Benefits of dancing for physical and mental health

Any physical activity you do regularly will help improve your health, but one of the most complete because of its physical and psychological impact is dance.

A few minutes of daily exercise optimize your quality of life in a surprising way. And it is that the dance is a functional action that brings many benefits to your daily life, among them the reduction of stress and anxiety, the possibility of forgetting many worries and feeling happy and happy.

These are several advantages of dance for your physical and mental well-being. Do not stop practicing and, if you do not like it, keep in mind that it is never too late for you to give yourself the opportunity to unleash your emotions through music. After all, dance is not only practiced with the body, but also with the spirit.

When you dance, larger amounts of dopamine, the hormone that makes you feel better, are released into your body. Music and dance stimulate the brain and activate sensory points and motor circuits. A body that dances is complemented by an active and attentive brain.

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Improve the health of the heart

The dance has effects similar to those of walking or cycling for cardiovascular health. Heart diseases can be prevented and treated in a complementary way with a little dance. Consult with an athlete so you know what kind of dance you can practice and what precautions you should have.

Strengthens bones and joints

Physical activity helps prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. Over the years, it can be difficult to absorb calcium, so the joints lose their natural lubrication. Dancing usually helps you stay healthier.

Help burn calories

The movements that you make when dancing improve blood circulation and encourage the burning of calories. Depending on the intensity and the type of dance you choose, you can lose five to ten calories per minute. Supplement the exercise with a proper diet recommended by your doctor or nutritionist.

Improves the composition and consistency of the blood

Dance contributes to the control of lipids in the blood: it increases what is called good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. People with diabetes also benefit because it allows them to control blood sugar levels.

Stimulates brain development

Physical movement stimulates the brain and encourages the development of creative abilities. Memory is always in exercise while you dance because you must remember sequences and times. The music itself is already a door to relax, connect with your knowledge and your senses and stay alert.

Allows social interaction

Dance is a recreational and entertaining activity that produces satisfaction and improves the mood of those who practice it. Belonging to a group or taking classes will allow you to easily establish interpersonal relationships and make new friends. You will gain confidence in yourself from your body and attitude, regardless of whether others dance better.

Increase the feeling of well-being

Dancing increases the level of endorphins. That’s why, after a few minutes of dancing, you feel more relaxed and in good spirits. Physical activity cultivates self-esteem.

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