4 Best Epilators for Face Review 2019

You have probably heard the term epilator, but you may be unsure of what it means. It is actually just a type of hair remover that is used all over the body, but is most commonly used for unwanted facial hair.

What makes it different than other types of hair removal is that it removes the hair from the root, which is a lot more effective than some of the other methods that are often used.

Let’s check Top 4 Best Epilator for Face 2016


Braun SE9-579 | Silk-epil 9
Braun SE9-579 – Silk-epil 9


Braun SE7681 | Silk-epil 7
Braun SE7681 – Silk-epil 7


Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer
Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer


 Bellabe Facial Hair Removers
Bellabe Facial Hair Removers



Causes of Facial Hair

In order to fully understand why you should use an epilator, you first need to understand what causes women to grow facial hair in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons.

  • You are producing too many male hormones. When a woman has too much testosterone, they begin producing more facial hair than normal. It can also cause other undesirable side effects.
  • You may have a disorder causing it. There are different illnesses and disorders that can cause you to grow too much hair. If you have never had a problem and then start to notice a large amount of hair growth all of a sudden, it’s probably a good idea to go have yourself checked out. Some of these conditions are quite serious and may require medication.
  • It is growing because of a pill or supplement you are taking. There are certain prescriptions or supplements that can cause excessive hair growth. For example, if you are taking a pill to help you grow your hair, it isn’t limited to just your head.
  • It’s hereditary. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it because having more hair than normal on your face is in your genes. Don’t worry though, because there are many ways to get rid of it.

What You Can Do ?

The fact is, many women will have problems with facial hair in their lifetime. Between the stress of life and all the fluctuating hormones that you have from month to month and year to year, it’s bound to cause an issue at some point. That is why there are so many ways to make sure that it stays away, even if it’s short term. Here are the most popular ways of getting rid of unnecessary hair and how to use them.

>>> Shaving

This is your run of the mill razor and soap or shaving cream method. It involves running a razor across your skin and cutting the hair from the area. This process is inexpensive and works immediately. It also isn’t hard to do and doesn’t’ require special equipment.

However, a shave doesn’t last very long. In some cases, you can see hair grow back the same day.

>>> Depilatory Creams

This type of cream is rubbed on the body and is designed to break the hair down, so that it stays away for quite a while. You simply leave the cream on for a certain number of minutes, and then wash it off.

The only problem is that these creams can cause allergic reactions and they are also messy to use, but they do keep the hair away for up to a week.

>>> Waxing

If you want your hair to stay away for a while, waxing can help. It involves putting hot wax on your body and ripping off a medium to large section of hair at once.

This can be quite painful, but it offers results. You can do this yourself in the privacy of your home, or have it done at a salon.

It is important to note that this is a safe method that can keep the hair away for up to 2 months.

>>> Plucking

If you have a set of tweezers, you know about this method. It involves plucking hairs out individually, until you get the desired result. While this can take a lot of time and be quite painful, the results do last a while.

However, it isn’t possible to pluck all the hair on your face, especially if you have more than normal.

>>> Laser Removal

This method involves a permanent solution to unwanted hair. However, it can be quite expensive and you have to go to a professional to get it done.

It involves using a laser to make sure the hair follicles don’t produce hair again. You may need many treatments to see lasting results though and the process isn’t suited for everyone.

>>> Epilator

So you may be wondering what makes an epilator different than all these methods. Is it better or does it do something extra? These devices have a lot of benefits and not many drawbacks.

  • They are easier to use than creams and waxes, and last longer than shaving. Moreover, the devices are less expensive than laser removal treatments.
  • Other benefits include that the process is not messy at all, and it’s actually quite convenient. Since epilators are small, you can take them anywhere, and you don’t necessarily have to have water around to use them.
  • Furthermore, you can see results for up to two weeks. That means you don’t have to repeat the process that often. You can use them on the fly, virtually anywhere on your body.

What an epilator does is take out each hair individually, so that the effects last a long time. It can be painful at first, but after the first time, it shouldn’t cause pain again. This is because the more times you use the machine, the less course and thick the hair should be.

Brief Reviews of Top 4 Best Epilator for Face 2016

Here are some of the best epilator for face on the market and what they can do for you. Read these reviews to see which one sounds like it can offer you the results you’re looking for.

#1. Braun SE9-579 | Silk-epil 9

Best Choice
Braun SE9-579|Silk-epil 9
4.34.3 / 5
This item has everything you need to rid yourself of the undesired hair on your body.

It also comes with a cleansing brush for your face and other accessories, such as a stand, to make the whole process easier. 

This item has everything you need to rid yourself of the undesired hair on your body. It can be used wet or dry, which covers most instances, and has a wide head, so it can get a lot of hair in one pass through.

Another great thing about this model is that it has a light on it, so you can see what you are doing and since it is cordless, you don’t have to be near a wall socket to be able to use it.

The battery lasts for 40 minutes of use, so you are well covered there as well.

People that use the device say that it really hurts the first time you use it. That is because the hair is literally getting pulled out of your body. Of course, after the first time, it shouldn’t hurt as much and the hair will stay gone for quite a long time.

Some people only have to use this machine once every 4 weeks or so, and it is safe enough to use all over your body, so you won’t need other products.


( Braun Silk-epil 9 | Best braun epilator reviews by Kaushal Beauty. Source Youtube.com )

#2. Braun Epilator 7681 | Silk-epil 7

Also Great
Braun SE7681 | Silk-epil 7
4.24.2 / 5
It has two different speeds, so you can use it at whatever pace you want. This is perfect if need to take it slow, or just have a few touch up areas that need to be evened out.

This product is much like the one discussed previously, with a few minor differences.

The first one is that this model doesn’t come with a cleansing brush for your face. However, it does come with special wipes to use for moisturizing. These should keep the areas you used the machine on softer and help with any pain or irritation you are experiencing.

Additionally, this product can also be used in wet or dry situations, and comes with a variety of different heads, depending on if you are using it for the first time or need to do maintenance on some of your problem areas.

While users still report a great amount of pain, others are quite impressed with this gadget because it can take out hair that is very fine.

It has two different speeds, so you can use it at whatever pace you want. This is perfect if need to take it slow, or just have a few touch up areas that need to be evened out.

( Braun Epilator 7681 | Silk-epil 7 Reviews by Grace Bruce. Source: https://www.youtube.com )

#3. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

Also Great
Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer
4.24.2 / 5
This is a small device that can do a lot of different jobs for you. It is designed to remove the hair you don’t want from your face and neck area, and has a hypoallergenic blade, so it won’t cause any rashes or other irritation.

This is a small device that can do a lot of different jobs for you. It is designed to remove the hair you don’t want from your face and neck area, and has a hypoallergenic blade, so it won’t cause any rashes or other irritation.

It also has a design that allows the device to fit on the contours of your face, so that it can get into the right areas to do the job properly. This is because the head of the appliance rotates a bit; it isn’t just straight.
The small wand also comes with two special combs that help you contour your eyebrows. This is especially useful since you can use this one even if you already have makeup on.

Most people have no complaints with this trimmer, mostly because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it is small enough to be discreet. In fact, the machine is so small that it only needs one battery and can be used anywhere. It is around the size of a pen, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The one downside is that it isn’t able to trim all the hair off of your face. If you have areas of hair that are course, you may have to use something else to remove it.

( Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer – best panasonic epilator review by TheMarleyMar24 )

#4. Bellabe Facial Hair Removers

Also Great
Bellabe Facial Hair Removers
4.24.2 / 5
This is because the head of the appliance rotates a bit; it isn’t just straight.

This hair remover doesn’t have any moving parts or batteries to worry about. This is a bonus if you are always on the go. You can just slip one of these in your purse and have it when you need it. It is essentially a metal spring that you can put directly on your face in order to pull out whatever hairs you need gone. It is proven to remove the hair completely, and it isn’t messy. This product even comes with a plastic case, so that it won’t get dirty in between uses.

On the flip side, this product can hurt a bit to use at times, and it isn’t right for the hair all over your face. For instance, you cannot use this one on your eyebrows, but it is perfect for places like your upper lip and chin. Some people may also have trouble using it, but there are videos online to watch if you need more help. It is a very simple product that is also very useful.

( My review of Bellabe Facial Hair Remover… Does it Work? by LifestyleofBeauty . Source: youtube.com )

My Honest Recommendation

By now, you know everything you need to know about epilators, and you are aware of the other methods of hair removal and what they involve. If you think you want to try one, there is no reason for you to not make a purchase. Each of these products is affordable and can be used for a long time. The devices are small, but they are powerful and durable.

The best epilator for face one out of this list is the Braun Silk-epil 9 because of all the things it can do. It can be used nearly anywhere, either in the shower, sitting on your sofa, or anywhere in between, and even comes with a brush that helps you exfoliate the areas you want to use it on before you use it. This can help with the irritation and pain levels.

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Keep these products in mind when you’re looking for a solution to your facial hair problems. The sooner you purchase one, the sooner you don’t have to worry about embarrassing hair any longer. The results are effective and last a while, so it isn’t something you have to do every day. This saves you time and money.

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