5 Best Foosball Table Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Foosball tables are making a comeback. With so many men having ‘man caves’ and recreation rooms in their houses and finished basements with bars in their homes, it just makes sense that they need the entertainment pieces as well. This is where foosball is one of the top selling table games for men.

Foosball is a great game for family and friends. It seems to be common in the man cave, but women can join in too. Choosing the best foosball table is more than looking at prices, it’s also about looking at the quality and features in comparison with other tables on the market. To come up with this decision, I was research and try some of the best tables on the market at a consumer level and present the results to you.

Top 5 Best Foosball Table Reviews

1. The Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 inch

Also Great
4.74.7 / 5
It provides durability, the structure alone is worth the purchase. The shape of the legs allows the weight of the table and the pressure of playing to be distributed evenly amongst the table

This foosball table is a beauty. Kick brand is some of the best quality foosball tables made on the market. They are also very easy to assemble.

This table has great lines and has a warm chestnut colour suitable for anyone’s recreation room. This is also Kick’s best seller, and you can probably see why. Each of the players is hand crafted and are also easy to control, which is what matters most. They come in red and blue so you are easily able to differentiate between the two teams.

This has my pock for the best foosball table brand.


  • You are able to assemble the table, and doing so you can pick from 3 different goalie uniforms
  • Has 8 chrome plated rods in which the players are set up on
  • The legs are sturdy, and the surface is flat for optimal playing quality
  • The company has wonderful customer service. This is key when you have to assemble your foosball table, and it is missing equipment and pieces
  • Directions for assembly are easy enough to follow


  • Many reports having difficulty assembling and believe with the money spent it should already be assembled upon delivery
  • Upon delivery some reported the box to be tampered with, but this has nothing to do with the manufacturer’s side
  • The table requires two adults to move it. I hope you are strong!

Verdict: Get this table. It may be heavy, but it is an investment piece. I always recommend wood over plastic for a foosball table. Always.

2. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Also Great
44 / 5
It has a wide end-ball return, makes it easier to retrieve the ball for all hand sizes. This type of ball return allows people of all ages to grab the ball

You have a choice with this table for them to include assembly. Many will agree that you should check that button!

This particular foosball table has ½ inch rods made of chrome and fantastic rubber grips for you that are ergonomic and easy to hold thus making it easier for you to defend and score. This table has 13 men on each team and that includes the goalies. You also have an end ball return which makes playing for the next point even easier.

Having it be ready assembled, this could perhaps be one of the best home foosball tables and best cheap foosball table.


  • Has a 90 day limited warranty
  • A relatively light table is weighing in at around 50 pounds. Some have the potential to weigh double.
  • Since it is not made of wood, you can move it from room to room more easily and with fewer people
  • Perfect size for both adults and children
  • Have four handles on each side so you can play two two


  • Has a 3 goalie setup
  • Instructions for putting it together are not that great
  • Chrome rods are thinner than some would like
  • If you are an adult, the goalie’s ball return may be too small for your normal sized fingers – you may need kid hands for assistance.

Verdict: Should buy for families with kids. It is a great tool for beginners and can be played with two or four people.

3. Sports Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Also Great
4.54.5 / 5
It has great dimensions, chrome rods, and rubber grooved grips for maximum comfort. It’s a fantastic option for those who don’t have a large living or playing area.

This is a compact table top foosball table. It does not come with legs, but then again without the legs, it is easier to store. This one has my vote for best foosball table for the money coming in just over $50.

There is chrome planted rods that are made of steel that hold the players together. You are able to control their actions with rubber grooved handles. They even include 2 soccer foosball so you do not need to buy any additional ones right away.

When assembled, the foosball table top only weighs about 15 ½ pounds making it the lightest by far. Due to its size and weight, it is great for young families with small children. You can put it on the best height surface for your family since it does not have legs.


  • There is a scored tab so you and your opponents can keep score
  • Great for youngsters and even for their parents and grandparents
  • Easy to assemble
  • Most suitable for children due to its size
  • Price matches quality


  • Players are smaller than average
  • Not very durable or sturdy
  • Since it is narrow, you need to find a narrow table to place it on which can be quite difficult
  • Made of cheap plastic rather than nice wood or another durable material

Verdict: Perfect for a beginner learning the game, but not for an older family.

4. The Carrom Signature 55 in Foosball Table

Also Great
4.44.4 / 5
This table features bead scoring on each end, made out of natural wood and designed with the traditional table in mind. This screams luxurious.

This is the professional’s foosball table that would be set up inside of Joey and Chandler’s apartment. This is the best foosball table under $1000 (just barely). This is made of the best qualities you can purchase for a foosball table. Very durable.

It has a 0.375 inch playing surface along with enamel graphics that are screen printed. This screams luxurious. The chrome bar is 5/8 inches and has 8 sided hardwood handles. No rubber for this table. Just premium quality for better spinning.

You are even able to choose your wood furnishings. You have Moroccan, Fresco, Burr Oak or Emerald Santos. The legs are made of black vinyl. Due to the amaze g wood and vinyl, you foosball tables weighs the same as a grown adult male – 180 pounds.


  • This table was made in the USA
  • Very well packaged so it will not be broken upon arrival
  • The customer service is second to none. Broken or missing part, they will replace it right away
  • There are 2 sets of players
  • You can have a single or triple goal
  • Table itself is a focal and discussion point for when guests come due to its beauty
  • Offers 12 month financing


  • Instructions can be difficult to follow
  • Make sure you secure the playing Otherwise, the players may fall out
  • The screws provided are not necessarily the right size for the players
  • The playing surface is not quite level – the ball seems to float to certain areas more than others

Verdict: Get this table, especially if you are passionate about foosball. You can choose your wood and make it a custom fit to your lifestyle.

5. Tornado Sports Foosball Table 

Also Great
4.74.7 / 5
This table is high-quality mahogany with a melamine finish, height- adjustable legs with boot levelers. The SureGrip plastic handles allow optimal comfort with a relaxed playstyle.

Another beauty. This foosball table is made of beautiful mahogany with a single inch thick cabinet. It is the only table that has height adjusters! If you’re short like me or tall like most of my friends, you can use this table with ease. The SureGrip plastic handles allow optimal comfort with a relaxed playstyle, which is awesome for my carpal tunnel ridden hands.

This is our heaviest table weighing in at 205 pounds. Since it is so sturdy, I will have to say that this is the best foosball table for adults. I do not think you will want your kids around this expensive wooden table.


  • Made in the USA in Richland Hills, Texas
  • Very well made
  • This is a grownups foosball table
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best rated foosball table
  • Offers 12 month financing


  • Very few people have anything negative to say
  • Has no counterweight players
  • Players are relatively small
  • Requires maintenance such as wood polishing and buffing out scratches

Verdict: Great investment piece that every bachelor pad needs. If you are not able to keep up with the maintenance then do not bother. The wood needs to be polished frequently.

Buying guide

Now you know what is on the market, how about seeing what you want and need for your foosball table:

Made of wood

They  are so much nicer looking compared to cheap plastic foosball tables. They are sturdier and are also a conversation piece. Even if you have a family, the wood tables are perfectly safe. They are a game in which the children wild grow with since their legs can be adjusted. If you purchase a cheap plastic one, they will be beaten up with in a year. Wood is a lifetime investment. Less money will be spent in the long run.

Steel rods

 You will have better control over the players and have more speed as well. It is the best of both worlds. Plus it is lighter than other materials used.


If you do not have a good playing surfaces, then you do not have a good foosball game going. It needs to be smooth and flat. No bumps and no hills. It has to be completely flat.


Make sure the table can come assembled. This was offered on a few of the tables and will save you from a shouting match and a headache. I know when it comes to my family, if it is not already assembled, then we will pay extra to have it assembled because we want it to come out right. If you are good with instruction manuals and are handy, the just skip this suggestion.


Make sure you have enough room for the foosball table. What a waste of time, effort and money if you did not have space or strength to put it in your recreation room or living room. No man cave should have to deny access to a foosball table.

Who is it for?

Beginner: look for a cheap and inexpensive foosball table. If you realise you are not interested, then you will not be upset that you invested a small amount of money on it.

Intermediate: You know how foosball works, and this is when you should be putting a bit more money into the foosball table since you will be playing more frequently. Perhaps a moderately priced wooden table, but not one that is custom made.

Advanced: This is where you can splurge on a foosball table for yourself. You enjoy the sport and have plenty of friends and family to play with. Go for it, find that custom made foosball table today.


Look at the price and figure out what you have to work with. Some tables will go on offer around holidays, but for the most part, they are over the $100 mark for a good foosball table. If you are worried, some of the better quality tables do offer 12 month financing so that is always an option. Ask yourself: what’s my budget?


At the end of the day, I would purchase either the Carron Signature 55 inch Foosball table or the Tornado Sports Foosball table. Both are made of luxurious wood and built in the USA. They are of the best quality and built to last. They will grow with your family and will be used for years and years to come.

Make sure your room that you will put the foosball table in has the room for it. They are able to be placed in a corner when not being used but are beautiful enough to be on display with the rest of your nice furniture and family items.

Go ahead, purchase one of this good-looking man made wooden tables built here in the USA. You and your recreation room are worth it.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about best foosball tables and are ready to purchase one.

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