having a counter top alkaline water machine is that it easy to access in case of troubleshooting or maintenance. Installation is also very easy and can be done with minimal effort.

Alkaline Water Machine Tips

Best Akaline Water Machine

  • Having an alkaline water machine at home or at work can ensure that you only consume water that is safe for you, your family or even your colleagues.
  • Tap water is favored by many people but this water may be unsafe for consumption due to poorly maintained water pipeline infrastructures and rusty water reservoirs. Simply put, you cannot fully trust that tap water does not contain impurities, bacteria or harmful chemicals.
  • As for bottled water, we can all guess that it does not always come from natural springs in the highlands as it is commonly suggested on the bottle labels. To add on to this, bottled water is quite expensive and it might not be economically feasible to invest in a constant and adequate supply of bottled water for you and your family.
  • This leaves us with one last option which is filtered water. With filtered water you can be sure that you are consuming water that does not contain any kind of impurities. You will have total control over the kind of water that you, your family and friends will be drinking. How comforting is that?
  • Installing the Best Akaline Water Machine can ensure that you have a constant supply of clean, safe and healthy drinking water throughout the year and even months after. You will be surprised at the number of benefits that come with drinking filtered water that include but are not limited to improved digestion, detoxification and maintaining a strong immune system.
  • With the above wealth of information, you can now boldly make the change to drinking filtered water. So Safe water filters are among the leading water filtration systems that are readily available at an affordable price.
  • A quick search on the world wide web should reveal quite a number of options when it comes to water purification systems. Take your time in doing a thorough search so that you do not fall victim to fraudsters and malicious people. A good research and background check on products should ensure that you get on the Best Akaline Water Machine. Water is life and our bodies need clean water to survive. Do not underestimate the power of clean water when it comes to achieving good health and well being. Enjoy the benefits of clean water today by getting only the best alkaline water machine in the mark


In conclusion, alkaline water machine are necessary in modern households. Access to clean and healthy water is very important especially in the current times we are living in. As mentioned above, tap water is not always safe for human consumption. With the high levels of pollution taking place in the environment today, water piping infrastructures are affected in more ways than one.

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