Best Places For A Romantic Weekend

When both of you are extremely busy people, there is no chance you can simply leave for the countryside and enjoy freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning. So you expect an opportunity to reunite at all costs.

How did you, guys, even manage to date each other in the first place, having such a busy schedule? You desperately need to go on a mini-trip together! It will be easier to choose the place of destination because here is the list of best countries and cities for romantic weekend getaways:

Barcelona, Spain

What should you see in two days of your weekend? Of course, the Plaza Catalunya, which is a huge square with trees, fountains and the largest shopping center El Corte Ingles.

Boulevard Rambla is the place where there are represented 50% of all the sights of Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished work of the infamous architect Gaudi. Everything is extremely beautiful and spectacular. In Barcelona, there are a lot of romantic restaurants.

A reward for a walk around the old town and its narrow streets is sure to be a charming restaurant. However, if you do not want to choose the wrong destination, take a look at the romantic restaurants in Barcelona. For those who are interested in a spacious, glamorous and lively place, an inexpensive restaurant Senyor Parellada will be a suitable choice. The restaurant is located in the heart of the old and picturesque area of El Born and offers Catalan cuisine.

Tunisia (Tunisia Republic)

The best place to visit in just two days is Carthage, which is a well-known suburb of the capital, where the summer residence of the president is situated, and it was the richest city in the country a long time ago. Medina is a huge colorful square with local food and entertainment for tourists.

The Bardo Museum has the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. Nowadays Tunisia has absorbed four cities and long overstepped the population of a million people. There are many other sights in Tunisia, their age is thousands of years old.

The concept of “eternity” takes on a sacred meaning here. Tunisia is one of the cheap romantic weekend getaways for all the pockets!

Dubai (UAE)

Dubai is the very place to unravel historical graciousness.

It is a very beautiful sightseeing where both of you can enjoy warm waters, pleasant climate as well as the feel of luxury. Here you can shop at the central mall or just go to the local market on a shopping spree.

The best place to visit if you are a sweet tooth is a store called Candylicious. It is a real kingdom of candy, chocolate, lollipops, another beautiful and colorful treats.

Or at least you can go to the Golden market. I am sure you have never seen a place where so many pieces of jewelry are collected and sold out for cheap.

Jumeirah Beach has 13 hectares of trees, green bushes, and clean air. And of course, shopping, shopping, shopping – always a romantic weekend idea!

Larnaca, Cyprus

Pine forests on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains are an excellent place to escape the strong heat of Cyprus and unite with your significant other.

It is always cooler here than on the coast, and clean air is filled with the scent of pine needles. There are many hiking trails, one of the most romantic of which is the path to the waterfalls of Calydonia near the town of Pano Platres.

In these books, there is a lot of living creatures and, perhaps, you will be lucky to see in the natural habitat of endemics of local forests – Cypriot moufflons or “agrinos”. What a romantic weekend getaway!

Limassol castles are a favor among romantics, lovers of history and outdoor activities. Not far from the city, there is a perfectly kept amphitheater, the ruins of ancient temples and mosaic panels in the ancient Kurion.

And in Limassol itself, you can explore two fortresses: the medieval bulwark of Knights Hospitallers Colossi and Limassol Castle of the Ottoman Empire.

Thus, Larnaca concludes best romantic weekend getaways places, loved by a Russian woman.

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