Innova 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader Review

Technology has advanced and has had a significant impact in the motor vehicle industry. Computers are part and parcel of the modern vehicles and this is what makes the INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader a necessity in fixing engine problems. This is an essential device that can be used by professional mechanics as well as DIY consumers to fix the “check engine light” problem.

This code reader is known to provide essential OBD II data and also work with the ABS features. As such, it will be able to troubleshoot ABS solenoids, control modules, speed sensors, ABS pumps and brake switches among others.

It is ideal for 1996 and newer vehicles.


  • The scan tool is quite powerful and reads OBD II problems and light warnings on any vehicle models from 1996 upwards.
  • The code reader will be able to diagnose SRS and ABS codes on most vehicle models that were manufactured from 1996 going forth, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda and Toyota.
  • INNOVA 3150 will retrieve vehicle information, OBD II DTC, generic codes, manufacturer specific codes and any other essential code that may serve as a warning for your vehicle engine.
  • There are features that enable this device to refresh the data after every 30 seconds, when it is connected to the vehicle. This makes it very easy to diagnose and fix the problem easily.
  • The battery backup will enable the vehicle to work and analyze the engine even it is not connected to the car.


  • Aesthetic touch – if yours is a touch of class, then this tool fits your bill given its well designed casing and an equally appealing look.
  • Ease of use – the plug and play device makes this tool to be regarded as among the best OBD scanners ever in the market.


Use and Maintenance

  • INNOVA 3150 has versatile capabilities to read a wide range of engine codes, especially ABS and SRS codes.

It is very easy to use, making it possible for DIY consumers and professional technicians to find timely solutions and repair engine codes in a short time. This is a plug and play device, and when you connect it to the car, you view the codes on its display screen. There is an option to print the data from your PC.

innova 3150 in use and maintenanceSince there is a battery backup memory, you will not to worry about disconnecting the gadget from the vehicle so as to analyze the data in great detail. There are essential tips and a ‘save’ option, which will take into account previous code problems and fixing solutions.

There is a manual that will be provided with the scan tool, which you can use to make utmost use of this scan tool.

Dowload Innova 3150 User Manual


When you plug in your device to your PC, you will be able to download a link, which is essential for purposes of upgrading. The link is only available from a Windows computer and there is excellent support provided by the manufacturer. Technicians will also enjoy the benefit of having some tips, which they can use to advance their skills.

This is a sensitive gadget that should be handled with extreme care so as to keep it in top condition. You can dust it every now and then so as to avoid dust build up in the system.

Review and Recommendation

The fact that I am not a professional mechanic and I was able to use this code reader is a big plus. You will be able to get so much information in a short while. The LCD screen display is big enough, which provided clarity when reading the code problems.

In just a matter of minutes, you will be able to know whatever may be affecting your vehicle, whether in the SRS or the ABS system.

The price is quite affordable for an average consumer and it would certainly be worth the money.

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