7 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Reviews 2018

If you have experienced playing golf before, you would have faced the dilemma to choose the best golf club for beginner. Not only because there are many models are available in market, but the first golf set that you possess also affects your way of becoming a greater golfer.

Brief Best Golf Clubs Set for Beginners

In order to get better sales, golf set companies would all be screaming in their product descriptions each claiming to offer the best golf clubs. Therefore, it is important that you get all the necessary help so that you can end up with the right clubs. The following buying guide should help you make that decision today.

A number of golf clubs are available today, but they will not be suitable for all sexes. If you are looking for something that will suit you, most manufacturers today would have clubs for men, women and for juniors too.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners for Men

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)

This set comes packed with everything any golfer would need to hit a golf ball with impressive precision and accuracy. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this should help you easily push your golfing to the next level.

The set features a 460cc driver, which is a sweet spot for many golfers. This makes the set forgiving so that you can tee easily. The fairway wood on the set gives a smart aerodynamic head shape that many people would want to see on their sets. This could also be great for someone looking to make high flying shots.

This club would deceive many people when first looking at it. They would think that its putter and the wood are a bit light at the club head which will be very difficult to control the driver. However, they got surprised when using it. It can be compared to Ping G30 about its power and speed. The grips are made with good quality though we may feel roughly when holding. You can use gloves to avoid this problem and won’t affect the straightness of the hit.

The set also comes made with stainless steel parts, which assure of durability and also a great way for much better precision and accuracy. For a golf beginner, it is really a well-designed, qualified, and durable golf set at a low-price. With this set, you can keep your clubs and other accessories without spending money on buying different bags and of course you can tilt the bag back. In my opinion, this is best golf clubs for beginners.


  • The 12 piece will help improve your game
  • It is an affordable solution for golf enthusiasts
  • The head covers included for the golf clubs serve as a nice addition to the set


  • The clubs feel heavy to carry for a long time
  • The bag has too many additional pockets, which you might never use. The room should have been left for the clubs.

2. Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard

The journey of learning how to golf needs the right equipment, and this set should just be it. It will make you enjoy the whole journey without feeling like quitting. The company that made the set focused more on giving you something that can improve your aim, precision, accuracy and strength when playing golf. Do not worry if you are just starting out, as these clubs are great for playability. They should help you produce a soft flight while out there enjoying yourself.

With this model, you should be able to make a decent strike and easily control your distance. Having a maximum control of the distance it what will lead you into becoming a great golfer in the end with light wood, and hybrid. The driver is very forgiving which helps you systematically strike the sweet spot. The grips are made with care and lightweight which help beginners hold the clubs tightly and with confidence. Moreover, the bag’s quality is good and you can store many extra things such as towels, gloves, balls, water bottle, your phone, and keys in the small pockets. The set contains enough clubs to help players afford several shots. The clubs’ length is perfect for people whose height is around 6’ to 6’2’’ to carry and play.


  • It is made to be the best for beginners and average golfers
  • The shaft comes made from iron steel which makes it durable
  • It is designed to be used by both right and left-handed golfers


  • A number of users have complained about experiencing mix-hits
  • The golf bag seems light, which might not inspire durability

3. Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (16-Piece)

Coming from a company such as Callaway, you can always expect something great always. It is rated among the best golf drive for beginners for having a forgiving sweet spot and creating good balance especially for the new golfers with its 460cc clubhead. Also, the graphite shaft should help you achieve exceptional distance, even for someone learning how to golf. The hybrids (4H, 5H) are all designed to deliver on versatility on the shots where you would normally use the long iron.

The 6 P-W and SW Irons are made with sole width technology that promotes having the best control of the clubs while playing. The clubs promote swing speed and long shots with stainless steel clubhead. The accuracy of the ball is increased with the T-style mallet putter.

The accompanying bag is made to be lightweight, and durable so that you can enjoy carrying it around with ease for your game. You will love the bag for its additional pocket in which you can keep many other small things.

In general, the clubs’ weight, length, and design are suitable for people not only at their 40s but also 70s at an affordable price. Most of golf beginners feel confident and comfortable when they hit the balls with this club set.


  • The stand bag makes it easy to store or retrieve your clubs
  • The putter comes with T-Style alignment to provide incredible accuracy
  • The driver offers woods with forgiving sweet spots


  • A few users have complained about having their driver heads breaking after only using the clubs for a few games


4. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece

This set comes with modernized technology that should be able to make them deliver as among the best golf irons for beginners among other features. Some of the people who have used it agree that they have helped them to make longer shots, have more control and also build their confidence when it comes to playing golf. Even those who are new to the game find it now easier to play with such clubs around.

The irons 6-PW and SW are made with high flight technology so that they can deliver on distance and better control on your side. Players can hit a large sweet spot and more forgiveness with its full titanium driver. Also, you can create high and long flying balls with the fairway 3W and 5W. You can play with more confidence with the help of 4H and 5H hybrids.  The putter is made with a precise face milling design which should be able to give you a nice accuracy to sink more putts.

In general, this sturdy set is perfectly suitable for a golf beginner which provides everything you need to improve your golf skills. The design of freestanding and lightweight bag helps you easily carry the bag around by hand.


  • The accompanying bag is made to be lightweight so easy movement from one place to another
  • The precise milling design provides for better accuracy and distance control
  • The hybrids can be great alternatives for long irons to play a variety of shots


  • The bag might be lightweight but it looks a bit flimsy
  • A few reports show that the Driver 460cc head seems to come off after a few uses

Best Women’s Golf Clubs

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (11 Set)

Women too would love to enjoy playing golf, but with clubs made to make them improve on their game too. This model is simply a great combination of forgiveness and distance whenever you pull it out of the box. Without a doubt you can expect to see more improvement in the game in no time. If you want to maximize distance and performance, this set is designed just for you. The overall look of the clubs is also eye-catching as they are actually made to look beautiful for a woman carrying it. The bag has a kickstand which looks like a backpack of any woman.

Well, it is not just about the looks, but also the functionality. The woods offer a forgiving sweet spot with a graphite shaft which offer exceptional distance, as well as increase the swing speeds. The irons are designed as perimeter-weighted irons for a better control of long and high flying balls. You would not believe that it is a beginner making such distance for their first few games. The wedges are made to be lightweight with sole width technology that improves the control of your game. The clubs’ height and length is perfectly fit for a woman who is about 5’ tall. Players can try a variety of shots with different clubs which are included in this set. Also, you can keep many of your personal things like phone, key, towel, and water bottles in the five extra pockets on the bag.


  • Get a convenient bag that can last for longer too
  • The woods offer a forgiving sweet spot important for beginners
  • The mallet is made with a T-style alignment that should offer better accuracy


  • More training might be needed to effectively use these clubs

2. Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set and Cart Bag

You will get so much out of using this set. This model comes with a 460cc-oversized driver that offers the power of having a graphite shaft. This allows you to enjoy the biggest sweet spot allowed legally for the clubs. The same thing goes for the oversized 3 wood that come with graphite shafts. The ¾ hybrid will offer you a chance to enjoy long approach shots easily without getting into much trouble. The zippered headcovers for the drivers should keep it looking and working great for a long time. The bag is well-balanced and believe that you can hit well at the first kick with the clubs. It is really not difficult for you to drop 4-5 strokes.

The deep cavity on the back irons should make it easy to hit and still be more forgiving than the previous models produced by the same company. The grips are nicely designed which create a comfortable feeling when players holding it and increase their speed control.

The deluxe bag will offer you more pockets to keep your valuables and move around with the club set easily. Especially, the bag is designed with a combination of pink, black, and white which looks very cute on girls who carry it. The carry bag is small compared to others, but lightweight which you can carry around without any difficulty. Also, the length size is suitable for women who are from 4’ to 5’ tall or above.


  • The set is easier to use than previous models
  • The deluxe carry bag is highly durable for longer use
  • The oversized driver offers the biggest ever sweet spot


  • The clubs feel heavier, which might not be so attractive to many women

Best Junior Golf Clubs

1. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

If you have a kid that loves golf, it is time you got the kid started on having a great time outdoors with such best start gold clubs. The set is made with the idea of having a kid using the clubs on a regular basis. It features a lofted hybrid iron that helps to generate proper flight and also a good trajectory. Within no time, your kid will be able to work on his finesse and aim. There are two sizes of the set: one is for kids from ages 4-7, and the other for kids from age 8-12, which are convenient for you to choose the suitable one for the kids. Many parents said that their children felt that they had grown up and matured a lot when carrying this bag.

The set contains four clubs, two irons, a wood, and a putter and all are well made. The iron also has a low center of gravity that should simply make playing golf for the kid to be fun. The bag is sturdy with double shoulder trap, clubs are covered well, and light enough for the kids to carry it with the back straps by themselves. Moreover, the set is durable which can follow your kids for many years.


  • The clubs are made to be durable to last for several seasons without replacing them
  • They are made with the perfect height of any young golf player
  • The low center of gravity on the iron makes it easy to play golf


  • They are not cheap even if when meant for the junior players

Buying Guide

By now, your question about what are the best golf clubs for beginners might have been answered from the above reviews of the various types of clubs. But it is not all over, as you might now want to distinguish between the models and find one that works best for you. This calls for having the buying guide section to offer guidance on the set to buy.

In the selection guide, we also supply to you attched products helping golfers feel easier and more convenient in holding and using golf instruments. In this part, we introduce to you an useful device. If you lest that a big golf bag with full of clubs and instruments inside are too heavy and uncomfortable to carry on your shoulder or hold with hands, consider taking a more device called Golf Pull Cart that help you to convey those . A pro golfer do not want to waste time and effort on carrying a heavy bag that can be absolutely conveyed with a small push cart. (We will select and introduce The best golf push cart review in the upcoming post).

Identify your game needs

Golf is just like any other game; you will only enjoy it based on the type of goals that you set starting today. For a beginner, it would be important that you get to set realistic goals before heading out to get yourself a set of clubs. Realistic goals have always made shopping for the clubs easier as you know exactly what is needed for your game.

  • For someone who is going to play golf probably once every 3 months, there is no need to spend a lot of time and effort to pick the right clubs. For a golf enthusiast who would be playing each weekend, then go for the high quality clubs.

Understand the meaning of different golfing clubs’ terms

You might already know about the best golf balls for beginners, but the technical terms such as drivers, woods, putter among many others might be new to you. To help you know about buying the best beginner golf clubs set, these terms are quickly explained below.

  • Driver: this is the biggest club that you will find in your set. It comes with a steep face that is usually between 7.5 to 13 degrees. The driver is commonly used off a tee and mostly by the pro golfers.
  • Putter: your golf set will always include a mallet or 1 blade putter. The players commonly use it in majority holes when golfing. The putters all have a flat face so that they can give minimal loft to the gold ball. The main aim of the putter is to make your ball roll along the ground.
  • Fairway Woods: a nice complete golf club set would have 3 woods that come beating a loft between 12 and 17 degrees. Some expensive sets might even come with 5-wood and their loft having 18 to 23 degrees. The work of fairway woods is to hit off the tee and the ground too when you end up having a good lie. The woods have large heads that often make them be confused with drivers, but the woods are shallower and can also boast having a lower sweet spot.
  • Irons:for any standard golf club set, you will get irons ranging from 1 to 9. In some cases, the sets will have irons ranging from 5 to 9 with the hybrids replacing the lower numbers. The irons are important for slicing through the thick lies thanks to their thin face. They can also be used when you need more force to hit the golf ball on a rough surface or sand.
  • Wedges: there are two types of wedges you are likely to find in a set, and they include a pitching wedge and sand wedge. They might look like irons, but they have a more open face. They also point higher so that they can send the ball to a shorter distance, but with a greater height. The wedges are often used for high flops.
  • Hybrids: a standard set will have 2 to 3 hybrids. The hybrids are easier to use as compared to using long iron. To help you hit cleanly, the hybrids come combined with elements of woods and irons. The shallow face also helps the player to play tighter lies.

Set up a budget

Without a doubt, most people would always have a budget in mind before going to buy the golf clubs. The budget is sometimes the deal maker or breaker for any new golfer. You do not want to underspend or overspend on the clubs.

For a decent choice, go for the averagely priced models that still offer nice features you would love to use in your next golf game. Also, if you are not going to be playing golf more often, there would be no use in spending a lot of money on such a golf club set.

Buying New or Used

Not all people would have the budget to buy new golf clubs, but it always seems as the best option. The new clubs will assure you of great working condition and also no worries that they might break anytime soon due to poor maintenance.

If you have a lower budget among other reasons, buying used golf clubs can still be an option. Just because they are used does not mean they are completely useless. Some other users might be just looking to do an upgrade and there is nothing wrong with their current set. The used golf clubs will also often cost a lot less, meaning that you get to save someone money for yourself too.

Choosing the shaft options

The shaft of your golf clubs serves an important role when it comes to having an easier time in maintenance and playing the game. You need to consider the shaft material type and shaft flex.

As for the material, the most commonly used are steel and graphite. The graphite material is often seen to be lighter and will help you produce some great swing rates even for the beginners. Steel on the other hand is more solid and less expensive. Steel is also seen to be heavier, but delivers on the force needed to drive the golf ball.

Women and seniors are likely to go for the graphite shaft as it comes with a gentler flex.


The durability of any product especially a gaming equipment is important to the player. We all know that the golf clubs do not come cheap, you will be spending a lot of money, so the golf clubs better be durable. The durability really lies in the type of material used in making them.

For a great material, you should be able to enjoy the set durability for a long time. To learn about durability, check out more reviews on the same product first.

Shop around

As you may have established, the world of golfing has so many manufacturers today who can deliver on the best clubs to use. This means there is so much to choose from when you are a beginner or a pro. The best way would be checking out a number of models before deciding to settle for one. Checking out several models will help you even understand more why most golfers would prefer buying a certain type of club sets over the others.

You can shop around online or in your neighborhood in different stores that deal in golf equipment. Most people would now prefer online as it gives them the chance to check out the models all in a single shop.


When it comes to finding the best start golf club sets, reviews are often seen as the best way to do it. The manufacturers will often offer a product description that is always biased as they want to sell their product. That in many cases might conceal the defects of the product.

Reading reviews is a great way of understanding the type of product you are about to buy. There is no point of ending up with frustrations, when you could have learned from the experience of another person. The reviews will always reveal what the manufacturer does not tell about the club set. Make sure that you read the reviews from a reputable review site, which means no one is manipulating the reviews.

Ask for advice

There is no shame at all when it comes to asking for advice about the best clubs to buy. There are a number of places you can get such great advice. Ask a friend who has been golfing for a while now. The experienced golfers would easily tell you which features to look for when buying the club set.

Another great place would be checking out the social media sites and forums where people discuss about golfing. Here are also likely to meet many people who have enjoyed golfing in the past and are willing to share their experiences and help out other people. The vendor too might also share information about choosing the best golfing equipment from the many available in the store.


Right now you know more about the best golf clubs for beginner than when you started reading the buying guide. All the information is accurate so that you can have an easier time buying the best golf clubs. Always make sure that you understand your needs as a golfer, since that will always guide you in picking the right model. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece) seems to have garnered all the best reviews from the pack. This is because of the many great features it has to deliver to both the beginners and pros alike. You can choose this one or any other model that seems to deliver on your expectations as a golfer.

You now have the right information about golf clubs, proceed to buying one for yourself today.

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