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Autel AL619 Scan Tool

Autel AL619 Autolink OBDII Scan Tool Review


I bought Autel AL619 scanner for basic use on my own vehicles. I’m a mechanic by trade at a small garage but to pay the bills, I do a little work at home on the side. As vehicles are more technical than ever, I thought a basic scan tool would...

Autel Autolink AL319 scan tool

Autel Autolink AL319: #1 For Inexpensive & Easy To Use


My check engine light was illuminated on my 2010 Chevrolet Traverse. Conveniently the extended warranty had just expired and I was left footing the bill. The dealership wanted over $100 just to scan the codes by an OBD2 Scanner and tell me what was wrong with my Traverse which seems like highway...

Autel DS708

Autel DS708 Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis System Review


Autel DS708 features and benefits Autel DS708 scanner is one of the Autel’s best sold products. It is all too obvious that many customers and especially technicians are doubtful to buy a Chinese made product. But Autel is a company with many years of experience in auto tool market and has a...

Autel AL519

Autel AL519 Color Screen OBDII/CAN Scan Tool Review


AUTEL is a New York based company specializing in the manufacture of diagnostics tools, equipment and accessories. They offer a complete line of basic OBD2 Scan Tools. They pay special attention in development of their products to meet the exact needs of their customers. You can contact them at:

Autel MD802 Scan Tool

Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Scan Tool Review

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The Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Scan Tool is a timely solution for those who have different types of cars. This is one of the most efficient tools since it has the ability to resolve the fault codes that may appear on your dashboard. Most technicians have recommended this tool for...