Top 5 Best Air Fryers on the Market Review 2019

The consumption of fatty foods poses some serious health risks to you. Chances are high that you are in search of healthier and convenient alternatives, right? I see an air fryer as a near perfect solution to this. You could still enjoy crispy and tasty meals using low oil by using an air fryer.

Best Air Fryer on the Market
Best Air Fryer on the Market

This electrical and digital device prepares food by use of hot air currents, it’s a quick alternative and you will use less oil. Most of your favorite dishes could be prepared using this device and some come with recommended recipes.
Owing to the immense benefits of air fryers various players in the market offer different models. You thus need to be conversant with the best air fryers to avoid being ripped off and to get value for your money. After doing extensive research, I have settled on these air fryers to be the best the industry has to offer at the present.

Reviews of the 5 Best Air Fryers 

The following Air Fryers will offer you value for your money. They have features that will suit your specific needs in terms of the size of your family, the budget spent on them and the range of foods you can prepare using them.

1 GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer3.7 quarts
44 / 5
Our review
2 Philips AirFryer, the original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology1.8 pounds
4.54.5 / 5
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3 Della© Electric Air Fryer w/ Temperature Control4.4 quarts
44 / 5
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4 GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL Electric Air Fryer5.8 quart
44 / 5
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5 Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker3.2 L
44 / 5
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1. The GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

Our pick
GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen Technology, Button Guard & etachable Basket - Black 3.7 QT, 1400W
44 / 5
A suitable digital air fryer that’s fairly priced to prepare fried food for a couple.

The first air Fryer we will review is the GoWISE GW22621 electric air fryer. It is a suitable pick for those who love fried food, but want to prepare it in a healthy way. This air fryer is an improvement on the older versions from GoWISE. It uniquely features the touch screen technology to avoid the problems encountered in the older versions.

The touch screen technology enables you to easily pick from the seven cooking programs. These seven cooking preset programs consist of the commonest fried dishes most people like to prepare. They include chicken, meat, fries, shrimp and fish and steak as they can be prepared at temperatures ranging from 175-400 degrees.

This device is suitable for preparing a meal for a couple with a capacity of 3.7 quarts. It also has a button guard to prevent the basket from slipping during the cooking process. This will also help to easily detach the cooking basket after you are done.

The GoWISE GW22621 uniquely has a 30 minute automatic switch off, quite key in avoiding burning of your food. But there is also an option of you setting an appropriate cooking time. It is priced fairly and cooks meals in no time to save on your electricity bills.

(Gowise Air Fryer Review, source:


  • Allows you to prepare your meals quickly. Most meals can be prepared in about 30 minutes.
  • It also quite convenient, users can use it to fry, roast, bake and even grill various foods.
  • This air fryer allows you to use less oil, a healthier option and saves on costs.
  • It can be easily cleaned and what is more is that it is dishwasher friendly, this will help you maintain its shape and elegant look.
  • It is also fairly priced compared to other models in the same range.


  • It occupies a large space due to its size, this device measures 12 by 8 inches.
  • You can only prepare a meal for 2 or 3 people at one go since its capacity is at 3.7 quarts.


2. The Philips AirFryer HD9220/26

Also Great
Philips AirFryer, the original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology, Black, HD9220/26
4.54.5 / 5
A pricy air fryer quite appropriate for the preparation of fries for a couple.

This air fryer has become popular due to its fries, which are just unmatched. You can consider it as a healthier alternative to deep frying. This device operates on the principle of hot air technology. Its top section consists of a heating element and fan. The bottom bit has drawer which is usually pulled out to access the cooking basket.

A dial at the top allows the user to set the temperature between 80-390 degrees. You can take control of the cooking process using a timer knob located above the handle. You can set the time to notify you after a maximum of 30 minutes.

This device operates more like a small oven. Its capacity is at 1.8 pounds, just enough for a group of three. It is however an easy device to clean, all the removable parts can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

(Philips Air Fryer Reviews, source:


  • It allows you to enjoy healthier fries. You will only require a tablespoon of oil to prepare French fries and still get the desired crispiness and taste.
  • With this air fryer, you can conveniently adjust the temperature to prepare a variety of meals. It is quick in the preparation of fried food.
  • This air fryer will automatically shut off after the set time to avoid your food from burning or overcooking.
  • It is additionally easy to clean using a dishwasher besides being quite durable.


  • It is relatively expensive compared other models in the same range.
  • The capacity of this air fryer is small at only 1.8 pounds, not suitable for a large family.
  • To fully enjoy its functionality, you have to buy accessory parts, the US models don’t come with a separator.


3. The Della Electric Air Fryer w/ Temp Control, Detachable Basket

Also Great
Della© Electric Air Fryer w/ Temperature Control, Detachable Basket and Handle - White, 1500W
44 / 5
A good air fryer for a small family for the preparation of French fries and ring onions.

The Della Electric air fryers is also a good pick for those who want to consume fried foods in a healthy way. Just like the other air fryers it operates on the basis of using rapidly moving hot air to cook food evenly resulting in crispy and tasty fried foods. Most of the users have hailed it for making outstanding chips as well as onion rings.

It considered to have the record heating times compared to other models. Many have been impressed with its accuracy and it needs hardly any oil for the preparation of fried foods. Its temperature range is from 176 to 392 degrees to facilitate the preparation of many fried foods.

With a capacity of 4.4 quarts it is a suitable model for small families, of about 4 members. You can use this air fryer for frying, roasting, baking as well as grilling food. It is also good to mention that this device is ETL certified.

The Della Electric air fryer has a 30 minute automatic shut off feature, pretty convenient in avoiding the overheating or burning of food. What is more is that it has a stand-by mode which works when it is done with cooking a given meal.


  • It is an easy to use model, the controls are easy to use once you get a hang of it.
  • The device prepares food much quickly with a maximum time of 30 minutes.
  • You can easily clean it since all the parts are dishwasher friendly.
  • The outside parts are cool to touch during the cooking, you can thus easily handle it.


  • Some clients have a concern about its white color, gets dirty quite easily.
  • It is alleged that the air fryer is slower compare to deep fryers.
  • The tongs that come with it have been considered to be low quality and cheap.


4. The GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL Electric Air Fryer

Also Great
GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL Electric Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen Technology, Button Guard & Detachable Basket - Black 5.8 QT, 1800W
44 / 5
A sleek and affordable large capacity air fryer suitable for a large family.

This GoWISE air fryer is an improvement of the older versions with a better touch screen technology. It has a capacity of 5.8 quart, pretty suitable for a large family or a party. You will access 7 preset cooking programs for chicken, meat, chips, cake, fish as well as shrimps.

You can set your desired temperature from the range of 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, with the timer being set at a maximum of 30 minutes. The standby mode is quite convenient to avoid the overheating or burning of food.

The coating of this GoWISE air fryer is not sticky and you can easily clean the removable parts using a dishwasher. The outside of the air fryer can be cleaned using a damp cloth. It is a fairly priced large capacity air fryer with a sleek and cool design.

With an ETL certification, this is a secure and healthier option since it requires little or no oil. You can also use it to fry, bake, grill or roast food.

(Gowise Airfryer Review, source:


  • It is a healthier option that hardly need oil or little oil for tasty and crunchy fried foods.
  • This air fryer is priced fairly compared to the other large capacity air fryers.
  • It also offers the convenience and diversity of preparing foods by frying, roasting, grilling or baking them.
  • This device has a stylish finish and it is quite easy to clean its removable parts since they are dishwasher friendly.
  • You will find this air fryer to be quite easy to use and it is appropriate for a large family.


  • Some users have reported that it is a bit difficult to slide the basket back into the machine.
  • The power cable is not the detachable one, but you could do with this, right?
  • You will spend more on your electricity bill since it’s an 1800 Watts device.


5. The Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker

Also Great
Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker with Rapid Air Circulation System, 3.2 L with 2 e-cookbooks Included (over 50 recipes)
44 / 5
A pretty affordable air fryer suitable for an air fryer-naive couple.

This air fryer is an appropriate alternative to a deep fryer since it is a healthier and more convenient option. With the Air Fryer by Cozyna, you will only need little oil, 70% less oil to prepare fried food. It is a basic air fryer in comparison to the other advanced models from other companies.

It is a 1500 Watt device with a capacity of 3.2 L, suitable for a couple. It could facilitate the preparation of food by either frying, roasting, baking or grilling. It has a control dial that allows you to set the timer at maximum of 30 minutes, the temperature can be adjusted to get to 392 degrees.

The cleaning of this device is quite simple as all its removable parts are dishwater friendly. You will enjoy the help of the 2 e-cook books that come with this air fryer as they will expose you to over 50 recipes. The manufacturer allows for a 30 day money back guarantee period.


  • It is a healthier option since you will use less oil required in frying food compared to a deep fryer.
  • It is also very cheap option for a great taste and crispiness compared to other models in the market.
  • You will enjoy the wide range of recipes to try out.
  • This is an easy to clean air fryer and it’s quite simple to use.
  • What is more is that there is a money-back period in case you encounter any problems with its use.


  • Some users considered it to be a bit primitive since there are other advanced air fryers with great functionality.
  • In other cases the paint on the exterior peeled off with time but this didn’t affect the functionality of this device.
  • This air fryer usually heats up on the outside during its use.
  • Others have complained of the non-stick Teflon coating chipping and flaking after some time.


Air fryer comparison review and recommendation

After looking at the various air fryer models, let us compare these two models which are in the same range. These are the GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer and the Philips Air Fryer HD9220/26.

These two air fryers are suitable for a couple or a small family if you are aiming at cooking fried food at one go in healthy way. They are both popular models and am sure that they suit the needs of most of us, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Both models have relatively the same cooking time as well as cooking capacity. Their removable parts are dishwasher friendly and they are suitable pick for a couple.

Philips Air Fryer HD9220/26
Philips Air Fryer HD9220/26

The GoWISE model offers great convenience in the preparation of food compared to the Philip HD9220/26 model. The former uses touch screen technology and it comes with 7 preset programs to make it easy for you to prepare fried foods. The latter just has a dial at the top for setting the desired temperature. But both are easy to use.


The Philips HD9220/26 is better at the preparation of healthy fries compared to the GoWISE GW22621 model. Many people have hailed the former for the tastiest and crunchiest fries but its repertoire besides the preparation of fries is questionable.

The Philips model is more expensive compared to the GoWISE model. Due to having a renowned and trusted brand name the former is more expensive compared to the latter. But online stores offer fair prices for both.

Since they have the same functionality, I would recommend the GoWISE GW22621 model for a couple. This would be a prudent decision since this model is cheaper and it comes with 7 preset cooking programs.

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Buying Guide for an Air Fryer

There are couple of factors that need to be borne in your mind when you are planning to buy the best air fryer. Some of the key factors are outlined below:

The capacity of an air fryer

As seen in the article, different models have different capacities, ranging from small, medium to large ones. Depending on the size of your family, you should settle on an air fryer that provides the convenience of preparing a meal at one go.

The small and medium range capacities (1.2 to 3.2L) are suitable for a couple or a small family of three. On the other hand the large capacity (up to 5L) cooking basket air fryer will be suitable for a larger family.

The presence of a rotating basket

Most of the newer versions of air fryers come with a rotating basket feature. This is quite convenient as it will reduce the oil needs. You will additionally enjoy crispier and healthier fried foods and it will also help to greatly save on space, since you can use a low capacity one.

The temperature range and its regulation

The temperature range of an air fryer has a bearing on the kinds of food you can prepare. Having an air fryer with a wide range of temperature gives you more options. You can prepare foods which require relatively low temperature as well as those which require high temperatures to the tune of about 400 degrees.

An air fryer with an adjustable thermostat will thus be convenient and is highly recommended. It will also be good to settle on one which has light indicators as well as an automatic shut-off to avoid overheating or burning of food.

How secure an air fryer is

It is wise to check out the security features of an air fryer to avoid accidents in your kitchen. Air fryers which come with features such as cool touch, locking lid, a non-slip base, automatic shut-off and exterior basket control are highly recommended.

The price of an air fryer

Last but not least, you need to consider the cost implications of a model. There are cheap, moderately priced and expensive air fryers. The choice should be determined with the features offered at a given price in comparison to similar models and what you can afford. Online stores offer good air fryers at fair prices.


Buying an air fryer is a good decision for one to lead a healthier lifestyle. You will use less oil or no oil for the same tastier and crispy fried food. After looking at the various best air fryer reviews, I am sure you are planning on buying one of them. It is good to consider the various factors alluded to in the article before making a purchase.

If you have a small family or you are a couple, the GoWISE GW 22621 is a suitable pick. It is affordable and offers the most recent features with good security features. If you are planning on preparing a meal for a large group, the GoWISE GW22631 is good pick.

For those who are trying out air fryers for the first time, the Air Fryer by Cozyna is an appropriate pick for a start. Hope you found this article to helpful, regards.

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