INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool is a unique device with the capability of providing ABS and SRS live data.

This scan tool works with OBDII vehicle engines.

The ABS is aimed at enhancing the speed at which the brakes respond, while the SRS is a mechanism that is aimed at indicating whenever there is a fault with the engine of the vehicle. The scan tool will be able to detect such problems and diagnosis of your vehicle. The live day system is able to relay accurate information since it has gone through significant improvement under the hands of the SAE. The technicians will be able to retrieve and process the data in a short while.


  • The INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool reads all the ‘check engine’ warnings on all the OBDII models of vehicles from 1996 to the newer models.
  • There is a CAN system for most of the light trucks, minivans and SUVs. This serves both the foreign and domestic cars.
  • It has the ability to diagnose SRS and ABS codes in various car models from the year 1996 onwards. Some of the models include Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford and GM.
  • It has a quick reference guide, USB cable and a soft pouch included in the package.
  • The tool can be updated easily using an ordinary Windows computer. You would just need to connect using the USB cable.
  • The live data provided is enhanced by the SAE and this allows it to record and play back live PCM data, view graphs and so much more on the screen.


  • Free after sales services – it is only with the INNOVA OBD scanners that the motorists get to have a feel of free technical services.
  • User friendly – buying this scanner exposes the user to diverse amounts of items like the reference guide, a pouch for keeping the tool against knocks and falls as well as other enabling accessories like the USB cable.


Use and Maintenance

How to use the tool

This is one of the easiest scan tools to use on your car and does not require any specialized knowhow so as to use it. All you need to do is plug in the tool to the DLC port in your car. Get a download link software from your computer and start using the tool to get live data that helps in diagnosing ABS and SRS problems for the OBDII cars.

The data that you will receive can be printed for further analysis and this will serve as a guide to help in solving nay problems that may be affecting your vehicle engine. In the event that you are confused, you can always refer to the guidebook that is provided by the manufacturer of this scan tool.


All the fixed and improvements on the INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool have been provided by the SAE group. This means that you can get quality technical support from these technicians. Generally, you should ensure that your scan tool is kept away from dust or too much heat so as to avoid serious technical problems. The scan tool is easy to update using a Windows computer and the USB cable that is provided as part of the package.

Review and Recommendation

innova 3160 reviewThis is a unique scan tool that has a number of amazing features that set it apart from the other car scan tools. There might be some drawbacks and limitations that are associated with this tool, but the overall performance is excellent.

There is so much technology offered by this scan tool, and all you would need to do is ensure that your car model supports this device before making a purchase.

You will be able to get diagnostics for ABS and SRS issues, which is provided through a live data stream. You can view this information in the form of graphs and it can also be printed easily from your computer.

I would highly recommend the INNOVA 3160 diagnostic scan tool since you do not need to be a certified technician to use it.

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