5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are more popular than Snapchat live videos as there are 300 million users upload their stories on Instagram daily. And, young users (under the age of 25 years) spend almost 30 to 32 minutes every day on Instagram. That’s why big brands all around the world are moving to this most popular photo sharing app, Instagram for a number of reasons. Instagram stories is a great way to get more Instagram followers which can be purchased from instaboostgram or buzziod, generate brand awareness and create a great interest in your brand or business. But how can you use it for your brand, follow these tips to get more out of your Instagram stories?

Create Instagram Story Highlights:

The Instagram story has only 24 hours lifetime but Instagram Story Highlights could save your content for a longer period. If you have uploaded a series of videos for your story, don’t waste your epic videos in the blink of an eye. In December 2017, Instagram was launched its feature called Instagram Story Highlights that let you save your most favorite video clips at the top of your profile within highlight box under your Instagram bio.

Educational or instructional videos will engage your audience:

Tutorial type videos are not only educated your targeted audience but also engage your audience in a greater way that turns to grow your following base. Create how-to, instructional or tips and tricks video for your Instagram story. Follow the big accounts in your niche and share your videos with them. You can secure a top place in your industry by posting such type of videos. Because people will follow you as an authentic source of information and the latest updates about your industry news. That way, you can gain more Instagram followers.

Link to other accounts

When you collaborate with other people like Instagram influencers, partners or brand ambassadors then don’t forget to link the other accounts within your Instagram stories. It will help you to grow your network and improve your own visibility. People will more likely to visit other accounts while scrolling through stories.

Linking other accounts within your Stories is a good strategy as a lot of other people are also do the same or follow you.

 Take advantage of all features

Instagram Story is not only a short clip of video but also it offers you a variety of features such as polls, filters, text, locations, and pen tool. You can easily engage your followers and potential audience by using its all making your story more alluring using these features. Especially, the integration of polls is the best way to engage the audience within your Stories.

End with a Call to Action:

CTA or call to action is a great way when it comes to generating your brand awareness, drive traffic and grow Instagram followers. But use this trick for big accounts that have at least 10K followers. But if you are a newbie or you have not too many followers yet then you can add the link of your website in your Instagram bio that will act as the call to action for the time being. Prompt your audience to visit your website link in the bio and get more information about your brand.


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