Fuji Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System Review

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 proves an ideal solution. Since it offers much less over spray, when working with costly HVLP paint sprayer may be the exact choice. Nozzle sizes have become useful and the compressor really quiet too. You can easily move it around as well. The price is also affordable.

For all those of these eco-friendly people today there is not an improved paint sprayer. The amount of paint is much less wasted using HVLP paint sprayer plus it is widely approved everywhere. Furthermore the home owners, painters and professionals need to buy this paint.

This particular Fuji 2202  is fantastic for bringing out walls, doors, fences, shutters, ceiling, cupboards, etc. It’s the particular go to system for home, workshop or garden use. Moreover it is perfect for all types of small and medium painting tasks.


Affordable: Fuji 2202 HVLP Spray System is filled with great features which are definitely worth more than the sprayer really costs. Thus, you get not only for your buck but also highly satisfying results just.

Light weight plus Easy to Handle: This paint is engineered as a light-weight spray gun with a convenient handle which allows the user to go and make it along with great ease.

High Transfer Efficiency plus Delivery Rates: Due to the sprayer’s higher volume, lower stress (HVLP) Spray System, it allows customers to save time, material and money. It operates along with higher transfer effectiveness so that it produces much less overspray and much more of the materials ends up at first glance than in the air flow. It works together with higher delivery rates so that you can cover a big surface area in less time.

Spray from the Proper Distance: Keeping the correct distance in the middle of your surface area as well as your sprayer is vital for creating a good spray pattern plus coating thickness. Besides you can get higher transfer effectiveness for your materials.


Author Review and Recommendation

The top features of Semi-PRO 2 have certainly gained for itself higher customer scores and lots of positive reviews. Most of the customers are very much happy using this product. The turbines are so quiet you could still hear the radio playing also! The particular gun appears to be really light weight to be able to go on painting virtually all day!

Users are pleased with Fuji 2202 sprayers because it’s an easy task to adjust the materials and pattern plus preserve a fine enough particle spray to accomplish a fantastic job from door casing to the full doors. So this Spray System is highly recommended.

Best Features Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2

  • Top Quality Finish:
    Fuji 2202, generally, is recognized for the smooth and fine painting work. It could produce particularly if the sprayer gets the proper settings and the proper ratio of stress and air volume.
  • Clean plus Store the sprayer in the right way:
    After painting, be sure you follow the guidelines for cleaning plus storing the sprayer as provided with regard to in the quick guide plus manual. This can help you maintaining your own sprayer in great working condition with regard to potential use.
  • Powerful Motor:
    A new super-powerful 1400 watts 2-stage bypass motor is in a metallic turbine case along with hand gun holder. HVLP Systems classically feature low wattage motors which are underpowered for most spraying.
  • Perfect Hose:
    The hose is quite very long. So, there won’t be any nagging problems to use the coating anywhere. These particular HVLP paint sprayers include all you have to complete those jobs you usually wanted to.

Final Thoughts

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is absolutely perfect for the first time users. For a realistic price, you are able to enjoy all of the wonderful features that produce for a reliable and trustworthy paint sprayer that may meet your color work needs plus exceed your anticipation. It provides functions like simply no some other in its cost range. It is perfect for painting your doors, walls, cabinets, ceiling, fences, shutters plus workshops.

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