Gunvault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe Review

For those who are into trendy size, the Gunvault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe is what you need. “I love this safe with all its looks” these were the sentiments of one of my neighbors who bought the safe recently for his new pistol.

Rarely do you find such sentiments from clients on products originating from Chinese companies, especially with the level of quality mistrust on the Chinese made goods. However, with its aesthetic look, quality design and a trusted manufacture in the field of safety safe productions, nothing can surely go amiss when using this product.

But love alone is not usually enough, gun safety is of paramount importance and most safes and cabinet makers strive to give just the best products. It is the features which are usually used to separate the wheat from the chaff in most instances.

Manufacturer profile

Over the past few decades, the Gunvault, known for the manufacturing of some of the known premium safes in the market has been known to stand out. This has been mainly due to the fact that the safes which they make have been seen to be the best protections against the effects of loss arising from theft, fire and even tampering.

The outside of Gunvault MV500-STD


Some of the features which distinguish the Gunvault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe from the rest include;

  • A soft interior with foam lining which ensures the firearm does not suffer knocks and scratches.
  • Over 12 million user access codes with the ease of programming and visibility. The lighting no eyes keypad access is visible in dim lit areas.
  • High strength lock mechanism making it tampers proof.
  • Audio feature to give the user feedback on the acceptability of the access codes.
  • A disability option of keypads to allow more advanced user operations.
  • 16 gauge exterior steel cover which is a mark if its reliability and safety.
  • Gun vault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe has Battery power to allow for use even in areas of no power grid.
  • Reasonable size and weight for ease of portability and access to the authorized user.
  • A built in computer system which blocks access with any invalid keypad entry.
  • Several pre drilled holes to make it easy to mount on any surface.

Benefits of the Gunvault MV500

There are certain benefits which one gets from using this safe. Some of these include;

  • Reliability in terms of providing a secure environment for your guns.
  • Quality product range with approvals to meet the desired safety standards.
  • Ease of use with portability and battery power being some of the aspects.
  • 1 year limited warranty for repairs and part replacements.
  • Strong steel with knocks to guarantee maximum safety of the firearm.
  • Tamper proof security system with over 12 million access codes to choose from.
  • A nice ergonomic design, with fittings to match. .


Is this the best?

Based on most user reports, this seems like one of the most reliable safe around the market. This is especially when you have the tendency to move around with your firearm in your car. Because the possibility of break-ins’ are not there due to the thickness of the safe body, this can work fine.

Gunvault MV500-STD with the short gun inside

Though the good sides of the safe are enormous, the size of this safe does not speak well for it. It’s a tiny safe which may only allow for one pistol to be kept in. so if you have a cache of weapons, this may not serve your interest.

Can it be recommended for use?

The Gun vault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe is one of the most recommended safes for single pistol transit and safe keeping. Because of its numerous reports from users, this is what one may need for use at home. It has the capacity to keep away all intrusion, be it children or just seasoned thieves. This is a best gun safe for you, I assert that!

This does not lock you from looking at other more spacious safes with the ability to accommodate more pistols and even rifles, yet more secure. It’s upon you to check out around the market. Otherwise, you can have it, it’s worth your time and money.

How to buy the safe

Gun safes are all over the market and it may not take one a long time to find if concerted efforts are put in place to ensure the reliability of the different safes was to be put in place. Most of the safes may be bought online at the convenience of your couch provided you have the connection to the internet.

Checking on the diverse safes with the consumer reviews playing a bigger role may help you make that all important decision to buy. There are certain considerations one must make when buying the Gunvault MV500-STD Micro vault Pistol Gun Safe. The key among them is the security of the firearm in the safe which is guaranteed.

Price considerations may play a big role given the fact that it is highly priced in spite of the small size. This may not augur well for those who want something big. Place your order by just checking out on the safe payment option provided for on the online sites. It’s that simple and then just waits for the delivery.


All that glitters is not gold as usual and a closer look at the operations of this safe may help you with its use. The most important thing is to make a wise choice based on your needs. Because of the good word from its previous users, this safe may serve the ultimate security needs of any small scale security need. So let consider Gunvault MV500 for your demands.

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