Black & Decker RP250 10-Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router Review

A lot of people want to do some woodworking as a hobby, but never pursue it because of the cost of all the equipment. Some woodworking routers can be very expensive, and can deter people from buying one. I was in that same situation until I came across the Black & Decker RP250 Variable Speed Plunge Router. I was excited about the great deal I got for it, but once I used it, I felt the need to go online and tell the world how great it really is.

Not only did this router fit within my limited budget, it also helped me get into a hobby that I’ve longed to be involved in. I’ve used plenty of routers before, so I’m somewhat experienced when it comes to using one. The 10-amp motor is powerful for its size and has been able to help me complete projects like cutting doors, shop ramps and other crafty woodworking jobs.

Black & Decker RP250
Black & Decker RP250 10-Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router

What to Expect from the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router

This plunge router is really the best of both worlds because it can perform some of the same functions as a fixed router. I’ve made several decorative pieces of wood that require a lot of precision, and this router has made clean cuts every time.

What I really like is the slow start feature that allows more precision cutting every time. You can gradually get the router going and you won’t have to worry about making poor cuts as a result. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a 1/4” collet and wrench and an adjustable parallel guide.

This router has worked perfectly for me so far, but I must say that I’ve only done smaller jobs. Based on the power that I’ve experienced and how the router is built, this probably isn’t the right router for you if you’re a professional or if you want to get serious about your woodworking hobby quickly. Many people have complained that the motor burns up or some parts break off after a long period of continuous use. That’s something you’ll need to keep in mind when considering this router.

Main Benefits of this Router

For an amateur like me, I appreciate that this router has an easy depth setting scale and a sightline base, which makes it easier for me to see, control and make more accurate cuts. It also has a variable speed of up to 27,000 RPM, which is plenty of speed for the amateur woodworker.

What I also like about the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router is that it is easy to use, but has features that allow me to challenge myself. It’s designed to be able to start cutting in the middle of a piece of wood instead of only at the edges. Because of this feature, you can make some really unique cutouts for decorations or whatever you need them for. And once you really get good at using it, you will notice that changing out bits is so fast and easy that you’ll want to continue to challenge yourself.

Comparison to Similar Routers

When I was doing my research, I found a lot of negative reviews about this router because they were comparing it to a more expensive model. The reality is that the Black & Decker RP250 Router is not built for tough jobs and is really only designed for occasional use.

It’s not fair for a professional to compare this router to the one that he uses for his woodworking business. With that said, you may not find a better value if you’re just looking to get into woodworking as a hobby. Most people who buy this router only do woodworking occasionally on the weekends and maybe only need a router a few times a year. It is a handy tool to have in your shop if that’s what you need it for, but you can’t expect it to hold up if you put it to the test daily.

Who is this Router Designed For?

Overall, the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router is designed for people who want to start woodworking as a hobby, or who currently do it, but not that often.  Anyone who does a lot of woodworking and works on big projects will tell you not to waste your money on this router.  That’s not saying that it’s a bad router, but that’s just not the target customer.

For the recreational woodworker, the value that you get with this router is unmatched.  Even if you’ve never used a router before, you will be able to figure out how to use this one and can get plenty of practice before you decide if you want to upgrade to a larger one.

Drawbacks of the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router

When I read a lot of reviews about this router before purchasing it, it seemed like most people complained about it not working on large jobs or harder wood.  But that’s not what the router is designed for, so you can’t really consider that a drawback since it does what it’s expected.  During my few months of use, I can attest that it performs how it’s supposed to, but I can see where people will complain about the motor burning up if they try to use it for something other than its intended use.

My Honest Opinion

There definitely are better quality routers available that you can buy. However, for the weekend woodworker, or for someone who wants to try woodworking for the first time, you can’t go wrong with the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router.

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You should be able to find a great deal for it, and it will be a great way to practice your skills without investing a lot of money. You can always upgrade later if you want to challenge yourself even more. But for when you’re just starting or not spending a lot of time woodworking, this is a perfect router. Don’t delay in ordering yours for your shop so you can start on your hobby right away!

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