Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine Review

If you want to design your own dresses in your style with your creativity. Then you will need a sewing machine which meets your needs as well as satisfaction. There are many manufacturers out there making different kinds of sewing machines. Among them, ‘Brother’ is a very famous company.  brother cs6000i

Brother CS6000i is an amazing sewing machine and best sewing machine for beginners that is surprisingly affordable. It is versatile with 60 in-built stitches and 7 designs of 1 step buttonholes that are auto-sized, along with quilting table and hard cover.

They have made a great reputation by providing very great sewing machines Brother CS6000i over the past years.

Features it comes with  brother cs6000i sewing machine:

This machine has a lot features that can mesmerize you. They are given below:

  • The main feature of this machine is that, it is a computerized Many features of this is automatic, so that you can easily hook up with it from the first day though you are a beginner at sewing.
  • Comes with an LCD screen, which is very useful for selecting the stitch size and even different stitches.
  • There is a ‘start/stop’ button through which you can operate it easily.
  • You can store the accessories on the built-in accessory storage.
  • It is packed with 7 styles of 1 step, Auto-size buttonholes.
  • You can do zigzag and decorative stitches.
  • The zigzag and decorative stitches can be turned up to 7 mm wide.
  • You can operate it with a foot control or even without that.
  • The sewing surface on this machine is fabulous. You will get a very big area to sew and even it is convertible too.
  • You can easily make different designed towels, pillows, dresses etc. with the help of the decorative stitches which comes with it built included.
  • It comes with heirloom stitches too with which you can create some magnificent things for your family.
  • It offers speed adjustment, which is computerized. So it is perfect and easy to control.
  • Yu can easily adjust the thread tension as it comes with an adjustable system.
  • It has a handle which will make it more portable and flexible.
  • It has stitches from 9-16 sizes.
  • It has 60 different types of stitch function preloaded.
  • It will come with 60 different sized needles, so you will not need any extra one to buy.
  • It comes with drop-in bobbin, which will save a lot of your precious time when setting it up.
  • It comes with a hard cover too, you will be able to protect it when you are not using it with that cover.
  • It also has a blind stitch foot, which is very useful to stitch some invisible sewing.

Benefits of using this brother sewing machine cs6000i:

There are many usefulness of this product. The price of this machine is very cheap and affordable. But, knowing the cheap price, you may think that this machine would come with less features or it is not a quality product. Then you are thinking wrong.

It is a very unique product which comes with a lot of accessories and features as well. This machine can stitch 850 times within 60 seconds. Even you can adjust the speed of the stitches. It will easily make you a better designer.  You can easily get used to it. Even if you are a beginner or don’t know much about sewing. You can get a better idea about the.

How does “brother cs6000i feature-rich sewing machine”  work?

Brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine is designed to help beginner sewing enthusiasts as well as seasonal sewing lovers. It has a number of automatic and advanced features that can get any one started in an instant. With this model the possibilities are endless. Sewing enthusiasts can:

  • Utilise the decorative stitches for beautiful stitches on sleeves, buttonholes, jackets, zippers for skirts and create invisible seams.
  • Create beautiful quilts and re-fashion the cloths.

This product has a very simple and easy to understand control panel with LCD display. It is extremely easy to thread the machine, thanks to the automatic threader. For those who struggle with bobbin winding this machine makes it easy to use the bobbins due to the instructions. For quilts it comes with a large table. It has many more useful features for easy sewing.

How to use brothers cs6000i?

Brother CS6000i in useActually, it is very easy to use. You can actually learn more from the user manual which comes with it. But here is a brief description to make things familiar with you.

  • Open the box and bring out your machine.
  • Plug in the one end of the machine and the other one of the power outlet.
  • Switch on the machine by switching it to (I).
  • Switch off the machine by switching it to (O).
  • Plug in the foot controller to the machine with the provided jack.
  • Thread the machine.
  • You can also change the needles And start sewing. For more detailed instructions follow the user manual.

Our review and recommendation

  • Brother CS6000i is a great machine that is priced affordably. It has rave reviews from customers who have bought it. One of the best things about this machine is the price and ‘value for money’ features.
  • We recommend this product to beginners as well as seasoned sewing lovers. It is ideal for beginners because it has so many stitches and features for them to explore.

Where can you buy sewing machine brother cs6000i?

It is sold on Amazon. Buyers can buy this machine and get it delivered for free from Amazon or click here.

How to Installation and use?

Brother sewing machine cs-6000i is an easy machine that can be used instantly. There is an instructional manual in the buyer’s pack that can be followed to set up the machine. The users need to thread the machine to start off. They should buy 12 size needles, class 15 bobbins and new set of threads to begin sewing with this machine.


In a word, we can say that it is a dream machine within the budget. If you are a beginner or even a professional, it will not disappoint you in any means. You can undoubtedly go for this machine. It has all the things to serve you and make you a better designer.

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