5 Safety Benefits of Using an Electronic Logging Device System

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The Electronic Logging Device System (ELD) has become a useful tool for every company that has a fleet of cars or trucks. This system allows monitoring in real time, the location, speed, and condition of the vehicle, and grants to create reliable databases to optimize times and resources.

With this, you will be sure that your merchandise arrives on time and that your drivers always follow the established route.

Here are five benefits of installing the ELD system in your company’s vehicles:

Your Engine Will Always Be in Good Condition

The ELD system goes connected to your engine. Therefore, it can detect any anomaly or mechanical and electrical damage. This feature will help you to prevent all kinds of breakdowns and of course, avoid accidents. The ELD system will help you monitor, among other things:

  • The condition of the tires
  • The efficiency of gasoline consumption
  • The general state of the engine

With this benefit, you can also create a reliable database on the repairs that your vehicles have had.

Prevents Traffic Accidents

With the ELD device, you can always monitor data such as current location, speed etc. With this sort of data, you can prevent your drivers from driving at excessive speed or in prohibited areas. The result will be to reduce the possibility of suffering traffic accidents.

Also, it ensures that your units always follow the previously established route. Reports, state that this system helps to avoid up to 562 accidents and avoid more than 50 deaths per year.

 Save Paperwork and Delivery Time

The system will allow you to save up to 10 hours a week of paperwork, filling, and delivery of HOS, as it can do it by itself. This peculiarity will make your deliveries and trips much faster and increase the efficiency of your operations. Besides, you can store and have a backup of all your data as always.

 Prevents Your Vehicles to Be Used for Illicit Matters

By being able to monitor the status of your vehicle at all times, now, you can ensure that the driver does not use it for their benefit. In the past, many company vehicles were used to commit illegal acts, which caused problems for business owners.

Now, once you install this system in your vehicles, it will eliminate that option entirely. Plus, you will have the certainty that your vehicle will only travel the designated route.

Maintain Security in Your Finances

With this system, you will have the opportunity to optimize your routes completely. Besides, you will be able to monitor whether the drivers follow the instructions or not. As a result, the drivers will be more careful which ultimately reduce accidents. Thus, your finances will improve as you will not need to spend too much money while you will be able to maximize your capital.

As you scrolled down to here, you have probably realized that all these features are vital for any company that seeks to grow and develops, right? Also, you will have the certainty of always having responsible workers, and you will decrease the turnover of personnel.

Anyway, these are just some of the benefits you will have when installing the ELD system in your vehicles. And, over time, we expect that you will explore that there are many more benefits.

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