Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe Review

Gun safes will amaze you in the different shapes and sizes they come in. While some are too big like the usual rifle cabinets, the smaller ones are usually made to fit smaller firearms and other valuables.

The Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe is basically made for those people with an eye for the safety of their pistols and valuables. Made by the Stack on, one of the renowned gun safe makers, you are not likely to miss a thing.

The manufacturer in its wisdom has taken great efforts at giving the users who want to move around with their valuables an opportunity at achieving great levels of safety while ensuring that they have the aesthetic touch to boot.

While bearing in mind the intricacies involved in gun use and the overall safety of valuables, it has taken them great pains to come up with something which can deter access. But in this case, your gun and valuables are safe while ensuring that the user is not inconvenienced.

It’s the use of the safe and the overall experience that makes most users going back and forth where this beautiful safe is concerned. In most instances, reviews without getting the reality of the safe may not be the most appropriate.

Ours is a case of which came first, the egg, or the chicken; putting the chicken first, we put the features before the rest to give our site visitors just that conclusive idea, if they are looking for some appropriate best gun safe to buy.

stack-on pds-500-Drawer-Safe-with-Electronic-Lock
stack-on pds-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

Features of the safe

It’s the features of the Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe that makes it different from the other safes in the market. Some of the features here include;

  • The use of electronic lock mechanism which is known for additional security. You can find best biometric gun safe article to find another option lock.
  • Hinges of the gun safe are concealed thus allows no prying.
  • Several additional accessories including predrilled mounts.
  • Reasonable size and weight which dopes not inconvenience the user.
  • Solid steel tamper proof wall thus giving the items better security.
  • Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe  has Programmable for better access and security.
  • Approval from the California department of justice on its suitability for transit firearms.
  • User warranty running for 3 years, long enough for building trust.
  • Quality design with a leek finish which is attractive yet matches well. With the surroundings.
  • It has live action locking bolts which allows for better gun security

Benefits of Stack-On PDS-500

The use of the Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe is bound to come with some of the following benefits to the user. These are;

  • Comfort, trust and ease of use on the side of user.
  • Cost effectiveness in terms of the relative price it is sold in.
  • Better security of any valuable stored.
  • Lucrative warranty to help the user enjoy longer use.
  • Durability if the safe.
  • Water resistant ability.
  • Ease of use especially with the ease of its programmability.
  • Maximum security and pry proof nature of the safe.
  • Aesthetic look and design suitable for your house or hotel room.



The stack on as a brand has been known for its reliability in the market. Its safes flood the whole market and this makes them hold the market with one beastly grip. Buying this safe is recommended with the disclaimer that you physically check it to ascertain its efficiency.

It may be one gun safe suitable for used in closed rooms and hotels where people are not frequently in contact with the safe. If the place is a public place, try other safes which may just be too good for this.

The budget and the size of the firearm you intend to keep may be some key determinants when you are to get a good gun safe. However, reading the diverse views expressed by the several former users of any given safe may save you the agony of buying something which doesn’t fit your needs.

For those who are looking for gun safes which are to be used in transit for cash or other valuables, the size of this safe just fits your needs. It may be small, but your pistol is safe in its presence. You can comfortably buy it, its worth your money and time.


It has happened to too many before that they just bought things on impulse without taking time to look at the nit gritty of the item. It could happen to you too. But thanks to the effort and the guardian angel that brought you here, you can bet you are safe.

You can buy this gun safe if that is all you have around you to help with small low key safe keeping in the house. If not, run for your dear weapon’s safety, before you expose it to something which can be opened with a simple device like a piece of wire.

The Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe has this small posture for a normal bedroom safe. Its use in rifle and large cache of weapon’s safekeeping is something out of the way. It can only handle tiny objects. Though this safe may look trendy, buying it is your own choice.

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