9G Products INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe Review

The use of biometric safes has taken the market by storm. The manufacturers have not been left out either with the 9G products taking the queue in an already flooded market.

However, though seemingly a new entrant, it has made itself known because of the quality of its products, take the case of the INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe.

Those who know what a biometric gun safe means will agree that this is a safe in its own class. The ability of most of the 9G safes to conveniently care for diverse valuables in the house could just be one area which makes them wonderful.

The secret of the company could be the institutional discipline which it strives to instill on its work force to put themselves in the shoes of those who are going to use their final products. It’s simple, make what you feel comfortable using.

So the 9G gun safe manufacturers have stood out. However, it is the futures of the product which can either sell it positively or negatively. The INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe has some of the below features;


  • A single finger biometric scan capacity, allowing for ease of detection if an attempt at tampering is made.
  • 16 inch strong steel wall to allow for better safe keeping of the gun and valuables.
  • Uses a 9 volt battery, though has ACV ports for convenience.
  • Comes with mounting accessories for ease of fixing to the wall or floor.
  • Aesthetic design with a high quality grey finishes which is attractive to any onlooker and improves the feel in the room.
  • The INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe has several safety additions with spring loaded doors, a backup override key in case of an emergency.
  • Break and scratch proof with a soft interior lining for protection purposes.
  • Can be easily reconfigured and has enough capacity to accommodate data from over 15 people at one go.
  • Manageable weight and size for ease of movement.
  • Approval from the California state department.


While being used, the user is bound to enjoy some of the below benefits;

  • A feel good situation brought about by the aesthetic value of the safe.
  • Maximum security in terms of its, waterproof, fireproof, pry and tamper proof features.
  • Longevity in use because of its steel wall.
  • Ease of use and setup.
  • Money’s worth safety of your valuables and gun.
  • Comparative space for storage of at least 7 guns at a go.



You need to look at this gun safe and see that its one wonderful product worth any gun users’ money and time. that is usually the recommendation most of the clients who have used it have however, the safe may in some cases fail to meet the needs of its users in terms of the lock mechanism which is rigidly one finger scan mechanism.

Be it as it may, the safe has other competitors trying to eat into its space, with relatively lower prices yet higher quality features. Looking at these others may save you the financial agony if you do not have enough money.

Money should not however deter you from getting something of quality like the INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe which has been widely proven to work. But if that is the case, it is well. The only thing is that this gun safe fits the bill both in design and presentation.

How to buy and use

While this can be the hardest part of the whole process, the 9G products can be easily accessed online on the usual culprits, the large online retailers. The manufacturer has also been seen to have them on its website.

Making a purchase from these online retailers may be the secret to happy buying because they have good shipment and lucrative discounts to match. It is only clicking on the 9G products INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe and then going to the safe checkout section.


Payments on these sites can be by the diverse safe methods on the site which you can conveniently choose which one to use. Convenience is what you get because the delivery will be done at your comfort.

But, if you are not versed with online purchases, the brick and motor stores have this product in great supply. The only thing you are not likely to enjoy is the lucrative discounts seen online. The conveniences and the option of having a feel of the safe physically can help clear some doubt.

The use of the gun safe, just like it is suggested is for gun storage. However, there are instances where your other valuables and even travel documents are safer in it. Because of its locking system, it is one common feature in most bedrooms, hotels and even banks where safety is top priority.


While the whole online market is abuzz with products of all kinds, the 9G are known for making less products yet concentrating on the quality and the safety of its users valuables. Gun security is no child’s play because cases are common where children play around with their parent’s firearms.

Companies are good at making sales, this one is not just about its sales and so most people have been in agreement on this fact. The 9G also has its sales line and that is usually in the case of giving the users what they desire.

The responsibility to ensure that the house hold is safe rests with the head. There is no shortcut. Getting what suits your needs therefore is what should concern you. The INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Handgun & Pistol Safe has all it takes to meet your needs and even more, try this at home!

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