Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router Product Review

Woodworking routers are some of the handiest tools that anyone can have in their shop.  I’m no professional by any means, but I would consider myself to be an intermediate woodworker.  I like to do a variety of jobs that require a little time and skill, but not a whole lot.  I have a large tabletop router for those large jobs, but I felt the need to get a smaller router for the random small tasks that I do.  When I did extensive research, I came across the Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router and knew right away that this was exactly what I needed.

I normally don’t write a lot of reviews on products, but this router has helped me so much, I felt like I needed to tell everyone how great it really is.  The 1.25-horsepower seems like it wouldn’t be much, but it definitely feels like it outperforms that when you use it.  The variable speed goes up to about 27,000 RPM, which is plenty of power for most small jobs that you need to complete.  And the compact size makes it easy to work with at just 5.5-pounds.


Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router
Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router

What to Expect from the Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router

As soon as you take this router out of the box, you will feel comfortable and ready to use it.  Its ergonomic design fits your hand perfectly and it’s not too heavy.  You will definitely feel like you have control of the router when you’re working.  I’ve used this router for small bevel cuts and some trimming, and I still feel like it would perform well on some larger jobs.  It comes with a fixed base, a wrench and convenient LED lights.

What I really like about this router is the easy adjustability features.  I always feel confident that I’m making accurate cuts, which is something I can’t say with other routers that I’ve owned.  The grip on the router is close to the work surface, so you are easily able to stabilize the router and control it how you need to.

Best Things About this Router

One of the underrated features of this router that not many people talk about is the soft start motor.  This ensures you will get the proper cut all the way through the piece of wood because the motor speed will remain constant.  When you combine that with the variable speed control, you have everything you need to make a perfect cut every time.

The fixed base is clear, so you always have the maximum visibility that you need to do your job.  If that isn’t enough for you, then the dual LED lights also provide ample lighting to get a task done when the natural light isn’t the best.  In a nutshell, the Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router sets you up for success in your shop.

Comparison with Other Routers

As an intermediate woodworker, I’ve owned quite a few routers over the last several years.  I can honestly say that this is one of the best when it comes to the overall usability.  Some routers may be a little more powerful or have more features, but this one has definitely been the most reliable and provides just what I need to get the job done every time.

If you try to compare this router to a tabletop router, you’re going to be disappointed.  It’s not designed for a lot of the heavier jobs that woodworkers do, but it’s perfect for the smaller jobs that you do on the weekend or during the evenings.  The 1.25-horsepower will match up with any comparable router of its size, but it seems a lot more powerful than that.

Who Should Buy This Router?

The Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router is designed for people of any skill level.  Whether you are looking to buy your first router, or if you are an experienced professional that needs another router to do odd jobs in the shop, then this is the perfect router for you.

It’s easy enough to operate and the instruction manual is clear, so there isn’t much of a learning curve.  There are a lot of different uses that you can get out of this router.  No job is too small for it, but the larger jobs will have to be performed by a more heavy-duty router.

Downfalls of the Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router

When I read reviews about this router, there weren’t many negative ones that I found.  Sometimes that’s too good to be true, but after using it for a few months, I would have to agree that there are not many bad things to say about it.  About the only thing I would say is that the bits don’t stay in place as tightly as I would like.  They are easy to put in and remove, but I have had one or two fly off occasionally, which can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

This might be a little picky, but most of my other routers have come with a case of some sort to make for easy storage and to keep the router out of the elements.  This one doesn’t come with any type of case, so you’ll have to store it on your shelf unprotected.  I usually throw a towel or something over it to keep the dust off, but traveling with it makes it tough since it’s hard to protect.

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My Recommendation

Since I’ve owned both large routers and smaller routers, I believe I’m qualified to say that the Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Compact Router is one of the best values that you can get for this size of router.  Whether you’re a beginning that wants to start doing woodworking projects, or if you do woodworking for a living, there is a place for this router in your shop.  It’s always good to do your own research when you make a purchase, but if you want my opinion, there isn’t a better router to get a variety of jobs done.  So don’t waste any more time and order yours today!

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