Simmons 801405 Rangefinder review


The use of scopes especially on hunting rifles is a common phenomenon. Scopes increase the ability of the user to get a better view of the target, thus increasing the turnover in terms of the game killed.

Some of the best scopes in the market are hard to find, though with good searches, it is quite possible. Some of the most informative reviews on the scopes may give you a glimpse at what you may need.

In the hunting world, one scope has stood out as the most innovative, the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder. The Simmons scope manufacturers have been known for their rich reputation.

They single handedly changed the course of scope use. The feat they have achieved could not have been possible if not for some of the well educated staff they have on board

Most of the scopes are used on hunting rifles, golf courses and on some mountain skiving adventures.

Looking at the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, one is usually baffled at the manner in which it is aesthetically built. However, it is the overall look at the scope features that one gets to have a true feel of the magnifying capacity of the scope.

Features of the scope

Some of the outstanding features which make this scope unique include;

  • A suitable design with its vertical compact.
  • An LCD display feature which is in-built thus increases the magnification capacity of the scope.
  • High quality optic lenses which are clear and has the brightness to allow better view.
  • A magnification power of up to 4 times above the other known scopes.
  • A casing for carrying with a weather resistant property.
  • A light and user friendly weight in addition to its fitting size.
  • Better target range, can help with the target of up to 600 yards.
  • Uses batteries which are easy to get.

Benefits of using the scope

The use of this scope is bound to come with several benefits to the user. Some of the benefits include;

  • Efficiency based on the magnification power and the target range.
  • Cost effectiveness given the battery it uses is easy to get.
  • User friendliness in terms of ease of carrying and storage.
  • Better target view, especially with enhanced view orchestrated by the bright lenses.
  • Wide range of use both in sports and hunting.
  • All weather use made possible by its all weather casing.


Customer feedback score

The diverse users who have tested this scope agree that the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder is one effective tool worth any marksman’s time and, money. In fact, the overwhelming majority of its users agree that the scope has been quite effective.

Taking the customer comments in perspective, one customer said that this was his first scope and there is nothing to compare with it. One other user rates it to be only effective at only 200 yards and below, above this, it’s irrelevant.

However, there is nothing without weaknesses and this has had its own share of challenges. Most of them agree that the ranger of target this scope can read from is usually blown out of proportions.

While at this, most are in agreement that this is a scope worth using in any hunting and golf playing excursions with a lot of success. You can also try it out if that is what you need.

How to install the scope

The installation of the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder may not be as complex as in most scopes. It is usually fitted with an area where it is mounted with ease on the scope mount area of the rifle if you want to use it for hunting. It has also been mounted on golfing sports equipments to aid in getting a better view of the golf ball.

Scope mounts if diverse ranges exist in the market. Depending on your needs and your professional level, you can get a mount which makes access to the features of the scope a simple undertaking.

It is advisable to set the several areas including the LCD screen and the lenses for better magnification. With the scope mounts, the access of the rangefinder is within the reach of the one using it.


For those who have never experienced targeting challenges, it, may not be easy to have a good feel of the need to have a good scope. However, professionals know that a good scope is an integral part of the targeting success. The Simmons 801405 Rangefinder will give you all this.

There are other scopes which may appeal to your taste and financial ability. You only need to look and try them if you can. However, if you were in the course of seeking information, then this scope will just be what you need. You have your gut feeling to take care of, and this feels good! Try it.

This will definitely be worth every single penny that spend.

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