38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review

It’s always exciting starting the process of learning a new instrument. Whether you are hitting that first key on a piano or plucking your first string on a guitar, the first step you take to mastering any instrument is always a huge one. As such, the quality of your first piano, trumpet, bass or whatever you’re learning to play is critical and crucial. In order to properly learn the skills and techniques that are necessary to progress musically, you want to ensure that you’re starting off on a competent piece of equipment.

If you’re like one of the many people that are enthralled with the sonic sounds of the guitar, you will probably consider buying a starter package at one point to get yourself started. There are a number of different starter packages out there that come with the guitar, picks, a carrying case and strap.

Black Acoustic Guitar
Black Acoustic Guitar

One of the most popular at the moment is the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package which comes with everything mentioned above. To help you decide on whether or not this package is for you I’ve outlined some of the things you’ll want to know when taking this guitar out for a test run.


I was pleased to find that the 38” acoustic guitar sports a slick shade of black. It had has hints of just enough subtle dark purple and blue to make the color scheme really pop out to the user. The headstock has the same strong coloring that compliments the tuning knobs. The inlay around the guitar’s sound hole is a basic gray finish that isn’t anything special, but complements the dark coloring. The fretboard is straight black with no special inlays or designs.

The guitar bag is made from an ashy gray, light material, which has straps to be used in the same fashion as a backpack. The guitar strap is your basic plain black strap that alters how high and low you would like the guitar to rest while you’re standing. The package also comes with an extra set of strings, and a relatively easy to use tuner.

Guitar Performance

Most beginner guitarists start on the acoustic. The reason being that it’s much harder to press down on the strings on the fretboard, and when you make the jump to electric these skill will come in handy. So when you buy your first acoustic you want to make sure that all the pieces line up just right. The 38” acoustic is made from spruce wood, which means it can feel very fragile at times. The first thing I noticed was that the guitar is very light which is a good thing, but at the same time you want to make sure you don’t drop it from any high places as it probably couldn’t take the fall.

The neck of the guitar is surprisingly sturdy for a starter package. The fretboard is made from Rosewood and is also surprisingly smooth. Most starter acoustics are killer on your fingertips but this one is relatively easy to press down on the strings. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to seamlessly move your fingers up and down the fretboard with little discomfort to your fingers. The sound of the instrument is like any other cheap guitar; it’s hard to differentiate it from others like it. However it isn’t off putting from the experience, I found myself playing it for long periods of time regardless of the tonality. You’re buying this particular guitar to hone your beginner skills, not to record albums with.

The only major flaw in the performance of the guitar I can find is that there are no inlays on the main area of the fretboard. This is a HUGE HINDERANCE to any beginner guitarists that aren’t familiar with which frets are which yet. It can be very frustrating for a beginner to have to constantly count which fret is which while some simple inlays could have easily solved the problem.

Carrying Bag, Tuner and Strap Performance

The “gig bag” is relatively convenient and light. It has straps on it to carry your guitar around with you like a backpack. I’ve tried it and it’s very convenient. The guitar is especially light so it’s not uncomfortable at all to carry on your back. The bag even has extra pockets so you can carry around your strings, picks and whatever else you need. The material is rather cheap but buying a bag like this would be almost as much as what you’re paying for the whole package so it’s worth it.

The tuner isn’t really as much of a tuner but more of a pitch pipe. When I was using it to tune the guitar, it was rather difficult to match up to the exact tones. The more I used it though the more I became accustomed to it. The strap is the only part of the package that I’m not really crazy about. I found that that you can’t adjust it enough to play the guitar accurately while standing.


All in, the entire package costs you around Currently Not Available* which is unbelievable for an extensive package like this. Most starter kits will cost upwards of $75-$100 so this is great if you’re looking to save some money. It not only includes the guitar, but a tuner, extra set of strings, carrying bag, and guitar strap and pick. Everything you need to get started at a very affordable price.

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The Verdict

The 38” Black Acoustic Starter Package is a great deal for any beginner guitarist. I found it incredibly easy to use, but not without a few faults. The inlay-less fretboard is rather annoying and the strap is cheaply made. In the end you get what you pay for. If you’re expecting a beautiful sounding acoustic that you’ll use for years, keep looking. This is a guitar to start honing you basic skills, and in that respect it works wonderfully.

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