How to Choose The Best Mattress Topper Covers for Bed Bugs

Once you have bed bugs, you’ll do anything you can to prevent them. Bed bugs are a nuisance – and that’s putting it mildly. With the best mattress topper covers for bed bugs, you can limit your chances of a bed bug infestation. Follow these tips to find the best covers for bed bugs.

What to Look For

There are many different mattress covers available. Although some of them protect you from bed bugs, others don’t. You need to shop carefully when you look for your cover.

Here are a few important features to consider:

A Full Covering

Your mattress cover needs to provide you with complete coverage of your mattress. If it only covers a certain portion of your mattress, the cover leaves you susceptible to pests. Make sure the topper fully covers your mattress.

Some toppers provide extra coverage by covering your box spring. If the topper can encase your mattress and box spring, it will keep you safe from bed bugs.

Appropriate Sealing

A mattress cover works by keeping bed bugs from making an impenetrable barrier for bed bugs. When you put the cover over your mattress, it seals in the bugs and kills them.

If bed bugs can get through the holes in your mattress topper, they won’t die. Instead, they’ll feed on you. They have a small and flat body, which makes it easy for them to get through small spaces. A mattress cover that has loose seams can allow bed bugs through.

When you buy a cover, look for one that has a zipper closure. You should also search for one with strip seals that limit holes.

One with No Toxins

You can find mattress covers for bed bugs that have toxins. Those toxins quickly kill off bed bugs. However, the harsh chemicals can be detrimental to your health. They are also not necessary. A good cover will seal in and kill off your bed bugs without toxins.

Avoid buying covers with chemicals. Instead, opt for a toxin-free cover. It will still kill bed bugs, but will also keep you and your family healthy.

A Tested Cover

The best way to know if a mattress cover works are to test it. Fortunately, many of the best mattress topper covers for bed bugs already have been tested. Typically, labs or entomologists test bed bug covers before they hit the market. Do some research to find out if your cover was tested. You can ask the seller for information or look online for testing results.

Talk to an Expert

If you want to buy the best mattress cover to prevent bed bugs, you should speak to an expert. An expert can help you choose a cover that will get the job done. With her help, you can get a cover that limits your chance of a bed bug takeover.

Whether you think you have bed bugs or you want to prevent them, a pest control technician can help. A bed bug infestation is a serious problem. For that reason, you should get the best advice on treating and preventing the problem.

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