7 Best Baby Beds to Buy in 2018

Being parents is always a daunting and difficult task. While if you are a parent of newborns means many sleepless nights!

But do you know you can ease this burden by choosing the right bed for your newborn and try to establish a bedtime routine as soon as possible?

Moreover, from baskets to bassinets and cots to cribs, the market is booming with baby beds so it can be hard to select the best one! But whatever you choose, just stick to it because there is no right or wrong answer so don’t get swayed by the multiple opinions that are on offer.

You can have a look at these 7 best baby beds that you can buy in 2018!

#1. Snuzpod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

This crib is ideal for the newborn babies and is perfect for new mothers as it allows to breastfeed the child without leaving the bed! At the price of just $260, this crib is one of the most baby portable cribs that you can buy! It offers a 3-in-1 design that includes a bedside baby crib that attaches to your bed, a stand-alone crib and a removable rocking bassinet that can be used around the home.

#2. Obaby Lincoln Sleigh Cot Bed

This cot is made from solid wood and is convertible as well! Additionally, this cot features a beautiful curved, sleigh like design that offers three adjustable mattress heights. This cot also features teething rails that will protect your baby’s teeth! Moreover, Obaby Lincoln Sleigh can also be converted into a stylish junior bed!

#3. Stokke Sleepi Oval Crib

As the name suggests, this oval-shaped crib will grow along with your child! Yes, you heard it right! This wooden crib can adapt from a newborn’s crib to a toddler’s cot then into a junior bed that is suitable for children at the age of 10!

Further, you can also buy an extension kit that increases the size of the crib by simply removing the wall!

#4. Ikea Gonatt Cot

Ikea offers a range of affordable, reliable cots, and Gonatt is one of them! Gonatt is a traditionally shaped cot with a modern-look like finish. Moreover, this cot offers adjustable heights as your baby gets bigger and one side can be removed as they get older! Further, you also get two drawers underneath the cot to store baby essentials.

#5. Mamas and Papas Kingston Oak Cot

As the name suggests, this traditional looking cot is a toddler bed that is available in oak that is perfect for the newborn babies to children at the age of 4!

#6. White Company Ercol Devon Cot Bed

This Ercol Devon cot bed offers a height setting of up 3 mattresses! It comes with a price tag of $900 and is made of solid oak that can serve your baby from birth until the age of 2! Moreover, the side trims are painted in white that softens the wooden design and the side panels can be removed to transform it into a junior bed.

#7. Mamas and Papas Oxford white cot/toddler bed

This is another great option from Mams and Papas that offers a ton of benefits. It offers drawers beneath the bed offers enough stores for the baby essentials such as diapers, mattresses, etc. This bed offers a simple yet stylish design that goes with your room’s nursery themes. It is suitable up to the age of four, while the sides and bars can be removed as your child develops.

Furthermore, it offers height adjustments of up to 2 different heights.

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