Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Review

It is usually tiresome searching for a good gun safe. Just like selecting the right gun for use, knowing which safe to buy can also give one some good run for his money. The time to carry out the whole search process may in some cases not there.

This problem is even aggravated by the fact that there are several gun safes and cabinets in the market. Safes and cabinets are hard to differentiate though the difference is as thin as security and size. Gun cabinets are known to be larger with lesser security safeguards in contrast to safes.

This was the predicament I was facing once. I was in search of a safe to purchase for my cache of firearms which were used for sports hunting. These were hunting rifles to be precise. when I went out looking for some great safe to buy, I stumbled upon the Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet.

There is this in thing which attracted me to the cabinet, its size. However, the several positive user reviews on this safe could also have played an important role in making me fall for it without any hassles.

However, the manufacturer reputation is one area I was well aware of having interacted with several brand products. Falling for this case was therefore an easy thing. However, my personal taste and preferences also had a big role in the course of my wide search for a reliable safe.

There are certain things which you as a buyer can also rely on when buying this gun cabinet. Some of which include the following.

Stack-On GCDG-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet with green color

Features of the cabinet

  • It has a 3 point locking mechanism.
  • Can easily hold at least 10 rifles and several guns without any problems.
  • Foam padded wall with sections to shield the riffles from knocks and falls.
  • Spacious shelves for ease of storage of the ammunitions and firearms.
  • Barrel rests with adjustability to accommodate more items.
  • Coded lock system included with double bits for better safety.
  • Separate keys for additional access if needed.
  • Additional mounting accessories for stability and firmness on the floor.
  • Durable steel design, black aesthetic look for attraction purposes.
  • Approval from the California department of justice.
  • Reasonable cost for its size and quality.


Using the Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet has some of the following benefits bon the user;

  • It is spacious enough to hold more rifles and guns at a go.
  • It is durable to last for as long as it may be required by the user.
  • Gives the valuables maximum security with the several locking mechanisms playing an important role.
  • It has a beautiful look which improves the overall look of the room where it is placed.
  • Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet comes with an approval which exudes trust in the manufacturer.
  • A reliable brand, the Stack on, which is known for its presence in the market.
  • Ease of use with several user friendly features to add.
  • It is unique with an option of adjustments at the same time it is sturdy when placed and fastened in the room.
  • Weighty and can shame any petty thief planning to carry it away.



While this is a good gun cabinet by all standards, there is still enough space for improving it. The space it comes with is fantastic though not as describe. However, this can be increased to accommodate more rifles and guns. Its main undoing ids the fact that it is not very good at being shipped with the likelihood of breakages, this can also be reduced.

Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet with gun and equipment

In overall, this is a good gun cabinet with enough space for everything you may need to store. If you are looking for a gun cabinet for your cache, then this is it. Being a cabinet, it needs to be used for the purpose of cabinets, just storage and don’t expect too much safety.

For its price, design and size, the Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet is worth your money and time. Carrying out comparisons with the other gun cabinets in the market may however land you onto a better storage facility which suits your needs. You can however go ahead and make your pick.

How to buy and use

The buying process of this gun cabinet is usually a straight forward affair with the online platform being the major area of purchase. There are several online retailers who stock the gun cabinets and may ship it to you in an instant.

In most cases, depending on the available funds, the buyer goes around comparing the retail prices with the discounts to get a good bargain. Most of the retailers online can also offer better shipment terms with other additions like an option to replace when not satisfied.

The checkout process is also as easy as the other areas of the brick and motor stores where the user gets to pay direct. In fact you can also visit your local safe retailer in the neighborhood.

The Stack-On GCDB-924 cabinet may involve an additional setup process for its better use according to the user manual which usually comes with it. Read it carefully and make the necessary adjustments. The code keys need to be set up and the user stores the data securely.


Gun safes and cabinets differ a great deal and it is better if this fact is known to the user before purchase. While the cabinet may not give you the much needed security for your gun, your retailer may not tell you and may only be interested in making a sale, which is the essence of any business. It is upon the buyer to read through the lines and decipher. So The Stack-On GCDB-924 is your best choice.

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