Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension Review

If you already have a router table, the Bench Dog 40-102 is an essential extension, especially if you are limited by space. This will be able increase the depth of your table and also comes with an extra miter slot, which is specialized for crosscut sleds.

For purposes of mounting featherboards, there is a T-slot which is 1/4 of an inch. You will also enjoy getting additional space with this table extension that has a dual fence slot, which makes it easy to rotate the fence and the work that may require a larger working surface.


  • The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 is considered to be among the medium weight router tables since it weighs 60.8 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 32.2 by 21.7 by 5.1 inches, which makes ideal for small shops that may be limited in terms of space.
  • The dual slot fence configuration allows you to work any side of the table, which is quite convenient.
  • The miter has an additional miter slot on the left side of the saw blade.


  • The fences can be dismounted easily and hang on the J-hooks that are provided. This will allow to work on conveniently with your table saw.
  • It supports all the contractor-grade table saws, which enhances the versatile nature and functionality of the table.
  • It will also fit all the right-tilt cabinet-grade table saws that have dimensions of 27 by 1-1/2 inches, in terms of the depth and thickness, respectively.
  • The dual slot fences are convenient in that you can work from either side of the table and also makes it possible to rotate your work so as to accommodate larger panels.
  • All the mounting hardware is included in the package like the router top and fence.
  • The MDF sub fences can be adjusted easily without using any special tools.

Who Is The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Ideal For ?

Since this router table extension can fit in all cabinet-grade, right-tilt and contractor-grade saw blades, it can be used by all professionals in the woodwork industry. It does occupy too much space and the ease of use makes it a proper machine even for beginners in woodwork projects.


Bosch GCM12SD
  • One of the main benefits is the fact that is fits all contractor-grade blade saws, which allows different people to use it conveniently.
  • This router table extension seems to work effectively with Bosch GCM 12 SD glide miter saw. This machine is known to be effective for compact workspace and delivery of accurate cuts. The expanded cutting capacity will integrate well with the dual slot fences on the router table.


Other Benefits

Bench Dog ProMax
Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension
4.54.5 / 5
The Bench Dog ProMax has been designed to work will table saws and this makes it easy to work with on various woodwork projects.
  • It can work with all the Bench Dog ProPlates
  • The router table extension has a cast-iron top, which makes it durable.
  • There are special accessories included like the bit guard, miter gauge track a dust collection system.
  • The miter track has an additional slot on the left side of the saw blade.
  • With the dual slot system, it is easier to work from both sides of the router table and also makes it possible to handle taller pieces of wood.

Installation and Maintenance Guide

The process of installing this router table extension can be easy, if you follow the instructions religiously.

  • Start by connecting the legs and the other parts that make up the external frame of this router table.
  • Attach the MDF sub fences, which do not require any tools as they fit in easily.
  • You would have to buy a ProPlate which will be used to hold the contractor-grade and cabinet-grade, right-tilted saw blades in place.
  • Ensure all the parts are well aligned before attempting the cutting process.
  • Find Bench Dog Promax manual here .

Here is Bench Dog 40-102 installation guide from digital slrlens . Hope this help you more understand how to install it.

Maintenance Guide of Bench Dog ProMax

  • There are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that your router table extension is running smoothly.
  • You should always clean all the parts and lubricate them regularly. Always extract the dust and any debris so as to prevent any clogging of the system.


Bench Dog ProMax router table is recommended for small workshops. There are quite a number of features like the dual fence slot, T-slots and so many other essential configurations. It has been designed to work will table saws and this makes it easy to work with on various woodwork projects.

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