Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe Review

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Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe
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Gunvault GVB1000 is a Mini Vault with Biometric Gun Safe

Reaching the top is an easy task, but maintaining yourself at the top of the ladder requires focus, dedication and more than hard work. The gun Vault Company has literally achieved this feat in the area of gun safe manufacture since it came into the limelight.

With an eye for top range products, the company has been known to literally produce some of the known premium gun safe products one of such being the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe.

For a product of this caliber, the hallmark is usually the level of its quality based on the stringent requirements placed in the area of gun safety. Guns are some of the hardest things to keep safe. This can be made serious when you have people in the house whose knowledge of guns may not be that much.

Carelessness with firearms is actionable in any court of law in the area of tort as negligence. To be able to keep citizens from such occurrences which are known to be expensive and may take their time, the Gunvault safe manufacturers have always been at the top of research.

It’s this high level research and innovation that has always made the gun safes from this group to have high level of trust in the market, with most clients falling for their products in all manner of shapes. However, the features of their safes are the best scoring points they have over their competition.


Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe

Unique characteristics

  • It has a 16 gauged steel wall which allows it to provide better firearm safety.
  • It comes with an audio warning system which alerts you when need to change the batteries.
  • Uses battery power which is quite convenient in the most remote areas.
  • An AC jack for connection to the power grid if any.
  • Additional mounting accessories for ease of use and access.
  • lighting system which allows for access even in the dark
  • High strength locks mechanism with precision in fitting for better safety of the firearm.
  • Finger print biometric recognition system for easy access.
  • Pry proof with no room for use of tools to open.
  • It comes with a low false reject rate within its self learning algorithm.
  • An updatable system with the ability to add miniature fingerprints at every instance of use.
  • An ability to distinguish any variations in the registered fingerprints. This is made possible through its updates occurring at every instance of use.
  • Spring loaded door for maximum security.
  • Foam lined interior for protection against dents.


Using the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe has the following benefits;

  • Longevity in the course of use.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Tamper and pry proof.
  • Ergonomic design which suits any room it is set up.
  • Better security systems with its finger biometric lock system.
  • Comfort to the valuables as the foam lining prevents dents.
  • Fast and easy access in case of emergency.
  • Low convenient weight for ease of portability and setup.

Things We Liked

  • Its quiet and user friendly both in opening and closing.
  • Reliability of the manufacturer who is ever ready to assist.
  • Quick access and locking for additional convenience.
  • Durability which arises from its steel build.
  • Pocket friendliness
  • Spacious and can hold many of your valuables.
  • It has a unique user convenience with the battery and the power source at the fore.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Its latch is power sapping, yet its batteries are rather weak and may need frequent changing, a fact which may be quite inconveniencing.
  • Some of the accessories which accompany this safe are not up to the market standards.
  • May be opened with the use of simple tools like screw drivers or just hitting.
  • No chance of repairs if broken down.


While the Gunvault safe making group has always built a strong profile for themselves, the level of security this safe provides is questionable. This is a safe which is only suitable if your intention is to keep the gun away from the prying eyes of your family.

Where access to the gun is concerned, it has a weakness that is very serious; someone can hack through the biometric system. It is therefore not an ideal safe if you have children in the house that may have the temptation of checking it out.

But if you have the time, check other safes you may find better gun safes which cost lower than the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe. Most people may have delightfully realized that this may be a pig in a poke, at its price!

Other brands of gun safes like the Barska and the Sentry safe, may just give you the solace of better security yet they also have their share of problems. Buying it is however recommended because it works better than most of the safes from other brands combined.

How to use Gunvault GVB1000

The best gun safe is easy to set up, just like most of the safes from the gun vault, what is important is that the user manual is read carefully to be able to know the mounting specifications.

You may need better bolts and screws, different from what is in the package to help mount it effectively. In addition to this, the biometric system which usually has to be programmed needs to be set before the fingerprint registration is done. The key aspect to check is whether the battery is in order by checking on the LED light.

At every instance when the safe does not work as prescribed in the user manual, the trouble shooting information section may just be a handy reference. For the better part of its use, it’s bound to work without any hitches.


The lock of Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe


It is hard to pitch for certain items which have shown perennial cases of weaknesses, the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe has won my admiration and I can pitch for it at any moment I’m called to do so. I used it and it worked so well.

Trying it out if you need something to help keep eyes off your firearm may just be the best decision you have made this quarter. But this needs to be when you are convinced that it is what you really need in the first place.

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