Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II Electric Paint Sprayer Reviews

Who is the product designed for ?

The particular Graco 16N673 is ideal for small projects plus want them to become completed rapidly sufficient reasons for a professional finish. Its primary draw is its high quality and portability despite its dimension, and can spray without the visible thinning and hiccups in pressure consistently.

Why should your readers buy TrueCoat Pro II ?

  • This paint was created with Pro Spray Technology which comprises Graco’s verified piston pump motor design that provides a specialist finish — within the palm of one’s hand. The TrueCoat Pro II sprayer is ideal for painting ceilings, doorways, decks, siding, wall space, fencing and much more!
  • This is actually the ideal sprayer for just about any project significantly less than 3 gallons. Clean-up and set-up of the sprayer is fast and simple! This sprayer comes total, assembled and prepared to use right out from the box fully.
  • In spite of its size, it completes the task with great consistency and quality; you won’t see any kind of discernable variations among a paint work by this apply gun and something by a device much larger. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking to totally repaint your house, much better choose bigger device.

Take a note: that though it boasts higher endurance when it comes to high quality and may paint constantly without anything becoming significantly less than professional quality. You won’t be able to utilize it for over one hour or even more time without providing it a rest within an awesome area, since it will heat up eventually.


Introduce the Producer

Since 1926, Graco Inc. has been a top supplier of high quality spray gear with regard to fluid handling within the construction, production, maintenance and processing industries. Headquartered in Minnesota, Minneapolis, Graco works closely with marketers around the world to offer radical items that set the product quality regular with regard to spray finishing, color circulation, lubrication, adhesives and sealant dispensing, process software, plus contractor power gear.

These best-in-class items are stated in the U. S. plus China and provided through the submission facilities in Belgium, Japan, Minnesota, Korea, Australia and china. Graco has a large collection of paint sprayers for several user and applications requirements. Regardless of whether you are usually a specialist painting contractor, renovator, home owner or do-it-yourselfer, you will find the most dependable, durable, precise, and period preserving sprayers in the market.

My Recommendations

The Graco 16N673 True Coat Paint Sprayer is undoubtedly the most portable choices in the marketplace if you want something carried out quickly sufficient reason for high quality. You won’t have trouble completing sectors because it is very convenient to carry around.

Due to its dimension as well as the reversible suggestion, cleaning will not take long, and you also not need in order to dilute the color before starting, saving effort and time. Lastly, using its convenience, it provides a very professional finish still, with a continuing apply pattern and constant pressure.

This particular sprayer can be included with a complete motion of bringing out with the brand new Tilt-N-Spray suction pipe design, plus the True Coat Pro II is completely repairable to increase the life of one’s sprayer! Get utmost performance you’ll, reliability and end high quality that you would anticipate from the Graco sprayer. You will be able to purchase the product within an affordable price.


The particular Graco 16N673 True Coat Pro II Electric  has a small, portable yet dominant spray gun that may deliver a frequent and professional grade finish. Its pumping feature shall allow you to keep going without viewing any breaks in quality, and you may complete sections at a time without stopping.

It is a grab plus go type of device, a hand held spray gun that may enable you to simply start working without the common setup of heavier machines. Nevertheless, no matter how you slice this, it had been not designed to do durable. You are unable to expect such a little machine in order to function the whole day without fail.

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