Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Sewing machines can be an absolute delight for new or seasoned sewers. It is difficult to pick the right one, when there are many options in the market. Professional grade sewing machines deliver top-notch performance with high efficiency. You may be a beginner or a seasoned crafter who is passionate about sewing. We want to help our readers to make the right choice when it comes to buying a professional grade sewing machine. The intent of this article is to equip the readers with valuable information to pick the right brand.

The Brother Project Runway PC420PRW sewing machine is a professional grade sewing machine that is solid, durable and has more options that are user-friendly. Brother Project Runway sewing machine can comfortably replace the old but good sewing machines with ease.

Features of Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Brother Project Runway sewing machine is of a professional grade with 294 computerised stitches for perfect sewing. The product promises an even stitch consistency and a couture level performance.
  • This product has an amazing 850 stitches per minute feature for heavy duty performance. Aside from such a great feature, this product is extremely user friendly with a solid metal frame build and a bright LED for stitch selection option and a double LED lighting system for the work area.
  • If you are a passionate about sewing and have huge projects to complete, do not worry about the fabric feeding system with this product. It is very easy.
  • This product has 11 presser feet for versatile sewing, a carry bag and a whole set of accessories. One of the most interesting features of this project is the one hand threading system which is considered as the next-generation feature.
  • Aside from all the other features, this product boasts of F.A.S.T bobbin technology with variable sewing speed control which is also facilitated by an easy start and stop option for foot controller-less sewing.
  • The 294 stitches are built-in with 10 styles of easy and auto-sized buttonhole styles along with 3 lettering options. The product promises an exclusive stitch customisation options.
  • This product comes with a solid warranty of 25 years which is limited. Upon purchase, customers can avail an instructional manual which is Bilingual.
  • This product is only recommended for use in countries which support 120V AC.

What Are The Benefits of This Sewing Machine?

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

Brother Project Runway sewing machine is extremely easy to use with benefits such as:

  • It can be used even by beginners, as the instructional manual included in the purchase pack is very detailed.
  • This product has heavy duty performance and can process large volumes with ease.
  • It has more positive reviews than negative due to its affordable price and usability.
  • The stitches on this machine are even and uniform. And the stitches are also perfect.
  • The auto-thread feature can save a lot of time for big projects.
  • This product has a solid and durable body with sleek finish.
  • Though this sewing machine is sturdy it is not heavy in weight. Due to this factor portability is not an issue.
  • The product comes with a stylish carry bag for convenient portability.


What Customers Say About Brother Project Runway

79% of customers who have left a feedback on Amazon after buying this sewing machine are extremely happy with their purchase and 11% of the customers opine that this product is very good and convenient. Many of them appreciate the affordability of this product. Customers feel that for the low price this product offers a lot of great features. The percentage of unhappy customers is very low.

How To Set Up Brother Project Runway

The installation of Brother Project Runway sewing machine is relatively easier and instant. The sewing machine can be used right out of the box. The purchase package has a detailed instructional manual and a cheat sheet to get your stitches right. The users should make sure not to use cheap threads while threading the machine as such threads will leave lint on the machine parts and they can also end up staining the machine. Follow the buyer’s installation manual to start using the machine. For additional information on how to set up this product refer this video from below.


Brother Project Runway PC420PRW with 294 in-built stitches is certainly a great product. The machine has amazing and convenient features such as various stitches that come out perfect, twin needle function, knee lifter, easy bobbin winder, descriptive control panel with good lighting etc. The user can choose from many user friendly options for his or her sewing projects.

This sewing machine is a heavy duty performer though not suited for industrial use. The sewing machine can handle any type of fabric with ease. Whether it is for a beginner or an expert, this product is certainly outstanding in the way it functions. Brother sewing machines are counted amongst the top leaders in the sewing machine industry and this one is no exception.

For a set of amazing accessories, carry bag, 11 presser foot, twin needle function, auto theader system etc this machine is priced at an extremely low price. Buyers can certainly purchase this product without a doubt.

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