Best Place To Shoot A Deer

Like in all hunting expeditions, dear hunting entails a lot of skill which require the one doing it to have the right shooting aim, gun and even to know the exact area to shoot. The fact that deer meat is one of the delicacies loved in equal measure by wild game meat eaters makes placing the shot at the right place an important formality. So we should know best place to shoot a deer to improve your result when hunting deer.

Learn best place to shoot a deer
Learn best place to shoot a deer

Moving into the convectional rule of shooting the wild game, which entailed placing the shot just at the area of the heart, dear shooting may not deviate from this in any way. Because of the swift nature of the dear, placing the shot at the correct place can be a daunting task.

For many dear shooters however, the mere sight of a wounded animal going about is an indication of loss, both on the important resource of rifle powder and even the time which may be taken to subdue the animal eventually.

Hunting in itself requires precision and level headedness with the welfare of the dear you are killing at heart. This calls for agility in ensuring that the animal is killed quickly with no chance for moving before it dies. You should preservate  your gun in best gun safe to keep it safe and work perfect.

4 best place to shoot a deer

Shooting positions of crouching or sitting may give you a better aim .The best place to shoot a dear with the all important one shot may be classified in two different places:

  • The shoulder area– the placement of the shot in this area was meant to help hit the important organ of the heart and the lungs, which eventually lead to the end of breathing and blood flow. The result of this was always quick demise of the dear. This was the ultimate aim of all dear hunters, in a bid to preserve the meat quality. The shoulder aim may in most cases change depending on how the animal moves, which prompts the shooter to take a new range at the dear. This kind of aim may be regarded as to the ‘right from behind’.
  • The ribcage– this is usually important for the hunter to take an aim centrally and wants the bullet effects to felt to the center. The important point which comes out is that the shot will take a hit at the internal organs. Of particular note is that aiming at this spot has been touted as the most effective as it gives that one show of efficiency, which each of the deer hunters could be searching for.
  • A head and brain: Any animal will quickly die when shot in the head, but it’s also a little complicated if you want to make a head shot. It’s not easy and it’s have some cons. Let’s read a part below.
  • A neck: Neck is also a dead deer, shot in the neck will paralyze deer, you can not kill it immediately, but it helps the deer can not run anymore

Some note when you shoot a deer

However, while aiming for that quick kill, there are things which may spoil your dear meat and the overall hunting expedition. These include;

Keep the meat intact– there are certain spots which when hit mat spoil the meat and render it low quality. Though aiming the shot on the neck may at times give the hunter the ultimate kill, it is known to be a low percentage shot and not affect the intended vital organs, which in turn end up spoiling the meat.

Don’t shoot right on the head-because of their natural behavior, dear are hard to shoot on the head even when not moving. Aiming for the head may alert the animal and make you lose more time and rifle powder. However, at times, you may be lucky to get the dear on the head, and if by any chance it got it on some vein, then it will bleed profusely and die. You can click here to know why don’t shooting on the head of deer.

The likelihood of a dear shot on the head t move for long distances before falling dead is very high. However, the question most professional deer hunters are asking is, do they really have the time to follow the dears blood stains as it trots away? Not really, so just get the high percentage shot.


It is not any secret that deer hunting season is approaching fast and many of us are getting ready for the kill. This may not be possible if we don’t prepare well both physically and psychologically for the event. It is better to learn the use of the weapon at hand whether it is a rifle or an arrow.

Though the two hunting weapons are usually not of the same range, they are loved in equal measure to give almost the same results, with the same user range. What I may advice for is concentration, discipline and perseverance in the course of deer hunting; it’s no mean task after all. Hope you can find the information to know best place to shoot a deer, it’s important facter help you kill a deer quickly.

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