INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

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INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool
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Review Summary:

Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader with ABS and Battery Backup for OBD2 Vehicles

If you are looking for a simple scan tool, the INNOVA 3100 is the right match for you. It is fully loaded with amazing professional features that are simplified to be used by DYIers. It is very easy to interact with this tool and works with any SUV, truck or car that was manufactured from 1996, onwards. It can be able to read and analyze the DTCs with all the code definitions from your engine.

The freeze frame data makes it possible for the user to study the engine problems and diagnose it easily. The tricolor LED display screen will make it easier to conduct OBD repairs. It connects to the internet, through your Windows PC, giving you a wide array of diagnostics.


  • The INNOVA 3100 will detect the root cause of the “check engine’ light indicator in a very short while on any 1996 and above vehicle model. It works on both domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • The LED display screen has all features integrated into one area, which will make it easy to read the state emissions readiness and the drive verification cycle.
  • The verification of the repairs done is quite easy since this scan tool will refresh after every 30 seconds. This means it will be able to detect if the problems have been resolved.
  • With the INNOVA 3100, you can easily carry out off-car analysis and reviews, thanks to the battery backup system.
  • This gadget can be updated easily using the USB cable provided and a Windows PC.


  • Cheap – compared to the other best OBD scanners, this one is considered to be cheaper. With the scope of coding, it is then not lost that this tool has more economical sense.
  • Updatable – this fact as seen in most of the best OBD scanners allow for better reception of newer cars which in turn gives more mileage to any given scan tool.

Things We Liked

  • Light- this fact allows for the tool to be easily carried around in the course of its use.
  • Ease of use- it is enabled with some of the best do it yourself capacities making the user have access to rather complex data.
  • Better compatibility- looking at it, it will be good to say that this is an example of a modern OBD scan tool capable of working with the past.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Suitable for beginners-in most cases, it better be used with beginners cases give the fact that it is considered a basic reader and not a scan tool parse.

Use and Maintenance

The USB connection ability of this device will make it possible to transfer data faster from the unit to your computer. When you get your device, plug it in to the DCL port on your car. The next step would be to connect it to the PC and download the software link from the computer and start the scan process.

The data provided is fast and accurate since the gadget updates in every 30 seconds.

innova 3100 maintenanceThe diagnostic code reader will retrieve OBD II protocols, including DTCs P0, P2, P3 as well as the U0 generic codes. All the manufacturer specific codes will also be diagnosed. All the diagnostic codes are stored in the memory that is backed up by a battery, which will support off-car review.

This will provide a thorough overlook on the onboard computer on your vehicle.


There is a full year warranty and support provided, free of charge by the manufacturer.

This will ensure that the gadget is always in optimum condition. Always use your Windows PC to update the device so as to get the latest tips and upgrades for your scan tool. Dusting it off once in a while is ideal and this will keep it working perfectly.

This is an easy plug and play device with most of its maintenance depends on the online updates, which will fix any bugs and upgrade the scan tool.

Review and Recommendation

Unlike the most of the other devices in the market, the INNOVA 3100 works well with most OBD II vehicles. The instructions are easy to follow and this allows it to deliver reliable and speedy reports on code definitions. All the findings can be transferred to your PC for thorough analysis. Putting all factors into consideration.

This is an excellent scan tool, and certainly worth the price.

It has the ability to integrate class and usability into one, which makes it a stylish scan tool that can be used by experienced technicians as well as Do-it-yourself consumers.

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