AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker Review

First impression

When I first received AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker, my initial thought was that it looked too basic to be as functional as some of the other scooters I had seen at the hospital. Because of its rectangular build, it looked like something you would find on sale at Wal-Mart, much more simple than the blue and red devices I had seen others using. I was, however, very impressed with the tool-free set up. I did not even need to use a wrench or screwdriver when putting the product together and had it ready to ride in about five minutes. This is coming from someone who is not considered ‘handy,’ so that goes to speak for the simplicity of the setup. Once assembled, I rode it around my linoleum dining area to get a feel for how it moved. Everything was straight forward and easy, although I did find myself wishing that the wheels were a bit thicker. As I lunged for the telephone sitting on a coffee table, I nearly tipped over and let out a bit of shriek because I would have landed on my bad ankle. What you see is what you get with this product. It is not flashy, not an attention grabber, and hardly personable but gets the job done.

Use and Maneuverability

Balance is the name of the game with AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker. Because the front tires are not hugely larger than the rear tires as they are on some other scooters, I felt very balanced as I went straight for long distances or veered around my house. The adjustability of the handle bar allows for simple switch-ups, almost too easy. It did not quite seem sturdy when I put all of my weight towards the front- the bar would move slightly down. My opinion is that the user of the scooter is not going to change height and these scooters are not something you generally share with others so it would have been better if the height module was more secure. While more stable than crutches, this feature was not as good as other scooters I’ve seen.

The front tires
The front tires are not hugely larger than the rear tires as some other scooters

On the plus side, it rides very well. The hand disc brake was very dependable and never gave me any problems. One time my cat darted in front of me while I went down the hallway and I was able to quickly brake and avoid a collision. The brakes are in the rear- this is great because even if you have to stop suddenly, there is no chance of a forward tumble. I also liked the indentations in the knee seat. I never felt soreness or pressure on my knee and after getting used to being in that position was able to be comfortable. The foam base is solid but not hard, sort of like a stiffer mattress. I am quite tall and the handlebar did adjust to my height (its highest setting is 40.75”). The knee platform adjusts up to 22.8” and as low as 18.5”. I do with that the knee platform could be set a little higher but I was able to make it work. The scooter weighs 20 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds of weight, making it a solid structure even for those who are heavy set. The handlebar grips are nice and clingy and I never had a problem with grip. Perhaps the most convenient feature is the basket on the front. Because it is not just a plastic basket, you can store just about anything in there. It can be quite difficult to clean especially when you are not able to use one of your legs, but is big enough to carry most small items around the house or for a quick run to the grocery store.

Build and Structure

AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker folds easy via a thumb-release lever, making it easy to store and load into a car. The comfort form handlebars are very similar to those found on a bike- easy and basic. The product is compatible with either left or right knee, and the feel is the same on both sides. When folded down the scooter is 17” tall and relatively easy to carry if you are with someone who is not injured. The tires are 7.8” tall and made of polyurethane rubber. They work will on all surfaces and can also handle small amounts of water if you find yourself needing to roll through a puddle to get onto a sidewalk. Everything here is dependable and will not break easily. Sometimes I removed the wire basket and it did not affect the overall weight or feel of the ride. On a humorous note, a child in the grocery store asked if he could give it a test and his mother ended up paying for my sandwich. This was nice because I did feel self-conscious riding the scooter around in public sometimes and this situation provided a nice ego boost.

AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker folds easy via a thumb-release lever
AW Adjustable Knee Scooter Walker folds easy via a thumb-release lever

Overall verdict

The AW Adjustable Knee Scooter w/ Basket Steerable Rolling Kneel Weight Capacity 300 lbs. is a run of the mill product. It is not the best product available or the cheapest. You are getting product that holds back on the fancy features and attractive paint job and instead focuses on its overall goal- getting you around when you are down a leg. As far as mobility, I never had any problems with this scooter. The things I did not like were minor issues that had to deal with the build and feel. This product is functional but never quite had me totally impressed. If I have issues with my foot again I will use this product only because I have already paid for it and know exactly how it works. I would recommend looking into other scooters before buying this one to see if you can find a nicer scooter on sale. If not, this product will serve you better than the cheapest ones.

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