Are you really smart in best lighted makeup mirrors purchase?

How to choose a best lighted makeup mirror
How to choose a best lighted makeup mirror ?

You don’t want to risk going out for dinner with friends, or to a job interview, without using the proper kind of mirror to help you apply your makeup or fix your hair. It’s a pretty well understood truth among cosmetic designers that you need proper lighting to seamlessly apply foundation, mascara, lipstick, blush, and more.

They’re particularly helpful for the eyes and lips, for highlighting shadows, defining small areas, and there is less need for glasses when the mirrors are also magnified. It’s important to get a lighted makeup mirror to help you better see what you’re doing.

There are over 100 brands of lighted makeup mirrors on the market today, and the styles and functions don’t vary much between brands, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to do your research in finding the best lighted makeup mirror for your needs.

I. Brief of Top 5 Best lighted makeup mirror Reviews :

1 Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection MirrorVanity Mirror
44 / 5
Our review
2 Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup MirrorVanity mirror
44 / 5
Our review
3 3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup MirrorVanity mirror
55 / 5
Our review
4 Floureon 8 inches Double-sided Wall Mount MirrorWall-Mounted Mirror
4.54.5 / 5
Our review
5 iLuminate Folding Travel Makeup MirrorTravel mirror
55 / 5
Our review

1. Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish

Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish is one of the best makeup mirrors of its kind on the market today. Its large, oval face offers an all around view of the face, makeup application, and hair design.

Its intense magnification, seven times the normal magnification, allows for the viewer to see even into the tiniest of spaces and it makes actions like shaving and cutting hair so much easier and safer, because even the small tips of very sharp scissors, and  areas behind the ears, can be seen and reached with this advanced mirror.

This mirror swivels and moves to meet the needs of the person who’s applying the makeup or fixing hair. Though this mirror has a pretty standard size and shape, it is not standard in its value.

Its durably constructed and well-lighted LED bulbs offer a natural, radiance all over the face and against any area of the skin.


  • Elegant design, thin profile, light weighted.
  • Mirror rotates 360’, doubled- sided mirror for both magnifying (the 7x magnification) and regular (the 1x magnification) viewing.
  • Energy saving bulbs (70 percent less than the ones from Conair’s incandescent lighted mirror) never require replacing, bulbs hardly ever get hot when working.
  • Cordless, runs on rechargeable 3AA batteries for long lasting use.
  • Easy for cleanup and set-up design.


  • The light is fine but not evenly bright.
  • No batteries inclucded.


 2. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish.

Theatre style mirrors, like the Jerdon Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, work well for those who carry a lot of makeup with them. This is an excellent mirror for you.

It plugs directly into the wall, when not running on battery, and offer the highest in lighting quality. They have compartments and sections for organizing a wide range of makeup as well.

The real advantage to these mirrors is that they are designed with a nice off-white color to match with any home design pattern, and the lighting is slim and rimming the sides. This allows for lighting that doesn’t shine directly into the eyes as most manufactured lighting does.

Instead, it shines onto the face much in the same way natural light does. Remember, it’s important to have your lighted makeup mirror reflecting the light off the face, just as the sun does.

There is also a day and night lighting adjustment, which considerably aids in finding any flaws in application.


  • Chic design, light weighted, reasonable size.
  • Sharp and attractive white finish can go well with any decorations.
  • 4 adjustable settings included (daylight, evening, home and office surroundings).
  • Light shines the face much like the sunlight does.
  • Adjustable magnification for the best viewing.


  • A bit complicated construction.
  • Not easy for cleanup.


3.  3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup Mirror 100% Guarantee.

Rectangular mirrors do have their definite benefits as well. They tend to fit into every bathroom and dressing room nook and cranny, The 3x Premium Modern Rectangular Vanity Makeup Mirror has a sleek, modern design and the supremacy of its lighting is incomparable to other mirrors within its category.

It highlights mistakes and values as other lighted cosmetic application mirrors would not. The exceptional triple magnification picks up lines, bumps, and smudges as no other product of this kind does. Within the 3x magnification category, this mirror is a wonderful buy.

It’s made of the highest quality products and is refunded 100% if any dissatisfaction is found. You really can’t beat this deal, because as far as lighted make-up mirrors go.

This one offers the consumer the least amount of risk and this is its greatest benefit. If you’re unsatisfied with how it performs, simply return it and purchase the mirror you really do want.


  • Portable , frameless and stylish design.
  • Chrome, stable but not bulky base.
  • White finish can match any surroundings,Easy for positioning.
  • Adjustable swivel rectangle mirror for the whole image of users (not only their face, hair but their dresses and bodies as well).
  • Rubber bumpers included to protecting the countertop from scratches and finger prints.
  • 100% Guarantee, simply returned if not satisfying customers.


  • A little bit heavy.
  • Flimsy base.


4. Floureon 8 inches Double-sided Wall Mount Mirror Cosmetic Make up Shaving Bathroom Mirror (3x Magnification)

This is an excellent choice for those with tiny spaces in which to shave, or prepare their makeup every day. This mirror is appropriate for both men and women and it’s one of the most affordable products of its kind on the market.

It has a smooth, chic design, created with durable metal that defies rust and denting, even with the most constant use. Don’t be deceived by its 8.5 inch surface coverage, because its double-sided design allows for more than angle, view, and set of magnifications, for a 3x closer look at your face and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Its double sided design allows for a much more accurate makeup application and hair preparation. It can be used even as a dressing mirror at its size, if necessary.

It’s easy to mount, and can attach to virtually any wall surface with just two screws. With no suction cups to slip down off shower walls, it folds back against the wall for safe and out of the way keeping.


  • Modern design, light weighted.
  • Crystal clear and swivel extendable 360’ mirror.
  • Foldable, Height- adjustable.
  • Durable metal construction.
  • Easy to mount to the wall.


  • There is no in-between magnification (1x and 7x only).
  • Not easy for cleanup.
  • Not very evenly light.


5 . iLuminate Folding Travel Makeup Mirror, Magnifying Mirror with 1X plus 5X Magnification

Convenience! Affordability! This mirror has it all! There’s absolutely no other lighted makeup mirror that is more convenient than iLuminate Folding Travel Makeup Mirror, Magnifying Mirror with 1X plus 5X Magnification

Its LED lighting lasts many times longer than traditional bulbs, and it only takes simple 4 AAA sized batteries. They’re easy to purchase and inexpensive to replace.

Its smart design allows you to use your hands for hair dressing or makeup design, because it sits on its own stand, but it still offers you the ability to pick it up and move it around for better inspection, if needed.

Its versatility in lighting allows you to change the settings to meet your lightning needs. You can slip it into your purse or even your computer bag, for on the go makeup applications or freshening up. Its durability is unbeatable.

For the price, this high quality makeup is a steal. Its features out mark most of its competition on the market today, and it has a guarantee of quality. Hand held mirrors are the most popular for a reason.


  • Perfect LED light for long lasting use.
  • Moveable when using, foldable.
  • Collapse into thin profile for storage and travel.
  • Made of high quality steel .
  • Easy for set-up and cleanup.


  • No flexible brightness.
  • Hinge needs care when using.


II. Things  consider  to buy a best lighted makeup mirror.

what type lighted makeup mirror you need?
What type lighted makeup mirror you need?

There are several things to consider when buying a lighted makeup mirror. Not everyone needs the same kind of lighting or image intensification. Some people only need something simple. Others need bold lighting, with several settings, and a tri-fold mirror.

Before buying, test the lighting in your home, or the places where you generally apply makeup, and determine what kind of lighting you already have and what you’re going to need to work properly.

    1  . Type of lighted makeup mirror.

  •  Vanity mirror with light

Vanity mirror with lights are lighted makeup mirrors that are used on dressing table or desk. They offer superior quality in construction, and most come with a great variation in lighting, depending on whether you’re applying makeup in the daytime or evening.

This makes a huge difference in how makeup is applied. These mirrors allow for the versatility and function that is needed for proper implementation. The two fold approach to makeup lighting and magnification is something that has been used by professionals in the industry for years. If you’re want your makeup to look expertly applied, this is the right choice.

  •  Wall mounted lighted makeup mirror

Wall mounted lighted makeup mirror aren’t just for women. In fact, some of the most prolific buyers and users of this kind of mirror are men. They can be used for shaving and cutting hair as well. Women can use them for makeup application and hair design.

They work well as replacement mirrors for your bedroom and, or, your bathroom renovation projects as well. They range in sizes, operational abilities, mounting, and even shapes.

  • Travel lighted makeup mirror

Travel lighted makeup mirrors are a wonderful product choice, because of their convenience. Anyone can find a mirror like this at just about any location. They’re always inexpensive and they can have the same kind of magnification that much more expensive and differently shaped mirrors can have.

They are used by the experts as much as the tri-fold and double-split mirrors are as well. Because you can slip these mirrors into your purse or bag, they are the hottest selling makeup items of their kind on the cosmetic market today.

   2.  Magnification

Magnifying mirrors are a wonderful choice for people who wear glasses or have areas on the face that need greater magnification. For example, if you’re in theatre or entertainment, you’ll want one of these mirrors to help you better define areas around the eyes or to lighten any areas of shadow, because regular—unmagnified mirrors—cannot do this.

These come with various levels of magnification, because several levels are needed to reach different angles of the face and hair. These are a must have for anyone who regularly applies makeup, especially, for people who work under fluorescent lighting all day.

      3. Light

will you choose LED bulb or Standard bulb ?
Will you choose LED bulb or Standard bulb ?

There are several kind of mirror lights that come with lighted makeup mirrors. The most popular and longest lasting lighting for these mirrors are LED lights. LED stands for “light emitting diode,” and they transmit a steady, even light around the edge of the mirror.

They are not particularly bright, but they offer a more natural lighting look than other bulbs do. They are an excellent choice when considering what kind of lighting to have on your lighted makeup mirror.

Standard bulbs are the other option. They were the most common form used until recently, when they were replaced by LED bulbs, which are more environmentally friendly and more consistent.

However, there are still benefits to standards bulbs. They are often much brighter than the other option and they will better reflect how you will look under other artificial lighting. So, if you’re going to spend all day working in an office, under harsh lighting, consider lighting your mirror with standard bulbs or buying a mirror that already has them.

Both lighting options have their pros and cons. Deciding which ones to use depend on where you’re going to be wearing your makeup and how you’d like to apply it.

  4.  Price and design :

Lighted makeup mirrors come in a myriad of prices and designs. They can be small or large, oval, rectangular, or even square, in shape. Jerdon and Conair are the most popular, by far, but there are other brands as well that are designed in similar ways.

They can have a singular mirror, or be tri-folded or bi-folded. Their prices range, from less than $20.00 for a hand held mirror to well over $100.00 for large vanity mirrors that sit on a dressing desk.

They can be lined with LED or Standard Bulbs on the outside, or lighting can line the rim and offer a continuous frame of radiance around the edging. Tri-folded mirrors are often the most popular, because they offer the most comprehensive views of the face and hair, but even a singular frame can make a great difference in how well your makeup is applied.

III. Conclusion:

The differences are there, however, and they do define what kind of mirror is going to best work for you. Size, shape, lighting techniques and types will decide which apparatus is going to work for your specific dressing and application needs.

When looking for the appropriate mirror that will work for you, and meet your style needs, Now you only choose  the top best lighted makeup mirror here  to find one that suits you. What are you waiting for?

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