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Both new golfers and pros can benefit from swing analysis. You can better your swing with a little help from technology. The best golf swing analyzer reveals what you can do to increase your accuracy and power.

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Best golf swing analyzer reviews
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I prefer the Zepp over other kinds of swing analyzers because it stays on my glove. I don’t have to switch it to another club. It communicates through Bluetooth with my smartphone in my pocket to record 1000 data points a second.

There are two kinds of swing analyzers I would like to discuss in this review. Both require use of a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and an app. One kind of device is mounted on your club, and the other is mounted on your person. There are advantages to both types. Let’s first take a look at one you can wear.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

The Zepp 3D Swing Analyzer is one of the tools I use the most on the golf course, and it is the best golf swing analyzer in my opinion. Just like my Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder, the Zepp Swing Analyzer helps me perfect my game.

I prefer the Zepp over other kinds of swing analyzers because it stays on my glove. I don’t have to switch it to another club. It communicates through Bluetooth with my smartphone in my pocket to record 1000 data points a second.

Why so much data?

The Zepp Swing Analyzer measures my club speed, tempo, backswing, hip angles, and variations in the plane of my club and hands. It gives me useful data that I can use to make positive changes in my play.

Better yet for new golfers, the Zepp app gives helpful instructions.

For example, I can watch a playback of a 3D model mimicking my swing. I can see if my backswing is weak, or if I need more coil. The smartphone app that plays back the data makes comparisons between my swing and the average pro swing. It has a built-in Smart Coach training system to literally show me what improvements I can make.

Another helpful feature is its ability to record video of my swing so I can see analysis right afterward. I can ask a buddy to film me, or use a tripod to capture the video. Then when I play it back on my phone, I can see my stance, my grip, and my swing compared to the average pro.

It’s easy to set up and use the Zepp 3D Swing Analyzer.

Once you have the Zepp app installed on your phone, you’ll need to create an account and sign in. Use Bluetooth to pair your iPhone or Android smartphone (or tablet) with the Zepp. Slip your phone into your front pocket and clip the Zepp onto the glove of your dominant hand. Calibrate the sensor by holding your club and maintaining your address position for a few seconds. It will tell you when it’s ready to play.

Once you start play, each swing is recorded. Zepp can remember up to 2000 swings at a time, so you can play a full round of golf and review all of it again later. Just make sure you tell the app each time you switch clubs or the data won’t be accurate. Although this is a little bit of a hassle, I prefer this over having to physically switch a device from club to club.

Beginners may be a little overwhelmed with the amount of information they see in the app. There are graphs and an interactive model and all sorts of numerical feedback. If you’re new to this kind of analyzer, just start by watching the 3D model play back your swing. Also check the relative comparisons that the app offers, like when it says your current swing was faster or slower than the one before. Zepp will show you “Insights” to help you focus on what needs improvement.


  • Lightweight and small – virtually unnoticeable on a golf glove
  • Pairs to a phone or tablet with Bluetooth
  • Records up to 2000 swings with 1000 data points a second
  • Key data points displayed graphically with charts and 3D model
  • Can record and analyze video as well
  • Both absolute and relative data comparisons
  • Zepp Insights highlight areas for improvement and gives suggestions for drills
  • Training library built into app


  • Battery life is only about 4 hours
  • Slightly less accurate than a club-mounted swing analyzer
  • Doesn’t measure angle of attack or putting

While the Zepp Swing Analyzer is my favorite and it is the best golf swing analyzer for me, I realize that not every golfer uses gloves. I’d like to tell you about two club-mounted models from competing brands.


Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device

The Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device mounts on your club. It uses Bluetooth to transmit the data to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) or tablet. You can also use your phone or tablet to record video of your swing, then analyze it with the app.

You can share your stats in Swingbyte’s online community and on Facebook.

The Swingbyte measures your club swing speed, path, and tempo just like the Zepp does. But it includes more data points that Zepp doesn’t, like the angle of attack and putting.

View the data as individual bits of information, or play it back as a 3-D image of your swing. Use the Swingbyte website online to see your swing history and watch video tutorials. Unlike the Zepp, the phone app itself doesn’t offer instructions or insights on how to improve your game.

The Swingbyte has two weaknesses.

One, it has to be moved to a new club each time, which puts wear on it.

Two, if you leave it on just one club, like a driver, it begins to creep downward after a few hard swings.


  • Pairs to Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth
  • Key data points displayed graphically with charts and 3D model
  • Record video of swing for analysis
  • Analyze putting and angle of attack
  • Post swing analysis to Facebook or online community


  • Must be removed and attached each time golfer uses a different club
  • Has a tendency to slide down the club after a few hard hits
  • No tutorials in-app, must use website online

Besides the Swingbyte and the Zepp, there is another club-mounted swing analyzer I’d like to review here for you.


3Bays iOS Version Golf Swing Analyzer

The 3Bays Golf Swing Analyzer mounts onto the top of your club’s grip. It reads swing speed, hand speed, backswing angle, shaft lean, face angle, tempo, and club path.

If you have a good understanding of what these data points mean, you can adjust your swing accordingly to improve it. Unlike the other two swing analyzers in this review, the 3Bays GSA may have less appeal for beginning golfers because it doesn’t offer tutorials or other instructions, even online.
The 3Bays iOS Version Golf Swing Analyzer is made to connect with Bluetooth to Apple iPhones, but is also compatible with some Android smartphones and tablets. It can play back a four-sided 3D representation of your swing. It also records video.


  • Lightweight and small – virtually unnoticeable on a golf club and it stays put
  • Pairs to a phone or tablet with Bluetooth
  • Analyzes swing speed, tempo, club path, and face angle
  • Battery life is about 6 hours


  • Must be removed and re-attached each time the golfer changes clubs
  • No in-app or online instructions or tutorials


How To Find The Best Golf Swing Analyzer?

As I reviewed these three golf swing analyzers, I kept beginning golfers in mind.

Here are the criteria I used in selecting the best swing analyzer for new golfers:

  • Accuracy
  • Actionable data
  • Easy to use

Accuracy is a key part of playing golf. Accurate measurements make it possible to understand what the problem is and see progressive improvements.

New golfers may not understand the importance of individual factors like shaft lean, so I looked for swing analyzers that displayed actionable data – information that was useful and could be used to improve play. All three of these products provide, in the minimum, a 3D playback of a golfer’s swing.

Finally, I selected swing analyzers that were easy to use. All three in this review are compatible with both Android and Apple phones, come with apps that display and make sense of the data, and are simple to mount on either a glove or a club.


To conclude this review, I’d like to give a quick recap of each swing analyzer.


The Zepp is small and lightweight, unnoticeable on a golfer’s glove. It tracks swing speed and length, tempo, club path, and more. The accompanying phone app presents useful data numerically and graphically, even overlaying it on video. The app also gives suggestions for improvement. This is the best golf swing analyzer from my point of view.

The Swingbyte 2 is mounted on a club below the grip. It analyzes a few more factors than the Zepp like putting an angle of attack. The phone or tablet app replays a swing in 3D, allows for video recording, and links to an online community or Facebook for easy sharing.

The 3Bays is mounted on the top of a club’s grip. It measures more factors than the Zepp but does not analyze the angle of attack like the Swingbyte 2. Although it displays a lot of information as well as a 3D playback of a swing, it doesn’t offer tutorials or instructions.

Which Is The Best Swing Analyzer For You?

New golfers may appreciate the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer the most. It has the best instructions and in-app help.

More experienced golfers may enjoy the Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device. It provides the largest wealth of data points as well as tutorials and an online community.

Pro golfers, or those with a good understanding of swing analysis, may prefer the simplicity of raw data displayed by the 3Bays Golf Swing Analyzer.

I hope this buyer’s guide helped you choose the golf swing analyzer that will help you play with more enjoyment and lower your handicap.

I am Mark Leo Rubin, people call me Mark. I'm here to share my knowledge and experience about sports and outdoor related stuff. Thanks for reading my reviews and hope you are spending a worth time.

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