Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews 2016

If your child is ready to play baseball or T-Ball, one of the most important factors to consider is having a strong baseball bat for them to learn and grow on. There are many bats out there that will easily dent, sting the hands, or just don’t have any real pop when connecting with the ball.

When buying a baseball bat for your child, be sure to go with a reputable brand and buy from a reputable source. Otherwise you risk not only getting ripped off, but scarring your child and hurting their desire to play baseball long term.

best youth baseball bats

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Here are five best youth baseball bats that are pushing the envelope as far as innovation and batting comfort.

  • Easton is one of the most well known brands in youth baseball and has several options to choose from.
  • DeMarini is not as big in the mainstream but their bats are certified and dependable, and while not the cheapest they will last for many years as your children grow.  While some of these options are better than others, each has its pros and cons.

Starting out young as a ballplayer is key to obtaining a lifelong love of the game and passion for healthy outdoor activity. By providing your child with top of the line equipment you will be ensuring that they get the most enjoyment possible out of playing ball and will want to keep playing the game for years to come.

Your choice is going to be a lot easier, if you take a look our selection of the top rated best youth baseball bats in 2016!

Top 5 the baseball bat reviews:

1. Easton Baseball Bat- S500 Speed  Brigade- 32/19

Easton is a staple of youth baseball, and the S500 bat model is a perfect example of why. The bat has a thin barrel (like most all youth bats. This one is actually thicker than some othersd)- only 2 5/8 inches- this makes it good for boys in coach pitch Little League and other younger ages, but not for the more competitive age groups once they reach kid pitch and school-based baseball teams.

The bat is very dependable and will not easily dent or crack. This is why buying an Easton bat is a solid investment. The thin barrel design makes it ideal for contact hitting but not for power hitting- if your child is the slugger of his team this may not be the bat you want for him. But, if your child is more of a contact hitter and runner and plans to play baseball for multiple years, paying for an Easton S500 will prove worthy because the bat will last through multiple years of use. The grip is firm and will not slip out of his or her hands.

Made from 7050 Aircraft Alloy, the bat pings as well as any on the market and the long handle prevents too much vibration from moving through the bat and into the hands of the user. The bat is a single piece design, meaning that if it does happen to dent it will not be easily fixable by the user. But, this should not be an issue- much more likely all of the boys on the team will be wanting to try this bat during practice or their next game. It looks good and feels good. It is light weight and easy to swing.


An extremely thin handle (2 ¼”) and a low M.O.I.make this bat thea good choice for speed swinging but not much else. The bat has very strong performance diamond grip, meaning it will not likely fly out of your kid’s hands while he is at the plate. This bat is best for kids under the age of 8- once they get in to kid pitch and more competitive situations,they will wanta bat with a thicker barrel that is slightly more sturdy.

This bat is certified by USSSA, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, and more, so there is a strong chance that many kids on the team will have this bat. Because of this, be sure to label it with your child’s name.

For such a thin bat, the Easton YB15MKX does have quite a bit of pop- a solid swing can result in some power. Have your child do some practicing on a batting tee or in the cages before using this bat in a game. It is extremely light so without proper adjustment, he may swing through a lot of pitches.

As with all Easton products, you are paying forquality and certification. This is ideal for serious ballplayers, but if your kid does not plan to play ball long term, don’t spend the money on this, go with a cheaper bat. The grip here is similar to other Easton bats- firm and soft.

3. Easton YB14S50 Youth Baseball Bat

A 28 inch/ 18 ounce bat, this model from Easton is the perfect transition bat for a serious ballplayer as he moves into kid pitch and competitive games. Especially if he will be playing for a school team or taking road trips- this bat is respectable and although actions speak louder than words when hitting, makes its user come across as serious.

The barrel is thin but has a nicer sweet spotthan on the previous two Easton models, giving some extra pop and higher chance of making contact with the ball. As your child grows, using the same line of baseball bats can improve comfort level and confidence at the plate. This bat is recommended for elementary aged boys, most likely as an initial or second bat purchase.

The real plus here is the cost. This bat is cheap but still gives the Easton quality and name brand effectiveness. As with all youth bats, your child should wear a helmet when using this product to avoid knocking himself in the head on a heavy swing. Other than that, the YB14S50 is a dependable product that will help your child grow and enjoy the game of baseball. Having a strong bat is one of the key elements for a kid to actually like playing baseball, and Easton has that down pat with this bat.

4. DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini is going for top shelf with this bat. The handle and the barrel are fused together, which despite being visibly appealing, is not very effective. The good side of this bat is the lightweight frame allows batters to swing ahead of the ball instead of behind it, giving them a slight advantage as they grow comfortable at the plate. The bat has a solid core and a very strong sweet spot. The ball comes off the bat with a strong pop, something not typically found on cheaper bats.

The bat is alloy, so it ‘pings’ very nice and clearly upon strong contact and sends the ball off with force. It is possible to hit the ball over 150 feet with a direct hit on the sweet spot. When it comes down to it, DeMarini has made a bat for the power hitter and show off here. If your kid is looking for some attention (or you are looking for attention for your kid!) than this is a very strong purchase if you don’t mind shelling out the bucks.

Vibrations after hitting are not a problem here. This is the one positive of the fusing technology- it greatly reduces the negative effects of strong impact. The Voodoo Overlord is one of those bats that the whole team will wtant to try during batting practice. Luckily, it won’t ding or dent very easily and the speeds at which the ball is pitched during the elementary years are unlikely to cause serious damage to the bat.

While it may get scuffed up a bit, the bat will last for many years and can be a good hand me down if you have multiple children or wish to give the bat to someone else once your child has outgrown it. Just remember- this bat is expensive. It is not worth it unless you and your kid are serious about baseball and about progressing in the sport.

5. Easton 2015 YB15MK MAKO COMP-11 Youth Baseball Bat, 31-Inch/20 Ounce

This is Easton’s top notch product listed here, and the only one directly comparable with the Voodoo Overlord as far as top shelf quality. This bat swings through the ball very nicely, providing strong pop and a good chance for a base hit even without perfect barreling. Price wise, this bat is expensive but is durable and will last for many years. This Easton model can be a good transition from Louisville Sluggers and other more played out bat options if your child is looking to make the move.

The downside to this bat is that it is not great for young kids. Instead, get this bat once your kid begins moving into kid pitch or playing on a serious Little League team. It is a bit heavier than the super light weight bats, thus not great for underhand or other soft pitch situations. Or T-ball. At 31 inches, it is not for smaller children either. If your child experiences a growth spurt early in elementary school, perhaps this bat will work well but otherwise save the money and buy a cheaper Easton model until he reaches at least 4th grade. Cost is a factor with this bat. For less serious ballplayers, there is no need to spend so much money on a baseball bat.

Head to Head Comparison

For younger players in early elementary school, the Easton S500 Speed Brigade is a great learning bat that will help them become comfortable with and progress their swings. It is a better buy than the YB14S50 because of its genericness and simplicity. While both of these bats will last a while and can easily be handed down to a younger child, when kids are that young you are going to want the most basic option available. Easton’s YB15MKX Mako XL is a good option if your kid is bigger than most of the other kids on his team. Otherwise, you are better off just sticking with the basic S500 Speed Brigade once again.

For more serious and experienced ballplayers, the DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord is a great option because it is built to help them progress to that next level of being a strong hitter. This bat is better than the 2015 YB15MK because although they are similar in price point, DeMarini has a better sweet spot on the bat and offers a better chance at solid contact on a non-perfect swing. It also seems to be better for growing confidence and quick wrist action at the plate. Although I did not like the fusing element on the DeMarini, the bat stood tall once actually put to the test at the plate.


Two of these bats stand tall among the rest. The DeMarini Voodoo Overlord is the strongest bat here- but only necessary for serious ballplayers that have spent at least a few years playing on a team. Though expensive, the bat has a long shelf life and will do wonders for your kid’s confidence and general approach to hitting. With this bat, they will be able to hit for power as well as contact and develop skills needed to hit opposite field and as a pull hitter.

The Easton S500 Speed Brigade is the best option for very young players in coach pitch, underhand, T-Ball, and other beginner situations. It services all needs and is lightweight enough that batters can get a quick swing in and have good pop right off the bat. This bat will help your child develop a quick, strong swing without having to worry about pain shooting through their arms. Easton is a great brand that stands behind their products and has a good customer service team that can assist you if you have any questions or problems.

Good name brands are essential to helping your child develop as a hitter. Buy a good bat now and watch your child continue to fall in love with this sport as they gain confidence at the plate.

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