BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Hand Vacuum Review

First Impression

Black & Decker delivers a solid product with the CVH1410L hand vacuum. In addition to the solid reputation of the brand name, this product delivers stronger power than any dust buster on the market. It is ideal for cleaning the tight-knit spaces in vehicles of all sizes. Dust busters have evolved over the years from frustrating devices that always break and need to be replaced into strong, useful appliances for cleaning automobiles, and Black & Decker has led the way with functional product design and a price point that fits the average citizen.

I charged the product as soon as I received it. It was ready to go in a couple of hours and I ran it solidly for over 30 minutes before charging it again and could have ran it much longer if need be. The build of this product allows for full surface cleaning. The long nose and angled suction face fit well into corners and high areas. The adjustable neck works very well and makes this product effective for cleaning underneath car seats and in the spots between cushions that products with larger faces cannot reach. In the storage area found on the back of car seats the long nose can reach the bottom.

BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Hand Vacuum Review

Battery life and functionality

Another great thing about the Black & Decker CHV1410L dust buster is the lithium ion battery charge. It lasts for significantly longer on one charge than any other dust buster on the market. B&D advertises that this vacuum can hold a charge for up to 18 months- obviously, this is assuming you don’t use the thing much, but they are right to brag about the battery life. It is perhaps the best feature of this dust buster. Depending on the size and cleanliness of the vehicles, it is possible to get through two to three at a time before a recharge is necessary.

The bagless dirt bowl is translucent, making it easy to tell when the time has come to empty it. I was able to clean out an entirely trashed Subaru Outback before selling it without emptying the bowl. It can also be rinsed out into the sink without damaging the bowl, just make sure you dry it before reattachment. Another situation where this vacuum can be helpful in the automotive industry – the B&D handheld can be very useful for cleaning the ceiling inside the car. Where a typical car vacuum that you find at carwashes does not do very well around edges and corners, this product allows you to get into those corners and crevasses. Also inside the center console, where dust and crumbs have a tendency to collect.

The vacuum works well on tough things like pet hair, although you may have to run it over the seats a few times to completely clean the area. On harder surfaces it will generally suck everything up on the first go. Around the gear shift and console area, this product does a decent job of sucking up food crumbs and small objects.

The product runs at 18.2 Watts with a 14.4 voltage surge. B&D’s Smart Charge Technology uses less power than traditional dust busters, so you don’t have to feel like you are draining the environment each time you use it. The battery also is built to not overcharge or undercharge. Overcharging can ruin the battery and cause the product to not run very well while undercharging obviously means it will lose its charge faster- so the fact that neither of those issues happen with this battery automatically eliminates a big part of the frustration that has plagued dust busters for decades. The filter that comes with the vacuum will last about six months with average use, and replacement filters are cheap and easily available. This product is not overly noisy or annoying, in fact, the BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Hand Vacuum has a rather soothing sound as far as dust busters go. Definitely a plus when sitting inside the vehicle you are cleaning. It is not necessary to keep this vacuum on the charger all the time when not in use- because it holds a charge for so long, save some energy and let it sit.

CVH1410L can also be rinsed out into the sink without damaging the bowl
CVH1410L can also be rinsed out into the sink without damaging the bowl

What can be improved?

A down side to this product is that you cannot hang it on the wall while it is plugged into the charger. The wall hanging can be remedied if you are a handy person- take a couple J-shaped hooks and you can hang the vacuum. If this gives you any problem, take a small 2×4 and use it as a base. Sucking rocks and other hard, jagged objects should be avoided if possible, although the bagless bowl won’t shatter or rip. When vacuuming underneath car seats and in the trunk- beware that the trap door does not always stay closed, so it may be possible larger vacuumed items to fall out. A simple solution for this is to cover the opening with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag. You can change this out every so often to ensure effectiveness. This product does not have blowing capability, it is suction only, so be prepared to actually vacuum everything you plan to hit with this product. If you are annoyed by bright lights, beware- the charging light shines bright blue while charging. You can take an old t-shirt or some cloth and cover it up if this really annoys you, but there is no way to turn the light off.


Available for about Currently Not Available*, this dependable vacuum will give you your money’s worth. Even if you only clean your automobile a few times per year, the price point is not going to break the bank and the product’s efficiency and effectiveness are not rivaled by any other dust buster in this price bracket. If looking for a long lasting hand held vacuum for consistent use, you will not find yourself upset with spending the money.

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Having a hand held vacuum in the home is a great way to consistently improve the cleanliness of vehicles, both personal and in the shop. The Black & Decker CVH1410L hand vacuum is a great choice because it is energy efficient, has a strong battery life, is useful for all aspects of cleaning vehicle surfaces, and is shaped in a way that increases the reachability of hard-to-clean spots like corners and underneath car seats. The long nose minimizes the amount of bending over that the user has to do, making this a good product for users of an age. Its price is right in line with where it should be and this product does not come with any of the frustrating stigma that is attached to most dust busters. When combined with strong outside cleaning products, your vehicles will shine like new.

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