3 Steps to Making the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

Creating a Facebook cover photo will give off a great first impression and liven up your page. Follow these 3 steps to making the perfect cover photo.

Majority of the people and businesses in the world are using Facebook. Regardless of the motivation, it plays a critical role in their marketing strategy. To some, Facebook is their only online presence.
Having an online presence is crucial in today’s business environment. There are about 3 billion daily internet users who access social media sites. The internet environment is essential for increasing your visibility, creating awareness, promotion, making sales, and engagement.

So, it’s essential to capitalize on Facebook to increase the chances of attaining your goal. But, a bad image, text can give your target market the wrong impression. You need to polish and give your Facebook cover photo a professional look.

The three steps to making the perfect cover photo

1. Quality Image

Whether you’re creating or using an existing image, make sure it is of high-quality.
The first component of a high-quality image is the right dimensions (851 pixels x 315 pixels). If you upload a smaller image, Facebook will enlarge it. You’ll also be forced to move a larger image to fit in the frame. Hence the results will be horrible.

Second, don’t download an image online. Use a camera to take a photo of your business and team with your go behind it.

Don’t worry if your graphic design skills are poor; there are several tools that you can use t make the best Facebook cover photo like the Adobe Spark social media graphic maker.

You can use sites to make cover photos, but they come with the websites’ branding. So, I recommend the use of design tools.

2. Your Facebook Cover Photo Should Represent Your Brand

A good cover photo should represent your core business. If you’re selling dogs, then show dogs on the cover photo. So, capitalize on this opportunity. All the images and text in your cover photo should communicate what your business is about.

Including irrelevant information doesn’t make sense, and it can easily confuse our target market. You can also lose some credibility, discouraging some people from returning to your page.

3. Current

The business environment is ever-changing, so does your business. As your business changes, update your Facebook cover photo to reflect the changes.

Some people retain the same cover photo for long; this is only right if there are no or very little changes. But, if the changes involve a new product/service portfolio or change of identity, then you need a new Facebook cover photo.

Changing the cover photos is essential in keeping the target market guessing n what’s next. The human mind tunes out images that it has seen over time. Change the cover photo to capture and retain their attention.

Your Cover Photo Is Crucial to Your Success

Your Facebook cover photo welcomes the people visiting your page. Thus, it has to be creative and appealing to have a lasting effect on their minds.

This is the only way that they will return to your page, inquire, and make a purchase. Make it great!
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