Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Review

Who is the product designed for ?

Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360 is an ideal paint sprayer for home owners, professionals and DIY hobbyists who’ve small paint projects available and want a professional-looking fine finish as quickly as possible.

Why should your readers buy this product ?

  • Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360

    The Graco 16Y385 has the durable, high-stress tungsten carbide piston pump motor that can spray a multitude of thin and solid components from paints plus stains without thinning required. Graco Truecoat 360’s Vacu Valve Technology makes a vacuum cleaner which allows its customers to spray in virtually any route without dropping prime.

  • Using its industry-first FlexLiner paint bag system, high- stress piston pump, Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) Spray Tips, VacuVlve technology, double speed control, plus 3-step cleanup process, spraying like a pro simply cannot get any longer easy and simple than when you utilize this paint. Fill the bag just, press out air flow to create a vacuum and spray in virtually any direction, hard-to-reach corners even, with much versatility and ease.
  • This unit includes 4-inch and 12-inch spray patterns (0.015 hole size) that may create thin or wide spray patterns so customers might have greater versatility. The tips are usually reversible therefore clogs as well as buildups could be easily taken off the particular tips without the need in order to disassemble the rifle.

Benefit of Graco 16Y385

This paint offers a lot of advantages also. For one, it really is lightweight and very easy and simple to utilize and clean. It sprays really a full 360⁰ in any path without losing primary and works together with slim and solid components and sprays paints and stains without thinning required. In addition, it includes spray tips that may make narrow and broad spray patterns that allows for attaining an excellent professional finish.


About the Manufacturer

Graco is one of the best known and most trusted paint companies of the world. Not only that, Graco is very famous for its various types of products for a long time.

Since 1926, Graco Inc. has been a leading supplier associated with high quality pumps plus spray gear with regard to fluid dealing with within the construction, maintenance, production, and processing industries.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco functions carefully with marketers all over the world to offer revolutionary items that arranged the product quality regular with regard to spray finishing, color circulation, adhesives, lubrication and sealant dispensing, process software, plus contractor power gear. These best-in-class items are manufactured in the U. S. plus China and provided through the distribution centers in Belgium, Japan, Korea, Minnesota Australia and china.

My Recommendations

I think Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360 is one of the best paint sprayers. Its unique features are enough to permit for the usage of the product for a long time and so can help in keeping you a lot of money. Besides it is found in an affordable price.  From the beginning, this paint sprayer is one product you do not have to miss inside your organization.

Graco Truecoat Handheld Sprayers are usually standard 110/120 volts, and could not fulfill your country electric outlets. People ask all the time, “What’s the difference between your models?” The tiniest plus least expensive may be the regular true coat. This device supplies a few more accessories and has an extended motor life.

It really is perfect for simplicity, touch ups, difficult to attain areas, same high quality because the plus in a cordless model just. The device is also perfect for fine finish work, cabinetry, doorways, woodwork etc.

This device comes with 3- Step cleanup. This paint is indeed easy to clean. Once you have completed painting, just fill up the FlexLiner bag along with water or mineral spirits and shake the sprayer, after that spray the actual water out right into a container or a bucket. It includes a sleek design. Designed to work ideal for Interior and exterior tasks!

Most of the customers are very much happy using this paint sprayer. The particular spray pattern is great, but even with an extremely careful job you will be dealing with over-spray. Outdoors that isn’t a concern however when artwork in the garage area that they had to become careful and do lots of masking around windows. But in terms of spray performance, this particular sprayer does a great work.

Based on the reviews, this particular paint sprayer is rated because of its quality, durability, simplicity, and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360 sprayer offers you the power to perform your own painting plus staining projects faster plus easier than previously. The particular innovative FlexLiner paint bag enables the TrueCoat 360 to spray in virtually any direction – actually overhead – while correct airless technology provides a high quality finish. It sprays a multitude of covering from staining in order to weighty latex plus acrylics. This paint sprayer is one product I loved making use of when I’ve therefore painting home based.

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