Top 10 Best Wine Cooler Reviews

Wine Coolers or Wine Refrigerator are important part of a wine enthusiast’s life, because he wants to enjoy his sparkling wine flavor and the satisfaction of having a good storage appliance for his home wine collection. We have listed here, 10 of the best and most amazing wine coolers which have rated very high on the expectations of their buyers.

Short Reviews of The Top 10 Wine Cooler

If you’re a wine lover, then you know the importance of a wine cooler.  It can solve all your wine storing and serving problems. Wine coolers with different features and advantages are available in online stores as well as offline. Here we have listed the ten top rated wine coolers, so that you can buy the best one for your precious wines:

#1. Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

  • This cool wine cellar from Haier is a great appliance to increase the flavor of your exquisite wines and beauty of your home. Haier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is a vibration-free wine cooler with the quiet Thermoelectric Cooling to make its flavor the best.
  • It is suitable to store and chill both red and white wines. Along with its great functionality, its curved door embellished with smoked glass and Black Trim is an attractive to look on.
  • Impressed with its unique features, many buyers have rated this cooler with 4 – 5 stars and this attractive wine cooler is going to win your heart too at the first sight.


  • Standalone appliance which can be easily relocated
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Thermal Electric Cooling for ideal wine flavor
  • Good for either red or white wines
  • It has six wide Chrome storage shelves for storing 12 wine bottles
  • Dual Touch Screen provides you the easy controls on the external LED Displays
  • You can set temperature for upper and lower compartments separately.


  • Can hear fan in a calm room, otherwise quiet
  • Performance is affected by ambient temperatures.

#2. Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel

  • Koldfront has a great product to offer in Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler-Black and Stainless Steel.
  • Its versatility is clearly observable with fast thermoelectric cooling to chill your wine in the minimum time. It’s easy to use control panel is available as an LCD display to monitor temperature for both the compartments.
  • The attractive tempered glass door gives stylish appearance, is provided with a safety lock. The black body of this wine cellar is made up of super strong stainless steel with separate compartments for red and whites. So you don’t have to worry about either of your wines. They can be easily preserved at their individual ideal temperature.
  • Its comfortable storage for 24 bottles, easy access with the pull out shelves has given it a rating of 4-5 Stars by buyers. Superior illumination and a well matched functionality makes it a delightful home appliance.


  • Attractive design that looks grand in your living room
  • Dual zone cooler- good for reds and whites
  • Free Standing Installation to be easily relocated
  • LCD temperature display Control panel for both zones, for easy control of cooling red and white wine.
  • Sleek stainless steel sturdy body with safety lock
  • Removable shelves
  • Barely audible noise


  • Non-Reversible door
  • Narrow and loosely fit shelves

#3. Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door

  • Whynter is another amazing brand in wine coolers and it has proved its excellence with Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door. It has an large space to store 20 standard wine bottles to cool them quickly to be served.
  • Whynter has taken a great care in designing its exteriors with a black tinted mirror glass door that covers a sleek black cabinet. The customization of the wine cooler is very easy due to its five detachable stainless steel trimmed and scalloped chrome shelves
  • Many buyers consider this cooler a gem among all the  coolers available. So this great product by Whynter is recommended with 4-5 stars by buyers. Get this convenient and useful appliance in your home and you will always enjoy your wine parties.


  • Counter top installation saves floor space
  • Looks great with black tinted mirror glass door and sleek black cabinet
  • Space saving sleek handle
  • Soft interior LED lighting that can be switched on/off as required
  • Easy to use control panel to control temperature
  • Detachable shelves allows space management
  • Quiet and vibration free
  • Stable shelves prevents accidental knocking of wine bottles to prevent breaking


  • No safety lock
  • Limitation on storage of any shape and size

#4. Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp)

  • If you are looking for a slim and sleek wine cooler that fits into the smallest places in your home but is environment friendly too, then you must buy the Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp).
  • Because if you do not buy it, then you will miss a great thermoelectric, power-efficient, CFC-free wine cooler which is also ETL approved to certify its efficiency and worth.
  • It is a dual zone cooler with the top compartment suitable for 10 wine bottles and bottom ideal to stash 8. It has 7 pull-out chrome shelves to make the space adjustment according to your varying needs. The option to set the specific temperature with digital display is outstanding. The display also looks very trendy.
  • The Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator maintains the serving temperatures of your wines.
  • Its ability to manage bottles of different sizes and its aesthetic looks has given 4-5 Stars by buyers. So keep the celebration spirits alive and keep toasting out of a stylishly attractive Wine Enthusiast Cooler.


  • Store a mix of small and large bottles
  • Exterior digital touchscreen display for easy temperature control
  • Good for both red and white wines
  • Freestanding Installation
  • Saves energy and superior performance
  • Affordable and versatile.
  • Dual zone temperature control and adjust quickly
  • Pleasing interior light.
  • Vibration and disturbance free.


  • Produces little noise

#5. Wine Enthusiast 272 03 07 Silent 6 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler, Black

  • Wine Enthusiast, has created this wine cooler with best innovative design to give you a compact, personal and efficient wine cooler.
  • Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Touch screen Wine Cooler has been accepted by  wine-lovers, who love to enjoy their wine comfortably at their home. In the past few years, this attractive 6-bottle wine cooler has earned a lot of praises all over the world.
  • This mini wine cooler is the answer to the demands of people who live in small homes, but still has a taste for stylish life.
  • This 6-Bottle Touch screen Wine cooler has got great feedback from its buyers. Winning 4-5 star rating from user, this wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast, does not need any other proof of its efficiency and ease of use.


  • Compact size, light-weight and easy to move.
  • Touch screen digital display for easy control of temperature
  • Pulled-out shelves to customize space in the cooler
  • The shelves are quite strong, do not break easily
  • Looks Stylish with attractive body.
  • Interior LED lighting for ease of use
  • Cost-effective wine cooler
  • Low cooling time.


  • Little noisy with like a refrigerator.
  • Opened and corked bottles don’t fit in this cooler

#6. NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

  • NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler manufactured by NewAir , is a superb product by this well-known company known giving excellent chilling solutions to wine lovers.
  • This wonderful cooler, will amaze you with its stunning black metallic finish, and outstanding performance.
  • This wine cooler has earned a great appreciation of wine enthusiasts who love to live life to enjoy and celebrate every moment of it. NewAir  AW121E  is a great cooler for small get-togethers  for everyone, who cherish the small  moments of togetherness and enjoyment with their families and friends.
  • This wine cooler has got 4-5 star rating from user. You will also love this brilliant and marvelous wine cooler


  • Low power consumption and energy-saving wine cooler.
  • Highly recommended for small and compact home spaces.
  • attractive metallic black finish
  • Noise-free and vibration free.
  • Pull-out trays can be rearranged to make space.
  • Tightly sealed door
  • Cools your wine quickly
  • Cool blue LED for visibility and super cool looks


  • Single compartment which is good for only one type of wine.

#7. Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler – Model EWC1201

  • A worthwhile experience in appliance manufacturing, Avanti has given cool Avanti 12 Bottle Thermo-electric Counter Top Wine Cooler – Model EWC1201 an exceptional wine coolers to the wine enthusiasts.
  • The contemporary design and a compact body, gives a stunning look to this efficient wine cooler.
  • It maintains a stable and appropriate temperature with controlled humidity for your expensive wine bottles. Its versatile features and stunning black looks with curved glass door, makes it a favorite wine cooler among its users.
  • Avanti Wine Cooler EWC1201 has got positive feedback ever since it has been launched in the market. It has earned 4-5 stars from buyers of this product.


  • Vibration free quiet operation
  • Stores 8 wine bottles in horizontal position and four in vertical position.
  • Can store opened bottles
  • Easy control display with soft touch buttons
  • Strong glass door allows to look inside
  • Sleek and compact.


  • Mono zone can keep only one type of wine
  • Automatic inner and control lights do not stay on for long time.

#8. NewAir AW-181E Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Stee

  • Your search for an elegant, compact and efficient wine cooler for your home ends at NewAir’s AW-181E wine cooler.
  • Its  superb body, an innovative cooling mechanism, and an excellent design makes it one of those best wine coolers from NewAir.
  • NewAir AW-181E is considered to be the spacious and efficient wine chiller storing 18 wine bottles and has been a great product winning accolades for its effortless use and high performance.
  • This cooler is a great to let you arrange some memorable occasional and regular get-togethers. This wine-cooler preserves your favorite wine with perfect taste and cooling.
  • It has been rated with 4-5 stars by buyers.


  • Light-weight and easy to relocate
  • High quality chrome trays can be pulled-out to create space
  • Brilliant looks with black and stainless steel body.
  • Free standing model fits anywhere you wish.
  • Ergonomically designed handles with soft but strong grip.
  • Pocket friendly wine cooler.


      • Cabinet is limited, large bottles or opened and corked bottles do not fit.

#9. NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel & Black

  • If you love environment friendly products, then NewAir AW-321ED wine cooler is a right choice for you.
  • With large capacity to store wine bottle, wine enthusiasts who have a passion for wine-collection will not be able to resist their temptation to buy it.
  • NewAir 32 bottle wine cooler is energy efficient since it is based on green technology. So you can be sure that while you get wine according to your desired taste, your surroundings are also protected from harmful effects of coolants.
  • This NewAir AW-321Ed is irresistible to buy, is proved by the likings and ratings it is getting from across the globe. Many buyers have rated this excellent and spacious wine cooler with 4-5 star rating.


  • Quiet and disturbance free operation
  • Attractive to look on gives a stylish feel in your home.
  • Big enough to 32 bottles.
  • Sliding shelves to give a versatile and spacious wine cooler.
  • Easy monitoring of temperature with external digital display.
  • Maintains the temperature setting


  • Heavy weight a bit difficult to relocate.

#10. Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric with Touch Sensitive Controls 20-Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Sunpentown WC-20TL thermo-electric with Touch Sensitive Controls 20-Bottle is a great wine cooler with an awe-inspiring innovative design and stylishly attractive features.
  • This quality product of Sunpentown, is compact appliance that stores up to 20 bottles of wine coming at a very affordable price.
  • It is a great option for people living in limited urban homes, but still prefer a great lifestyle. Its efficiency and performance, has perfectly justify its fame and the great reviews it is getting ever since it has been in market.
  • It popularity is a proof of its wide acceptance as a personal bar with many buyers rating it with 4-5 stars.


  • Quick cooling with fast temperature setting.
  • Attractively flawless, shiny look.
  • Stable temperature for perfect flavored wine.
  • Controlled Interior lighting
  • Space is adjustable with removable shelves
  • Quiet and vibration free.
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for variable sized bottles.


Now you have to take final decision, whether you select a Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black or Stainless Steel or a single compartment Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler depending on your liking for one or both wines.

If you have a small space in your home then go for  NewAir AW-181E Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel sleek model but if you have huge house to live in then go for NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel & Black spacious model.

Whichever product you buy from this top rated list you will be proud of your purchase, since all these are brilliant products with affordable price, high performance and ease of use. So get one and enjoy wine and life.

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