Best Waist Trainer 2016 Reviews from Top Brands

Over the years, countless individuals have attempted to lose weight to no avail. Slimming down and transforming your body into a work of art can be incredibly difficult. As innovation has emerged, new products have become available and many can assist in your quest to slim your waistline. One of the latest and most effective trends is the waist trainer. Waist trainers or cinchers are designed to help squeeze and mold the waist over a period of time. By wearing one of these products regularly, your waist will remain compressed tightly and this will eventually lead to a slimmer, more attractive waistline.

Unfortunately, the market is oversaturated with waist trainers, so finding the right one for your specific situation can be difficult. Some of these products are unsafe, while others are ineffective. And, some aren’t worth your money. How can you truly reassure yourself that you’re buying the best waist training possible and will be able to achieve the results you’re after? This will require a little bit of research, contemplation, and will force you to answer a few personal questions. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Within this page, you will discover an in-depth buying guide, which will help you make the right choice.

Brief Reviews of Top 5 Best Waist Trainers 2016

1/ ShaperQueen 1020 Waist Trainer

ShaperQueen 1020 is Best Waist TrainerAlmost every woman desires to have a small waistline. Of course, this is not always possible, especially for those that have just given birth. Well, that is until now, thanks to the ShaperQueen 1020 waist trainer. This undergarment has sex appeal, so its genuine purpose can be the lady’s little secret. Many women are utilizing this outfit as part of their waist training regimen and it has proven to be very effective in slimming down the waist in a time efficient manner.

When comparing the ShaperQueen with the Bafully waist trainer, it is obvious why so many women prefer it. This waist trainer is designed as a one-piece outfit, with a girdle, panty, and bra. It is equipped with three sets of hooks and eye columns to offer you a little more flexibility. There are also two sets of hooks and eye columns on the panty, making it much easier to use the restroom.

The ShaperQueen 1020 is designed out of polyester and spandex material. This fabric is not only soft and flexible, but it has moisture wicking properties that will keep your body cool and dry. The fabric is also embedded with flowers and bold stitching that adds eye appeal to the overall design.


  • Three sets of hooks
  • Designed to provide midsection and back support
  • Durable, breathable, and flexible material
  • Panty hooks for convenience
  • Sexy design


  • Making adjustments can be quite tedious with so many tiny hooks

Overall, the ShaperQueen is one of the best waist trainers on the market. You can make adjustments accordingly and wear it all day long, without exhibiting any discomfort or overheating.

2/ Camellias 26 Waist Trainer

Camellias 26 Waist TrainerWaist training is a great way to slim down your waistline in a time efficient manner. Of course, you will need to invest in a waist trainer that will offer you the necessities required to see positive results. The Camellias 26 may be exactly what you are looking for and besides it is available in various colors and styles. When comparing the Camellias 26 with the Fetoo, you can instantly see why this brand is found to be more favorable. The 26 steel bones embedded into the material will not only support your midsection, but it will provide ample support for your mid, lower back, and busts.

The large hooks are very easy to manage, plus there are only 5 of them, so you can don and remove the garment in a much quicker manner. The back lacing enhances the overall design, while offering a whole lot of versatility. Once you don the corset shaper, you can make frequent adjustments by just loosening the laces a bit. This is definitely much easier than trying to fasten/unfasten multiple tiny hooks.


  • Equipped with 5 large hooks for added convenience
  • Designed with 3 layers of fabric
  • Embedded with 26 steel bars
  • Sturdy stitching that will not unravel
  • Lacing is very sexy and easy to adjust
  • Supports the back and elevates the bust line


  • Three layers of material is great, but it is not breathable

The Camellias 26 is a high-quality corset shaper that not only offers a high level of effectiveness, but is a pleasure to wear. It is so sexy that your partner will have no idea that you are waist training.

3/ Ann Chery Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Trainer

Ann Chery Faja Deportiva Workout Waist CincherAre you constantly trying to find a way to enhance your workout? If so, you should consider investing in the Ann Chery Faja Deportiva. This waist trainer is designed to offer an immense amount of support for the midsection and lumbar region. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because its main purpose is to slim the waistline and give your body a silhouette appearance.

The Faja Deportiva is designed out of 48% cotton, 2% elastane, and 50% latex materials, so it will offer flexibility, comfort, and durability. The cotton inner layers will prevent skin irritation and absorb moisture to keep it away from your body. It is equipped with 2 sets of hooks and eye closures, so you can make adjustments accordingly.


  • Designed out of flexible, breathable, and soft materials
  • Extends up higher on the back to offer more support
  • Available in various colors (pink, blue, purple, and black)
  • Can be used for workouts or casual wear
  • Latex core band to prevent skin irritation
  • Heats up the midsection to burn belly fat faster


  • If you have a short stature, the fabric will extend below the pelvic line

The Ann Chery Faja Deportiva offers an immense amount of flexibility and versatility. The fabric is very comfortable, soft, and will heat up your midsection, while keeping the moisture away from your skin.

4/ Squeem Perfect Waist Compressional Waist Trainer

Squeem Perfect waist trainerIf you are looking for a best waist trainer that can be worn discretely underneath your attire, you should definitely consider the Squeem Perfect Waist. This undergarment is designed to give your body an hourglass figure in a very discrete manner. The material is embedded with flexible bones to prevent the edges from sagging and rolling up, while providing the support needed to keep your midsection and spine stabilized.

Perfect Waist is eloquently constructed out of Squeem Intelligent Fabric, which will mold to your curves and slim your midsection. The cotton lining is triple-filtered to add additional comfort and keep the body cool and dry throughout wear. This brand will make the perfect post-partum waist trainer, plus it will provide your midsection with the much needed support to help you get back in shape.


  • Available in sizes ranging from extra small to 5X
  • Discrete design
  • Enhances your body shape and helps burn belly fat
  • Molds to the body perfectly
  • Cotton lining absorbs moisture and prevents skin irritation


  • Torso may be a little too short for tall women

The Squeen Perfect Waist is one of the most discrete waist trainers available on the market. You can wear it underneath your casual and formal attire without anyone knowing.

5/ Camellias 26 Bones Double Steel Boned Waist Trainer

Camellias 26 Best Waist TrainingIf you’re looking for a solid under bust waist training corset, you should look no further than Camellias. This corset offers an assortment of features and characteristics, which help to make it idealistic for waist training, yet comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. First and foremost, the corset is available in an assortment of style colors. You can choose from red, black, white, and even leather. More importantly, the corset implements the use of 26 steel bones. This combination helps to ensure the trainer is strong and durable enough to deliver the desired results, while also withstanding the test of time, so you can use it for many years to come.

The product also features three layers of fabric. The inner layers are made from high-quality cotton, which is exactly what you want. The cotton inner will ensure the corset is breathable and comfortable against your skin. The accompanying strings are very beneficial and give the user the ability to configure the tightness and size to meet their desired preferences. When compared to the ShaperQueen, the Camellias Corset is a little more difficult to secure and tighten, but this is really its only downfall.


  • 26 steel bones guarantee the desired results
  • Inner cotton is very comfortable and breathable
  • Incredibly stylish and available in numerous color schemes
  • Finding the right size is very simple
  • Doesn’t pinch the skin


  • Slightly difficult to tighten
  • Need to be tightened with a lot of force for the best results

All in all, the Camellias 26 Bones Waist Training Corset is a great investment. Although it does have a few minor cons, they’re not deal breakers and are easy to ignore. With a little bit of patience and practice, this corset will prove to be very effective and well worth its price.

Best Waist Trainer for Men

Although waist training is most commonly associated with women, many man have also taken up the technique. As such products have proven to be effective for slimming the user’s waistline and have been endorsed by various celebrities, more and more man have embraced the trend. Of course, men are much different from women and their specific desires and goals will deviate substantially. Women have been able to utilize their products to great success, so many will ultimately be able to do the same. Men, who have embraced this unconventional technique, admit it provides them with a better shape and additional confidence.

At the same time, a reliable waist trainer is essential for men, who wish to develop their abs and make them more pronounced. By combining a waist trainers with a solid workout routine, which specifically targets the abs, men will be able to achieve the coveted six-pack much sooner than they normally would. Truly, waist trainers are suitable for all men, whether they wish to slim down or show off their hard work in the gym. Just remember to purchase a trainer, which is specifically designed for men, as the female varieties may not deliver the results that are designed.

The Full Body Waist Trainer

When scouring through the market’s array of waist cinches, you’ll find that they’re available in various shapes and styles. For some specific circumstances, the full body waist trainer will prove to be the most effective. Although it serves the same purpose as its traditional counterpart, the full-body alternative takes things one step further. It gives the user the ability to mold and shape their entire body and not just their waist. Depending on the specific model in question, the product may also be able to mold the legs and thighs. When compared to the results of a traditional waist trainer, the full-body version will deliver a more uniform shape and not an hour-glass figure.

The full body waist trainer is idealistic for those that wish to shape their legs and a portion of their upper body, as well as their waist. If you do opt for this specific variety of waist trainer, you will want to make sure you choose a model, which is very breathable. Such products are often manufactured out of restrictive material, which can become uncomfortable quickly. Breathability is vital and will give you the ability to wear the trainer for the duration of the day, without any pain, excess sweating or discomfort.

Factors to consider when buy a Waist Trainer

Best waist trainer stylesNow, it is absolutely essential to understand that each consumer is different. Their budget, goals, and preferences will vary substantially. This makes it impossible to definitely label a specific product as the best for everyone. Instead, each consumer will need to evaluate their precise needs and come to an ultimate decision for themselves. In order to do this and to make sure your money is spent wisely, you’ll want to consider your options and compare each. When making the comparison, you’ll need to weigh and consider a handful of attributes, including size, comfort, price, and breathability. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the most vital components to consider, when attempting to find a good waist trainer.

  1. Make Your Desires Clear – Before even looking at the waist trainers, it is absolutely essential to analyze your own specific situation. What exactly do you want to be able to achieve from utilizing the product? Slimming down your waist is obvious. How about your legs? Would you like to also slim down the legs or the upper body? Remember that there are various types of waist trainers and each one will be suitable for a specific purpose. Therefore, you’ll need to know what purpose you wish to achieve, before moving forward.
  2. Maintenance Requirements – Next, you’ll need to take the time to consider the maintenance requirements for each of your potential purchases. What type of material is used to make the product? Can it be thrown in the washer once the day has come to a conclusion? If you want the most convenience possible, you’ll want to opt for a waist trainer, which can be thrown in the washer and dryer once the day has ended. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Some of trainers will need to be washed by hand. Just make sure you’re well aware of what you’re getting yourself into, before handing over your money.
  3. Stretch And Flex – It is also a good idea to look at the spandex content of the waist trainer. Spandex is a fairly stretchy and flexible material. Depending on the amount of spandex used in the manufacturing of the product, the waist trainer will either be very tight and restrictive or flexible and more comfortable. Stretch and flexible will be idealistic for a lot of consumers, since it’ll ensure their cincher will be comfortable and they’ll be able to wear it daily from the get-go. However, a tighter trainer can deliver more rapid and dramatic results. Just remember that it takes time, practice and dedication to use a more restrictive waist trainer on a daily basis.
  4. Understand The Size Options – When looking at waist trainer on the market, you’ll find that the mass majority of them are available in various sizes, which typically include small, medium and large. Others may offer other sizes and it will be your responsibility to make sure you get the best size for your specific body. Purchase a waist trainer in much different from investing in a pair of pants or underwear. You’ll need to consider your waist size, hip circumference, and your weight. The combination will help you determine precisely which size is right for you. Be sure to check with the manufacturer and examine their specifics, since the details can vary slightly from brand to brand.
  5. Choose The Boning – The type of boning used within the corset will make a huge difference. Plastic is a good choice for those that wish to save money, but plastic isn’t durable and can give very easily. This makes it unrealistic for those wishing to waist train. Instead, plastic boning is only recommended, if you want to look stylish and sexy in the apparel. If you’re serious about waist training and really want to mold your waist, you’ll want to opt for steel boning. This specific type of boning is available in flat steel and spiral steel. Steel boning will ultimately increase the price to some degree, but it’ll also ensure you get the precise results that you’re after. And finally, you may want to consider double boned waist trainers. These are the most restrictive and are exceptional for waist training purposes.
  6. Number of Bones – The specific type of material used for the boning is important, but you should not neglect the number of bones. In order for the waist trainer to be effective and sturdy enough to withstand repeated use, it needs to have a sufficient number of bones. Generally, a reliable waist trainer will be equipped with twenty or more bones. Opting for a product, which has this specific number or more is highly recommended. This will enhance the longevity of the product, while also ensuring that the trainer is capable of modifying your body to your expectations.
  7. Placement Of Boning – Another thing to take into mind is the place of the steel boning. In order to make sure your waist trainer will be able to serve you effective for an extensive period of time, you’ll want to choose one that has steel bones on both sides of its grommets. The grommets should be centralized and in the middle of two steel bones. Strategically placing the bones and grommets in this manner will help to add additional strength and stability to the trainer, while also ensuring it is capable of shrinking your waist to the desired level.
  8. Over Bust or Under Bust – The next choice you’ll need to make is choosing the type of upper configuration you prefer. Waist trainers are designed differently and some will cover the breasts, while others will stop just short of the breasts. The over burst trainer will physically cover your assets, while the under bust will not. If you want the easiest purchase possible, you’re better off with the under bust, since you’ll only need to consider the waist measurement. This specific type of corset is also better for those that want to wear the item underneath their regular clothing. If you do decide to purchase an over bust, you’ll need to take more precise measurements and make sure the breast portion fits perfectly.
  9. Considering Fabric – Another thing setting these products apart from one another is the fabric used during the manufacturing. There are numerous options available and the specific fabric can have a major impact on the overall performance, feel, and appearance of your cincher. When looking at the market’s available cinchers, you’ll find those that are made from lace, PVC, brocade, satin, and even taffeta. Taffeta and PVC are best for waist training purposes. The others will embellish your appearance, but they’re not necessarily suitable for molding your waist.
  10. Examining The Fasteners – In order for one of these products to be efficient and effective, it needs to be perfectly tightened around the body. Each waist trainer is unique and they may incorporate an array of different fastening systems. There are numerous configurations to choose from, including zips, laces, steel busks, and wire hook and eye closures. Each specific setup will ultimately serve its purposes, but they’re unique in various ways. The steel busk option is the most common, but laces are recommended for those that wish to enhance their appearance. Wire hook and eye closures are not recommended to those new to waist training, since they’re complicated and tedious to tighten and fasten. Zips are convenient, but they’re generally not strong enough for waist training purposes.
  11. Inner Lining – The inner lining of the waist trainers is absolutely essential, since this is the portion of the product, which will be placed directly against the skin. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll find that the product will be uncomfortable and you’ll have great difficulty attempting to wear it throughout the entire day. You’ll also want to make sure to choose a breathable material, so you don’t wind up sweating profusely. 100% cotton is widely considered to be the best material for this specific purpose, since it is comfortable and will allow the corset to breathe. This specific material is also recommended, because it can enhance the overall strength of the corset and prevent it from stretching too severely.
  12. The Grommets – It is vital to put a lot of emphasis on the grommets used on the waist trainer. The grommets are responsible for holding the pressure and need to be incredibly durable and tough. If the grommets are inefficient and cannot withstand the pressure, they’ll give way and the results you desire will not be obtainable. It is generally best to make sure that the grommets are manufactured from steel or an equally durable material. This will help to improve the overall effectiveness and longevity of the trainer.
  13. Pricing – Last, but certainly not least, a lot of consumers will be fearful over the price of their waist trainer. This is often not a major problem, since corsets are very diverse and the prices can vary substantially. The truth of the matter is that spending more will almost certainly ensure you receive a better product with a longer lifespan and will be able to achieve the goals you set out to achieve. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend more, but shouldn’t feel obligated to do so either.

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the market’s oversaturation of waist trainers can make the purchase very difficult. However, there are a few models, which manage to stand out. Now that you’ve made it this far into the search, you should know all about the best attributes of a good, worthwhile waist trainer. There are numerous good investments out there, but only one is capable of satisfying each and every one of your desires and preferences. When evaluating the market’s top trainers, it is safe to say that the ShaperQueen 1020 manages to emerge as victorious.

When compared to the alternatives, the ShaperQueen delivers a more satisfying performance and manages to impress in all key categories. The product’s under-bust configuration and thin density help to ensure it can be worn underneath for clothes easily. Despite being tight enough to work exceptionally well for waist training, the ShaperQueen is surprisingly comfortable and is even suitable for postpartum use. Plus, the material is comfortable, anti-bacterial, and breathable. The combination of features and the cost-effective price, put this specific trainer at the top of the list and elevates it above the rest. Although there are good alternatives out there, none can compare to the performance, quality, and comfort provided by the ShaperQueen.

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