The Best Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Are you looking for cheap seeds? It has always been a problem for people to buy cannabis at reasonable costs, and some of them do not even know how to select the high yielding strains and have no idea of the shipment costs nationally and internationally.

However, some seed strains are quite good in quality and come at reasonable costs. Where to buy cannabis seeds? You can buy them from anywhere given that you know about their difference.

Feminized Weed Seeds

You can buy these seeds as a single pack of seeds. When you try the feminized seeds sale, you should give preferences to strains of sensimilla that are not only affordable but also have high quality. They are priced under $10 per seed and can be bought in as much quantity as you like.

Anubis Feminized Seeds

These are vigorous weed strains that are known for their high yielding quality, have a strong scent, and come in the form of fruit buds. They are suitable to be grown both inside and outside the house, and you can also plant them in a greenhouse. They have dark green leaves and can yield up to 1100 grams per plant. The price of a single seed is nearly $8.

Zombie Kush Feminized Seeds

It is an award-winning hybrid that has dank buds and is widely famous for its genetics. The THC content in these seeds is up to 20 percent. They are easy to plant and are affordable, with the price starting at $9 per seed and raising up to $14 per seed on the basis of the quality of the seeds you choose. One of the core benefits is that these seeds give good results and can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on the space available at your home.

Frencheese Feminized Seeds

How to buy marijuana seeds? These are colorful plants and have indica-dominant weeds. They come in a number of varieties and are resistant to severe climates. They are capable of giving good results given that you have bought free cheesy buds from the market. The two main types to consider are master kush and bred with a super skunk. They contain 12 to 20 percent of THC and are available at $8 per seed from the market.

Tutankhamon Feminized Seeds

These are quite amazing AK47 phenotypes that come with high 22 percent THC production. How to get weed seeds? They are not only affordable but also some with strong aroma scent. They can be bought from any shop, but you should ensure that you have checked the seed for humidity. Their appearance is white, and the price starts at $8 per seed. It may raise up to $10 depending on the quality and the brand you choose. The yield is something from 600 grams to 1500 grams per plant.

Regular Weed Seeds

These seeds are best known for their natural look and affordability. They are usually packed together, and the price starts at $24 per seed. They are among the best quality and stable seeds and are known for their landrace genetic properties. How much do weed seeds cost? As already said, the price is as lower as $25 per seed.

Kuamaoni Regular Seeds

Are you looking for cheapest seed bank? These are mold resistant seeds or plants that can be grown in mountainous areas easily. They are capable of giving good results regardless of humanity or the environment. The price starts from $20 per pack and can increase up to $30, depending on the brand you go with.

Original Afghani Seeds

Are you familiar with weed seed prices? The original Afghani seeds have been around for over a century and are suitable for all types of environments. They are capable of reproducing at a fast speed and allow early flowering. A normal pack comes at $22, and these are among the cheapest yet effective cannabis seeds.

S. African Kwazulu Regular Seeds

When you decide to grow pot from seeds, you should give a try to these cannabis Sativa strains that come with high yielding properties and can develop into dominant cola buds. They were first grown in South Africa and have up to 20 percent of THC. They are pure, sizable and come at $25 per pack.

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