ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth Review

There are so many OBD scan tools that are currently available in the market and this may be confusing for ordinary consumers. However, the Scan tool 426101 is one of the scan tools that have enjoyed enormous success. This is mainly due to its outstanding features and attributes, which allows a great user experience in scanning the car engine and provide diagnostic solutions.

Unlike some of the other models in the market, this device is totally independent of the car and works as a standalone OBD scan tool.

This means that you can plug it to your car engine for long periods without affecting the other functions of your car. It supports all the OBD protocols, and also some advanced systems like SW-CAN and the MS-CAN and this makes it effective and worth the price.


  • The backup battery makes this gadget a standalone tool that does not depend on the car’s battery. This means that you can leave it plugged in and it will not drain your battery.
  • This is a Bluetooth device and as such, it will work with any phone, PC or tablet and converts it to an auto scan tool. It does not support iOS devices.
  • It has a free android app and Windows software, which makes it compatible with third party applications like DashCommand and Torque.
  • This device will work with all the vehicles that have been manufactured from 1996 going forward. However, it will not work on electric and hybrid cars.
  • All the 5 OBD II protocols are supported by this scan tool. In addition, it also supports SW-CAN for the GM vehicles and MS-CAN for the Ford models.


  • Free applications – being a blue tooth device, its use with some of the available applications is unavoidable. In this regard, the tool comes with its own share of free torque, android and other relevant windows software.
  • Usable on phone – having this tool can enable you to conveniently turn your android based phone into a scan tool which also brings convenience.


Use and Maintenance

OBDLINK MX is Bluetooth plug and play scan tool. All you need to do is connect it to your preferred device and get the relevant software downloaded. This will be installed in the device, making it ready for the scan process.

ScanTool 426101 use and maintenanceThis is purely a DIY scan tool, which will save you the cost and the trouble to keep calling a mechanic to diagnose your engine problems.

It will provide you with live data feed which is easy to read and assist in erasing the “check engine” light. There are tons of suggestions made by this tool and this will ensure that the repair process is comprehensive and conclusive.

It only weighs one pound, which will allow the user to move around with it.


This is one of the tools that have gone all-digital with most of the maintenance being done using your computer. There are several apps that it is compatible with and it would only be logical to get the latest versions of these applications so as to keep the tool functioning as it should be.

You should ensure that the charging system is always working so as to keep the battery in full charge.

Clean the tool quite often so as to enjoy tons of benefits from this auto scan tool.

Review and Recommendation

I was one of the people had shunned OBD scan tools due to their complex nature. However, since interacting with the OBDLink MX scan tool, I have never had the need to consult a mechanic.

This is one of the most advanced car scan tools that are within the basic level of DIY consumers. The features are quite professional and as long as you follow the instructions provided, you will be good to go. You can easily use your phone, tablet or computer as the scan tool, through this Bluetooth device.

You will certainly not regret giving it a try.

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