SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe Review

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SentrySafe DSW3930 1.2-Cubic Feet Biometric Fire-Safe
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Review Summary:

SentrySafe DSW3930 is good biometric gun safe.

Gun safe purchases made from known, reliable brands may decrease the prevalence of the valuable property loss arising from the mere act of people tampering with the safes. In most of the instances, the biometric safes have weathered the storm.

The SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe is one safe which has been categorized here, by the mere fact that it is a quality product from one of the most reliable safe makes in the market, the sentry safe manufacturers.

About the manufacturer

The diversity on offer at sentry safes alone is enough to show you why it has remained in control of the market for the longest period. Being a family venture, the pioneers had the reality of the importance of safe gun keeping dawning on them early on in life.

They keep all you may need in terms of fire safety, alarm security systems and even wide ranging accessories to go with them, this is not to forget the wide range of gun safe boxes they have on offer, thanks to the innovative touch they have.


SentrySafe DSW3930 1.2-Cubic Feet Biometric Fire-Safe with biometric lock

Overall features

Because of the manufacturer’s touch of class, the SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe has the following features;

  • An underwriter’s laboratory (UL) and the extract transform and load (ETL) verifications which show how fire and water resistance capacities of the safe are.
  • Reasonable weight for use at home.
  • An aesthetic design.
  • Uses both the keys and the biometric system for emergencies.
  • A thick steel wall for maximum protection of the valuables within.
  • SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe uses AA batteries thus can be in use even in remote areas.
  • Scratch proof internal lining.
  • An electronic backlight keypad for ease of access.
  • Biometric fingerprint reading mechanism with locks allowing for multi user capacities.
  • Reasonable size for storing both the gun and other important valuables.
  • It can be programmed to allow for a different user to access.
  • It has additional mounting accessories.
  • It uses two finger scan mechanism.

Benefits of using the SentrySafe DSW3930

There are certain gains which have been noted with the use of the gun safe. These include;

  • It’s large enough to allow for storage of documents, guns and other small valuables.
  • Simple to use system with programmable capacities.
  • Fast and quick access with no worry for failure.
  • Reasonable price for its size.
  • Two finger scanning making it more secure yet convenient.
  • Heavy build to deter thieves from carrying it from the home as well as increase its fire proof capacities.
  • User friendliness because it comes with additional accessories fir mounting on the walls or floor.
  • Wide recognition from quality assurance institutions

Things We Liked

  • Longer lasting use due to its strength and programmability.
  • Fireproof storage of guns and valuables.
  • Pocket friendly use.
  • Good customer services from the manufacturer.
  • Multi lock mechanism with an option of the use of keys if necessary.
  • Convenience in terms of access and design.
  • Tamper proof with cushions for two finger scan detection.
  • It is spacious for safe keeping of several guns and valuables.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Prone to failure after a year or two making its access quite a problem with your valuables stuck inside.
  • Unreliable locking mechanism which takes the finger scan at the original point you registered it, should you forget, trouble!
  • Somewhat lax customer service department from the manufacturer’s side, giving some assistance while remaining aloof on others.
  • Possibility of access if the one trying the feat can get the alternative key.
  • Locks may appear cheap than its features thus projecting a picture of poor quality.

Does it really work?

While the safe has some of the strongest builds, it has been seen to offer some of the most outstanding safeties to the gun and other valuables in the market.  Most sentry safes however have this problem with failing to open after sometime, probably due to clogging.

While this may be blamed partly on the user for having poor maintenance, the manufacturer seems to have been aware of this fact yet does nothing about it. In fact, they are sometimes indifferent to an extent of saying nothing can be done.

Gun safety in the home and offices are somewhat top priority areas and may not need something which can be tampered with at will.  The SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe may offer security but not the maximum required.


The lock of SentrySafe DSW3930

For its price, getting an alternative may not be an uphill task and what remains if for you to just move around the market. Buying it if you have many items to keep safe may not be a bad idea. However, be ready to cough in some extra cash to help you strengthen the security systems of this safe. It works to the best of its ability.

How to use

The SentrySafe DSW3930  Biometric Fire-Safe is large enough to be put at a corner in the room and just be locked there in addition to this, it’s beautiful design may just add that unique taste you have been looking for.

Because it comes with accessories for mounting, this may not be bad to deter the thieves from carrying it away. However, its weight alone is enough to keep pretty criminals away. It has a biometric system as well as a lock which give its user a choice.

The finger print scan mechanism it has, allows for two fingers scans in one go thus making it easier to access even when the other finger is having problems. It is mainly used in the safe keeping of firearms, with an allowance for some other important valuables.


Keeping off from this safe, may be the thought you have. But this is definitely bound to be your darling when you need better security. The negative sides of the safe may be due to just some technicalities which you can sort with just one stroke of the hand.

Because its work has been attributed to be flawless and topnotch, I would advice you to buy this safe, but keep its locking system well maintained to avoid jamming which most people complain of, and you are also likely to. So let consider SentrySafe DSW3930 Biometric Fire-Safe to keep your gun and secret document in safe place.

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